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Read The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince! Chapter 832 – When Love Has Vanished (1)

The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince! is a Webnovel made by An Xiangnuan.
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Read WebNovel The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince! Chapter 832 – When Love Has Vanished (1)

Chapter 832: When Love Has Vanished (1)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Caw, caw —

The question sounded like a pair of crows had just flown across the room, announcing how awkward the situation was. Ning Jinxin was so furious that her lips quivered.

She was a typical case of excessive plastic surgery. Her chin was so pointed that one could stab someone with it. Because of the filler, her chin would look strange after a while.

Hence, she had come to this hospital to nurse her health as well as… to get more plastic surgery.

Getting plastic surgery was an open secret in s…o…b..z, but rarely did anyone point it out as directly as He Jiayu had.

“He Jiayu, you…” Ning Jinxin was almost in tears.

He Jiayu shrugged. “As a doctor, I think I have a responsibility to point out to you that there’s a limit to how long even the most perfect operation will remain effective. Once that period has pa.s.sed, you’ll experience symptoms like sagging skin, stiff facial expressions, contorted facial features, and so on… But those are just the minor side effects. More importantly… tsk, tsk.”

He paused deliberately for effect, which fl.u.s.tered Ning Jinxin.

Gos.h.!.+ What would happen?

Holding her face in her hands, Ning Jinxin looked horrified.

“Don’t worry. By then, Miss Ning will be in your thirties or forties at least. You won’t be as popular, so it won’t really affect you. Just make sure you don’t frighten your husband after you take off your makeup before bed,” said He Jiayu mildly. He then smiled at Su Xiaomo, who was standing in the doorway. “The soup’s not ready yet. Are you that hungry?”

Baffled, Ning Jinxin looked over her shoulder and saw Su Xiaomo behind her. She had no idea how long the latter had been there.

Sensing her gaze, Su Xiaomo smiled brightly at Ning Jinxin.

“Miss Ning, where did you get your done? Can I have the doctor’s number?” Su Xiaomo grinned, which was such a humiliation for Ning Jinxin, for her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were about the only original thing on her entire body!

“You two are outrageous!” Ning Jinxin was enraged.

Su Xiaomo blinked. “Hubby, she yelled at me! I’m so scared! I need a hug!”

He Jiayu was flabbergasted for two seconds, but he still opened his arms for her. “Come here.”

Elated, Su Xiaomo ran into his arms and kissed him on the cheek.

Ning Jinxin was so jealous of the loving couple that she stomped her foot and yelled, “Show off all you want, but I bet you haven’t heard yet — your husband had a baby with another woman!”

What? Question marks were practically popping out of He Jiayu’s head.

When did that happen?

Su Xiaomo smirked. “As long as I’m around, those women out there are nothing! Mind your own business, you idiot!”

She was known for her irritable temper. Someone trying to mess with her? She wouldn’t hesitate to trade blows!

Ning Jinxin’s cheeks turned from pink to white and back. She struggled to calm down a little and forced a smile. “Luo Qianxi has made it very clear that it’s your child and it’s all over the news. I see Mr. He has done a good job hiding it!”

She then strutted back to her room, leaving the couple behind. He Jiayu almost felt like dropping to his knees. “Momo, that’s not my child!”

“Really?” Su Xiaomo grabbed his tie and said in a malicious tone, “Swear, then! Your d.i.c.k will shrink by 10cm if that’s your kid!”

“…” That was a really malicious swear for a man to make…

He Jiayu felt like he was getting a headache. “No, it’s not.”

Su Xiaomo gave him a dubious look, took out his phone from his pocket, and typed “He Jiayu” and “baby” into the search box.

It came back with a lot of news gossip.

It all started with Luo Qianxi posting the photo of her baby on Weibo with the tagline, “Although there’s no future for us, I’ll still raise this child all by myself. I wish you and your wife all the best.”

Someone then tagged He Jiayu in the comments section and Luo Qianxi replied with a smiling emoji. It immediately turned into sensational news online!


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