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Chapter 139 Chu Xun Launches A Sneak Attack!

They did not know that several figures flashed into the dense forest in the distance, after Chu Xun pa.s.sed out. They were in a hurry and looked very embarra.s.sed.

These people were none other than the masters of Golden Knife Sect, Wuji Sect and other sects, who came to support their companions. Among them, the weakest was the grandmaster of Fourth Grade.

When they arrived, they happened to see the battle between Chu Xun and Zombie. They saw the miserable death of Demon King and Yin Zong, both of whom were grandmasters of Fifth Grade, and had almost been scared to death. They had lain on the ground, one by one, holding their breaths and pretending to be dead, for fear that Zombie or Chu Xun might find them.

It was not until they saw Chu Xun faint that they fled in a panic. Some of them wanted to kill Chu Xun and the others, when Chu Xun was in a coma. However, when they saw that Chu Xun had only pretended to be dead and successfully killed Zombie, they dared not take any risks and ran away fast.

After that day, the news that Chu Xun was still alive, spread throughout, and the whole country was shocked.

Chu Xun had annihilated the Golden Wolf Mercenary, alone.

He had destroyed the Demon King Sect.

He had fought against many people in Qianlong Mountain.

These remarkable achievements made Chu Xun famous in the whole field of Martial Tao.

People in the secular world were also excited. General Chu, who had rescued more than 100 hostages from the Golden Wolf Mercenary, was still alive, which was cause for a national celebration.

A month later, Chu Xun woke up. This time, he had been seriously hurt. When he attacked Zombie for the last time, he burnt a drop of his blood, which came at a high price.

It had been several days since he woke up and his injuries had healed. The battle was also beneficial to him. His foundation was more solid now.

The top of Qianlong Mountain had been destroyed, which was very important, because it was connected to the Spirit Vein. Chen Hanlong was in charge of the reconstruction now. Recently, everyone lived in the Purple Bamboo Club, for the time being.

Chu Xun suddenly felt very tired. After he had been reborn, he had been fighting and killing every day, which was no different from the life in the world of cultivation.

In recent days, he cut off all contact with the outside world. Except for Chen Hanlong and the others, he ignored everyone else.

Of course, some people were shameless and no one could stop them. For example, Long Ao had been there for three days.

“Little girl, the dishes here are really good. It seems that I can live here for a while.” Long Ao put down his chopsticks and tasted the wine, happily.

“Of course you can…” Hua Qingwu said, with a smile

“No way.” Chu Xun interrupted Hua Qingwu and said unhappily. Long Ao did not act like a visitor at all. These were all prepared for Chu Xun by Hua Qingwu, but once again they had been eaten by Long Ao.

“Boy, the Purple Bamboo Club is this little girl’s home. Who are you? You are just a toy boy.” Long Ao looked sideways at Chu Xun and said this disdainfully.

Chu Xun’s eyes widened in anger and he almost spat out blood. “Am I a toy boy?”

“Can you repeat what you said?” Chu Xun was angry.

“You are so thick-skinned. Would you like to hear that again? You are so shameless.” Long Ao’s face was full of contempt.

Chu Xun was so angry that even his hairs stood on end. The True Energy around him surged and he raised his hand, ready to beat the old man.

Long Ao squinted, fearing nothing, and calmly said, “If you are not afraid to destroy this place, just do it. I will not fight back.”

Chu Xun was so angry. How could a man be so shameless? How many times had he threatened him with that?

“Let’s go out and have a fight.”


Long Ao took a sip of wine and raised his voice on purpose. He turned his back on Chu Xun and shook his head, while drinking. It was really annoying.

The corners of Chu Xun’s mouth twitched. He really wanted to beat up this old man, though he did not know if he could defeat him.

“Boy, don’t be mad at me. You’ve ruined my courtyard twice. I have no place to stay now. Why can’t I stay here for some time…”


With a m.u.f.fled sound, Long Ao stopped talking abruptly and he felt very dizzy now, as if someone had hit him with a stick.

Yes, someone did hit him with a stick. Chu Xun was standing behind Long Ao, with a solemn look. But he was carrying a vertical coat hanger, which was as thick as a baby’s arm.

Hua Qingwu opened her mouth in surprise and was stunned. She saw it with her own eyes, Chu Xun picking up a coat hanger and hitting Long Ao, on the back of his head.

Furthermore, the coat hanger in Chu Xun’s hands was raised again.


Long Ao blacked out and his whole body shook, as if he was drunk.

Bang! Bang!

Long Ao struggled to look back, and then… that was all.

Powerful as he was, it was still fortunate that he did not die, while he was being attacked continuously by others, without having taken any precautions, and just pa.s.sed out.

“Chu Xun, you…” Hua Qingwu was at a loss for words, and her beautiful eyes were wide open.

Chu Xun threw away the damaged coat hanger in his hand. Then he sat down, poured a gla.s.s of alcohol for himself, and drank it as he faced Long Ao.

“Old man, how dare you laugh at me?” The corners of Chu Xun’s mouth were raised, indicating that he was in a good mood.

But Hua Qingwu could not smile. She had a hunch that Chu Xun did it on purpose.

After drinking three of alcohol, Chu Xun stood up, looked at Hua Qingwu and said softly, “I’m going to the capital.”

“Will there be any danger?” Hua Qingwu asked.

Chu Xun pondered for a moment and said with a smile, “No.”

“When will you be back?”


“Go early and come back as soon as possible. I’ll book a ticket for you.”


After Chu Xun left, Long Ao woke up two hours later. Then the whole Purple Bamboo Club shook, because of his roar, as if it was an earthquake.

“Where is he?” Long Ao’s face darkened and his eyebrows were raised. The key was that his head hurt too much, so he could not control his expression. He was very furious.

