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Chapter 67 The Wedding Prelude!

Hua Qingwu agreed to marry Yun Nanfeng.

The happiest one was no more than Hua Moxie. He seemed to see that the position of the householder of the Hua Family was near.

Yun Shuisheng lowered his head, cleverly concealing the cunning smile on his face.

Before coming, Yun Shuisheng had asked someone to choose an auspicious day. The day after three days was an auspicious day. It was better to get married that day.

So, the wedding would be held in three days.

It was a happy ending for all!

Until a group of people disappeared, Elder Gui had the opportunity to ask the question.

“Why do you agree this marriage, Miss? The Yun Family can’t wait, and even take a woman’s illness as a threat. There must be something wrong.”

Hua Qingwu kept silent, looking at the distance with a faint smile. She wouldn’t marry Yun Nanfeng. She was gambling, and the wager was her life-long happiness. Maybe the wager was bigger and it was her life.

Three days pa.s.sed quickly. The Yun Family played an important role in Yunyan city. The news that the most outstanding youth of the Yun Family, Yun Nanfeng, was going to marry Hua Qingwu of the Hua Family spread all over Yunyan City like a tornado, and everyone was paying attention to this grand wedding.

Hua Qingwu had moved out of the old villa and lived in a luxurious new villa.

She didn’t go anywhere these three days, as if she had been waiting for the wedding.

During the three days, Chu Xun seemed to have disappeared and never showed up.

Elder Gui was very anxious, like the ants on the hot pot. He had advised Hua Qingwu repeatedly, but Hua Qingwu kept silent all the time, which made him more worried.

In the morning of the third day, the whole Hua Family was bustling.

Hua Qingwu was wearing an expensive wedding dress made by top French designers in person. There were 18 sets of wedding dresses, each of which was of great value.

Even if the Yun Family had great power and influence, they still couldn’t prepare these 18 sets of wedding dresses within three days. It showed that the preparations had already begun.

There were ten makeup artists for Hua Qingwu, all of whom were top domestic makeup artists. It was said they only served first-line stars.

Hua Qingwu sat in front of the make-up mirror, leaving herself to them.

She was already very beautiful in the world. After making up, the whole person was even more charming.

Everything was ready. Now it was time for the bridegroom to come.

“Miss, it still can be stopped now.” This was the hundredth time during the three days that Elder Gui said that.

But as usual, there was no response. It seemed that Hua Qingwu had determined to marry into the Yun Family.

Elder Gui was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot. Chu Xun didn’t show up and he couldn’t stop Hua Qingwu. Could he only watch Hua Qingwu fall into the abyss of suffering?

Hua Moxie came, along with a lady in her thirties, who wore many jewels, and the young generation of the Hua Family.

“Little Wu, how are you doing?” Hua Moxie was wearing a suit today. He looked very happy, as if he was more than ten years younger.

Hua Qingwu didn’t turn her head, as if she didn’t hear it. She had been silent these days, which was the most worrying thing for Elder Gui.

“Little Wu, Sister Lan is not in good health. There can’t be no mother around when the girl of our Hua Family is getting married. If you don’t mind, I’ll replace Sister Lan to send you,” said the lady after a deep thought.

Her name was Lin Jinyun and she was Hua Qingfeng’s biological mother. When she was 20, she became Hua Moxie’s mistress. At that time, Hua Qingwu’s mother made a scene. But in the end, the woman still moved into the Hua Family openly.

“No, I have a mother.” Hua Qingwu stood up and turned to look at them.

When Hua Qingwu turned around, the young generation of Hua Family were all stunned. Hua Qingwu was so beautiful. If she was in ancient times, she was absolutely a disaster to the country and the people.

An envy look crossed Lin Jinyun’s face. Any woman would have a sense of inferiority when they saw Hua Qingwu.

“You mistake a good man for a bad one.” This was what Hua Miaomiao said. It seemed that she had defended Lin Jinyun against an injustice. In fact, she said that because she was jealous of Hua Qingwu.

“Get out of here!” Hua Qingwu scolded impolitely.

“Little Wu, today is your big day, don’t be angry.” Hua Moxie stared at Hua Miaomiao and comforted Hua Qingwu.

“You’re jealous of me.” Hua Qingwu looked at Hua Miaomiao and said.

“I’m jealous of you? It’s so funny. What do you have that I can be jealous of?” Hua Miaomiao said disdainfully, but her look was very unnatural.

“You are jealous that I can marry Yun Nanfeng. I heard that you once said to others that you want to marry a man like Yun Nanfeng in your life. Unfortunately, Yun Nanfeng doesn’t like you.”

“You…” Hua Miaomiao was so angry that she stammered and blushed. Hua Qingwu was right. She did say that. Now, it seemed that it was a smack in her face.

Hua Qingwu walked to Hua Miaomiao and stood in front of her. She leaned over to her ear and said in a low voice, “You’d better not provoke me, or I will make your brother and you be utterly discredited and turn into a rat crossing the street that everyone chase and beat. Don’t think that others don’t know what Hua Rui and you have done.”

Hua Miaomiao’s face turned pale at once and she watched Hua Qingwu in horror when she heard that. How did Hua Qingwu know that? If others knew her brother and she had rolled in fornication, the Hua Family would not hesitate to let them disappear in order to protect their reputation, not to mention that what outsides would think about them. The more Hua Miaomiao thought about it, the more afraid she was and she couldn’t help trembling.

