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Chapter 136 – Persistence Is Victory

“I… Defeated? “

Anshan Feihong looked at the Rainbow Sword in his hand and felt a sense of disbelief. As the dignified son of the Anshan County King, he had received an extremely good training environment since she was young. His innate talent was also extremely high, and in the same generation in Anshan, he had never been able to match up to anyone.

But now, he had actually lost to a disciple of the Sky-splitting Sword Sect. The Sky-splitting Sword Sect was only a tenth ranked power, there was no way to compare with the Anshan. Furthermore, the Sky-splitting Sword Sect didn’t even have a spirit stone mine, he could only absorb the spirit energy of heaven and earth while cultivating.

“That’s right, you’ve lost!”

Ao Long nodded his head, but kept the Dragon Slaying Sword. He wasn’t really too pleased with himself for defeating Anshan Feihong, because it was a matter of course. If he could not even beat Anshan Feihong, what qualifications did he have to be arrogant?

“Feihong lost?”

Even Anshan Taiping did not antic.i.p.ate such a situation. He had indeed somewhat admired Ao Long previously, however, he had never imagined that Ao Long was actually stronger than his son, Anshan Feihong. Ao Long and Anshan Feihong’s fight did not last long, but she managed to defeat Anshan Feihong in a fair and square manner with her own sword techniques.

“This kind of sword technique is useless no matter how many people there are!”

Zhou Xinghe, who was below Sword Battlestage, had flames of jealousy burning in her eyes. With so many spectators in the Sword Fighting Palace, more than 90% of them were shocked at Ao Long’s power. The current Ao Long was extremely dazzling, and was even more eye-catching than before. After all, he had stepped on Anshan Feihong to go up.

In the past, Zhou Xinghe had brought a large group of his subordinates to settle the score with Ao Long. Ao Long’s Dragon Slaying Sword had only transformed into four today. Zhou Xinghe knew that this was far from his limit and he could get even more Dragon Slaying Sword, to an unbelievable degree.

“Next, which one of your Anshan s comes up to fight with me?”

Ouyang Susu had already lost, so the only person that the Sky-splitting Sword Sect could take action against right now was Ao Long. The other eight Rushing Sky Realm disciple s were all only at the late stage of the Rushing the Sky Stage, and were not even the slightest bit of a match for An Shan’s children.

Anshan had twenty slots for Rushing the Sky Stage Warriors. Other than Anshan Feihong, the other nineteen An Shan’s children s were all A disciple at the peak of the Soaring Sky Realm. If he let the other disciples of the Sky-splitting Sword Sect make their move, they would undoubtedly lose.

“Could it be that that brat wants to defeat twenty A disciple at the peak of the Soaring Sky Realm?”

“Don’t worry, it’s impossible for him to do that. Do you think he’s made of iron?”

Even Anshan Taiping felt that her Sky-splitting Sword Sect would lose. The Sky-splitting Sword Sect could only rely on Ao Long to attack. It was simply impossible for Ao Long to defeat twenty warriors at the peak of the Rushing the Sky Stage in a row. Even Duan Zhenghui and Zhuang Xin could only shake their heads.

“It’s not that Ao Long isn’t strong, it’s just that the other disciples are too weak. If they are all A disciple at the peak of the Soaring Sky Realm, then we really have a chance of winning! “

“Yes, but we can’t blame our disciples for this. We can only blame ourselves for not having a spirit stone vein.” Fortunately, this time, we will definitely not be at the bottom, and we will have more Spirit Stone veins in the future! “

A trace of longing flashed in both Duan Zhenghui and Duan Zhenghui’s eyes. Having a spirit stone vein and not having a spirit stone vein were two different things. If there was a supply of spirit stones, the Sky Cracking Sword Sect Disciple’s strength would definitely increase by a level.

“Please enlighten me!”

A disciple at the peak of Rushing the Sky Stage respectfully said after she stepped onto the Sword Battlestage. The strong would receive the respect they deserved. Since Ao Long could even defeat Anshan Feihong, he was naturally a strong Ranker. At the very least, he would definitely not be his match.

“Take out your sword!”

Ao Long didn’t waste any time on words, he immediately brandished his Dragon Slaying Sword and struck towards the disciple of Anshan’s Rushing the Sky Stage. To deal with Anshan Feihong, Ao Long would pull out the sword, but to deal with this Rushing Sky Realm disciple in front of him, Ao Long did not have the slightest intention to pull out the sword.

The Dragon Slaying Sword drew a beautiful arc, and immediately after, the disciple from Anshan was sent flying backwards. Even if she lost, it was unclear how he lost. Ao Long’s sword had clearly come from the front, why did he suddenly fly out?


An Shan’s children went up on stage one by one, while Ao Long defeated another. When he was at the tenth place, Ao Long could not help but pull out his Dragon Slaying Sword.

“He has already lost thirteen people, and consecutively defeated thirteen experts at the peak of the Rushing the Sky Stage. If news of this battle record spreads, it will be shocking enough!”

“No, the 13th is not his limit. I feel that he can still defeat the 14th place. The 15th place is probably not going to be possible!”

When Ao Long and the fourteenth An Shan’s children made their move, their movements were clearly a little slow, and were far from what they were at the start. However, he still defeated An Shan’s children, and the gap in strength was not that easy to make up for.

Immediately after, everyone’s eyes went wide open. The fifteenth place, sixteenth place, and seventeen An Shan’s children s were defeated by Ao Long one after another. It was just that at this time, Ao Long had already started to pant heavily, his face completely pale.

“My consumption is too great. If this goes on, I will collapse before the 20th An Shan’s children can even get on stage!”

Ao Long treated the Dragon Slaying Sword as a walking stick and stood still on the ground. If he wasn’t supporting the Dragon Slaying Sword, he really might have fallen. When the eighteenth An Shan’s children went up on stage, Ao Long directly smashed her Dragon Slaying Sword out.

A piercing sound was heard. The Dragon Slaying Sword seemed to have turned into a sharp arrow and ruthlessly smashed into the eighteenth An Shan’s children. The An Shan’s children snorted and kept retreating until he reached the bottom of the Sword Battlestage.

“That brat is actually so tyrannical?” Just by casually throwing the sword out, you were able to defeat a disciple at the peak of the Rushing the Sky Stage? “

“This method can only be used once. It is impossible to use it again!”

Indeed, as long as An Shan’s children was prepared, then it would be useless if Ao Long wanted to repeat the same trick. Fortunately, Ao Long didn’t do that. After he walked over slowly to pick up the Dragon Slaying Sword, he started a huge battle with the nineteenth An Shan’s children.

Ao Long was very slow, his fighting strength was already at one out of ten. But even so, he and the nineteenth An Shan’s children had still been engaged in a huge battle for an entire hour. During this period, Ao Long failed many times, but in the end, he seized an opportunity to directly defeat the nineteenth An Shan’s children.


Ao Long gasped for breath, but sat on the ground. He didn’t even have the strength to stand up. All he felt was an aching pain all over his body. But at this time, the twentieth An Shan’s children had already stepped onto the Sword Battlestage.

“I admit that you are very strong, much stronger than me. Unfortunately, for the glory of Anshan, I can only defeat you in this way! “


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