“He’s gone.” Hua Qingwu forced herself not to smile and answered him. Long Ao felt so miserable. Even she thought that Chu Xun had been too scheming. Looking at Long Ao’s injured head, she even could feel the pain.

“Where did he go?” Long Ao roared. He felt so angry that his mouth and eyes were twisted, and smoke was coming out of his nose.

“I don’t know. He did not say.” Hua Qingwu was not stupid. She would not tell the truth.

“I don’t believe it. He must be hiding somewhere in this building,” Long Ao shouted and looked around, “There must be a camera in this room. He can see me. He’s laughing at me.”

Hua Qingwu really felt sad for Long Ao. A good old man was so mad at Chu Xun that he lost his head.

“Senior, you are over thinking There is absolutely no camera here. What’s more, Chu Xun left after knocking you unconscious. I’m telling the truth.”

“What do you mean, he knocked me out?” Long Ao suddenly jumped up and shouted angrily, “Did he do a sneak attack on me? If we had a real fight, I can defeat him, even if he has another nine helpers. I can kill him easily. ”

“What you said is absolutely right, senior.” Hua Qingwu appeased Long Ao. Long Ao’s cultivation was extremely high. If he was really angry, this building would be destroyed by him merely stamping his feet.

“Hum, in this building, only you are pleasing to my eye. The others are all bad guys, especially Chu Xun. He is so shameless. He actually did a sneak attack on me.” When it came to Chu Xun, Long Ao felt his head hurting again and he gnashed his teeth in hatred.

Hua Qingwu forced herself not to smile and nodded.

“Hum, I’m waiting here. I don’t believe he will not be back. How dare he hit me? He is an insidious and despicable man. I will…” Long Ao’s anger was hard to extinguish, and he ranted on about Chu Xun’s evil deeds, in detail.

When she heard that, Hua Qingwu’s expression suddenly changed. Her beautiful eyes became gloomy and deep worry emerged in them.

“Didn’t you say there would be no danger in this trip? Then why did you let senior Long Ao stay?”

Hua Qingwu suddenly understood why Chu Xun had knocked out Long Ao. That was because he knew about Long Ao’s temper, and he would be a.s.sured if Long Ao was on guard here.

“Chu Xun, you are worried about us. But do you know that we are also worried about you?” Hua Qingwu whispered this to herself.

If Long Ao knew that not only had he been knocked out, but also framed, he would go crazy, instantly.

Chu Xun stepped out of the airport in the capital, with an indifferent look. His eyebrows furrowed and then straightened.

An old man in a Zhongshan suit appeared, with a very respectful look. He was one of the bodyguards of the top official, named Gao Xu, who had been bullied by Chu Xun, before.

“Glad to meet you, senior!” Although he was older than Chu Xun, when he saw Chu Xun, he also had to greet him, because the knowledgeable one was the teacher, which was the rule in the field of Martial Tao.

Furthermore, he had great admiration for Chu Xun. As a subordinate of the top official, he knew all about the achievements of Chu Xun clearly.

“How did you know I’m in the capital?” Chu Xun asked, indifferently.

Gao Xu leaned over and said, “I don’t know. I’m just following the orders.”

Chu Xun raised his eyebrows and did not say a word again. Then he sat in the car belonging to the top official, an old Hongqi car.

The car drove to a shabby alley.

“Senior, please!” Gao Xu got out of the car and opened the door for Chu Xun.

After entering, Chu Xun found that the top official, the old man, and Liu Xiaobai, were all there. On seeing Chu Xun, the old man turned paler and Liu Xiaobai shivered with fear. Recently, she learned about Chu Xun’s remarkable achievements through a few words from the top official. Only then did she realize how ridiculous her original pride was, and how lucky she was to be alive.

“I knew you would not die.” After seeing Chu Xun, the top official immediately praised him.

Chu Xun sat down, and Liu Xiaobai quickly poured tea for Chu Xun. Her fair hands, which were more beautiful than a hand model’s, were shaking violently.

Chu Xun glanced at her indifferently, and then turned to the top official and said, “Then why did you still build a tomb for me?”

The top official laughed and made no move to explain. He came straight to the point and said, “Well, why did you come to the capital this time? Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Yes,” Chu Xun nodded and said with a joking expression, “Send an army to help me destroy the Liu Family.”


The tea that the top official had just drunk was spat out directly.


Liu Xiaobai’s hands shook and the valuable teapot and porcelain cup in her hands fell, shattering into pieces. The tea splashed in all directions.

The old man suddenly became serious and looked at Chu Xun in shock.

“Are you serious?” the top official asked with a grave look.

Chu Xun remained calm and nodded slightly.

The top official’s look suddenly changed. It was not an easy thing. The Liu Family played an important role in the capital. Moreover, several ancestors of the Liu Family were the founding fathers of the country. The first chairman of the new country once said that as long as Huaxia existed, the Liu Family would exist, which showed the importance of the Liu Family.

“Why?” The top official could not calm down at all. He did not know why Chu Xun would target the Liu Family.

When he heard that, Chu Xun raised his eyebrows slightly. Then he looked at Liu Xiaobai, who was trembling, and said to her in a calm voice, “Tell them the reason.”

Liu Xiaobai suddenly shuddered and almost collapsed.

The top official frowned and said, “Is it because Xiaobai did not respect you last time? But she has already been punished. You do not have go to such an extent as to kill the whole family, right?”

In the top official’s view, as long as Chu Xun targeted somebody, there would definitely be a merciless slaughter and no one would survive. He was an absolutely ruthless man. There were too many precedents, such as the Golden Wolf Mercenary and the Demon King Sect… No one had survived.


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