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Read The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince! Chapter 997 – The Marriage Certificate of Little Bai and Pepsi (8)

The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince! is a web novel created by An Xiangnuan.
This webnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Chapter 997: The Marriage Certificate of Little Bai and Pepsi (8)

“Mrs. Sheng is doing a great job taming her husband! No wonder our idol chose her!”


Many others had tagged her to point her toward the source of that photo.

It had been posted by a media company which specialized in entertainment news, and the photo was of Sheng Yize when he had played cute in the square just then!

Stealing a glance at the guy who had switched back to his impa.s.sive facial expression, An Xiaxia had a hard time fighting back her grin.

“Why are you smiling?” Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow.

“It’s nothing, really!” An Xiaxia put away her phone immediately, not daring to show Sheng Yize the news.

It would no doubt make a certain tsundere bristle.

When they got back home, Cola and Pepsi were crawling around on the floor, playing with building blocks.

Pepsi had finally managed to gain some height on her building blocks, but Cola gave it a kick, destroying her achievement.

“Hm… waa…” Pepsi burst into tears immediately. An Xiaxia picked her up in a hurry and said, “There, there, don’t cry.”

Pepsi mumbled, “Mama… mama…” while choking with sobs, which made her look the most pitiful creature.

An Xiaxia caressed her head, then asked Sheng Yize to mix some milk powder with water.

Pepsi stopped crying as soon as she was presented with food. She began to drink her milk quietly.

Cola blinked and stared at her, as if knowing that he had done something wrong.

An Xiaxia tapped his little nose. “Don’t you pick on your sister. She has a boyfriend now!”

Boyfriend? Cola tilted his little head, looking confused.

“It’s like with mum and dad. Your dad protects me. So, if you make your sister cry, Si Bai will come after you!”

Cola couldn’t really speak yet, but he could understand most of the things he was told.

He ground his teeth at those words.

Just then, Sheng Yize came over with his phone. “Mrs. Si wants you on a video call.”

An Xiaxia picked up and Mrs. Si struck up a conversation with her. She then said in an amused tone, “Actually, I’m calling because Si Bai wants to see his future wife, sigh…”

“I didn’t!” Beside her, Si Bai tugged her sleeve and protested. He then greeted An Xiaxia politely. “h.e.l.lo, mother-in-law!”

An Xiaxia chuckled.

She really loved it when Si Bai called her “mother-in-law” with a straight face. He was such an adorable little tsundere!

“h.e.l.lo, Si Bai.” An Xiaxia smiled. “Pepsi is eating.”

She s.h.i.+fted the angle of her phone so that the camera could catch Pepsi.

Pepsi was drinking her milk in gulps and all they could see were her s.h.i.+ny eyes.

Mrs. Si chuckled. “Xiaxia, doesn’t Pepsi have a rather large appet.i.te for her age?”

“Well, she does…” Not only did she have double milk portions, she would sometimes even try to rob Cola of his milk.

“Little Bai, you’ll have to work hard, or you won’t be able to support Pepsi in the future.” Mrs. Si teased him. Si Bai suddenly looked grim and ran off.

But he ran back before long, holding a large can of milk powder.

“Mother-in-law, Pepsi can have all my milk powder!”

An Xiaxia couldn’t help but chuckle, while Mrs. Si looked astonished. “Isn’t that your favorite milk powder?” Although Si Bai was already eating normal food, he still liked to have some milk every now and then. Moreover, he cherished his milk above everything else and wouldn’t even let others touch it.

But now, he had generously offered it to Pepsi, which shocked Mrs. Si!

“My wife is much more important than milk powder! Plus, I’m no longer a baby, so I don’t need it anymore!” Si Bai sounded very determined and resolute.

Mrs. Si smiled in resignation. “Alright, you little dummy…”

He was already this uxorious at this young age – he was probably going to stay that way for the rest of his life!


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