Hua Qingwu sneered, and secretly felt disgusting inside. She wouldn’t have exposed such a disgusting thing if Hua Miaomiao hadn’t made her unpleasant like flies.

All of them were curious about what Hua Qingwu said to Hua Miaomiao, which scared the latter so much.

“Don’t worry! As long as you stay away from me and don’t bother me anymore, no one will ever know about it,” Hua Qingwu said that quietly and then took two steps back, no longer pay attention to Hua Miaomiao. This kind of disgusting thing would only dirty her mouth if she spoke it out.

At this time, a bodyguard of the Hua Family came in and told everyone that the motorcade of the Yuan Family to pick up the bride would arrive in half an hour.

“Little Wu, you’re leaving soon. Go to see your grandfather and other uncles,” said Hua Moxie.

Hua Qingwu’s eyes were scornful. Hua Moxie didn’t do this because of family affection. He just wanted to tell his brothers that his daughter was going to marry into the Yun Family.

But Hua Qingwu didn’t refuse. She said indifferently, “Go!”

In the main hall of the Hua Family, Hua Qingwu’s grandfather, and two uncles were there. There were another two men. One was Hua Rui, and the other was Hua Sheng, the most outstanding leader of the younger generation of the Hua Family.

A group of people came to the main hall.

“Grandpa, uncle, second uncle, eldest brother, third brother, how do you do!” Hua Qingwu saluted them.

This was the first time she had come to the main hall. The Hua Family always preferred boys to girls. Only men could enter the main hall.

“If I wasn’t going to marry into the Yun Family, I wouldn’t have had the chance to step into the main hall.” Hua Qingwu thought with self-mockery.

Hua Qingwu’s grandfather named Hua Qingshan, an eighty-year-old grey-haired man. Even so, he still had a strong sense of utility and always held the power of the Hua Family.

Hua Mowen, the eldest of the three brothers of the Hua Family, was 50 years old. Normally, he should have succeeded the householder, but Hua Qingshan didn’t want to delegate powers. He knew it was impossible for him to become the householder, so he put all his hopes on his son, Hua Sheng.

Hua Moyan, the second son, was almost fifty years old. He also thought that there was no chance for him to be the householder. He found that Hua Qingshan was in good health and even could live for several years after his death. So he also placed his hope on his son, Hua Rui.

However, Hua Moxie actually connected through marriage with the Yun Family, which made them have a strong sense of crisis.

“Good! Good! Good! Moxie has a good daughter!” Hua Qingshan said good three times. But it was unknown that he thought Hua Qingwu was good or the marriage.

“Dad, eldest brother, second brother, the motorcade of the Yun Family will arrive in half an hour. I came here with Little Wu to say goodbye to you. After all, after today, my daughter will be the Yun Family’s.” Hua Moxie stressed the ‘Yun Family’ on purpose, and the pride in his words could be sensed by anyone.

Hua Mowen’s and Hua Moyan’s faces were gloomy and it was hard for them to pretend to smile. After all, with the interference of the Yun Family, it was hard to say who would be the next householder of the Hua Family.

However, Hua Sheng had been smiling lightly. He gently said with a smile, “Sixth Sister is so beautiful today. I’m afraid that no one is more beautiful than Sixth Sister in Yunyan City. Congratulate on finding a right husband, Sixth Sister. Wish you have a happy marriage.”

“Thank you, eldest brother!” Hua Qingwu said in a light voice.

Hua Rui’s eyes were complicated. This woman should have been his. The woman he had been coveting for more than ten years was going to sleep with Yun Nanfeng after today. Thinking of that, he had an extreme psychological distortion. In his view, morality and ethics were nothing. Even if Hua Qingwu was his biological sister rather than his cousin, he still didn’t care. He regretted that he hadn’t possessed her early. Now there was no chance. Leave aside that she was going to marry into the Yun Family. He had already been sweating when he received the text message from Hua Miaomiao more than ten minutes ago. Hua Qingwu actually knew that he had an affair with Hua Miaomiao. But he was still angry that Hua Qingwu would marry into the Yun Family…

“Eldest brother, second brother, Little Wu is going to marry into the Yun Family. It’s a big celebration. But I find that you are not very happy. What’s the matter?” Hua Moxie asked with a smile. Because Hua Qingfeng was disappointing, Hua Moxie had always been laughed at by his two brothers. Now when he saw their unhappy looks, he felt comfortable.

Hua Mowen’s and Hua Moyan’s looks were more livid and they said nothing when he heard that.

“Third Uncle, we all watched Little Wu grow up. Now she is going to get married and become someone else’s family. My father and Second Uncle are very sad. So although it’s a great joy, it’s normal that they can’t laugh.” Hua Sheng always looked gentle, and his words were reasonable.

“Third Uncle, we all feel sad that Little Wu will leave us, but I don’t think you are sad at all. It has to be said that Third Uncle is crueler than us. We really need to learn from you. Otherwise, we’ll be very sad and depressed when the girls of the Hua Family get married in the future. We’re so emotional.”

As soon as Hua Sheng finished that, Hua Moxie’s proud smile stiffened on his face. He was labeled as a ruthless man by Hua Sheng’s words. Hua Sheng was really smart.

Hua Mowen and Hua Moyan looked at Hua Moxie, who seemed to have eaten a dead fly, and couldn’t help laughing. Hua Mowen even gave an appreciative look at Hua Sheng. Hua Sheng had never let him down. He was proud of his son.


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