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The Immortal Taoist is a web novel completed by Ling Luan De Xiao Dao, Messy Path, 凌乱的小道.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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Xiaoqing, you’re being naughty again!

“You’re courting death!”

After saying so much to Ling Dao, Ling Dao actually rejected him directly. Naturally, the young man was extremely angry. He had been played by Ling Dao, and after talking for a long time, Ling Dao was just teasing him. He, a dignified core disciple of the Blood Sword Sect, had actually been toyed with by a brat. Naturally, he would be humiliated to the extreme.

“Crimson Blood Sword!”

Without saying a word, the young man slashed towards Ling Dao. Of course, the power behind this strike was not great, it was just that he wanted to teach Ling Dao a lesson. If he used his full strength and heavily injured the Blue Luan, it would not be worth it at all. After all, the Blue Luan was currently in Ling Dao’s embrace.

The scarlet Sword Qi slashed towards Ling Dao’s head. The power of this sword strike was just enough to deal with a Rushing the Sky Stage Ranker. Even if it was a Rushing the Sky Stage pract.i.tioner within the Blood Sword Sect, they would probably be injured by this sword. It was naturally impossible for a Rushing the Sky Stage pract.i.tioner to block this sword.

Unfortunately, the young man had underestimated Ling Dao’s strength. Facing the young man, Ling Dao naturally did not dare to be careless, and immediately pulled out his Heavenly Thunder Sword and slashed out.

The young man had only used Sword Qi to attack Ling Dao, but Ling Dao had to pull out his sword to face it. It could be seen how big of a gap there was between the two of them. The Heavenly Thunder Sword turned into a bolt of lightning, colliding with the crimson red sword qi. Ling Dao felt a huge force being transmitted from the Heavenly Thunder Sword.

Just one sword Qi was enough to make Ling Dao retreat. The Blue Luan let out a series of shrieks as a trace of worry flashed across its eyes. Even though the Blue Luan was young, it was still full of spirituality and it stared ferociously at the young man.

“Hmm? Not bad, that strike alone was enough to move my heart. I’ll give you one more chance, acknowledge me as your teacher, and I’ll spare your life! “

With the young man’s eyesight, the sword strike Ling Dao executed just now naturally allowed him to see through a lot of things. Be it the speed of the sword, the strength of the body, or the techniques and techniques, Ling Dao was extremely outstanding. Such an outstanding youth was rarely seen even in the Blood Sword Sect.

“Wishful thinking!” It’s better if you do it! “

Ling Dao retreated a little, a gaze that had never been seen before focused. The difference in cultivation between him and the young man was extremely great, and he naturally didn’t have the slightest confidence in being able to make a move. Could it be that he was really going to die here today?

“You don’t know what’s good for you. Since you’re courting death, I’ll grant your wish!” Remember, the person who killed you, is called Xie Wuhun!

Xie Wuhun was the young man’s name. Being able to have a surname of blood, it was clear that his status in the Blood Sword Sect was not low. Ling Dao’s talent was not bad, but it was a pity he did not understand the situation, then Xie Wuhun could only kill Ling Dao. After casually slashing out with his sword, an earth-shattering b.l.o.o.d.y glow exploded forth.


Ling Dao’s pupils suddenly shrank, Xie Wuhun’s casual strike, had already exceeded the limits of what he could endure. Now, Xie Wuhun truly wanted to kill him, if not the power of this sword would not be so strong. Not only that, the sword beam directly pierced towards the center of the Green Luan’s brows, just in time to avoid harming the Blue Luan.

“Rushing Thunder Shadowless Sword!”

Using the Eight Steps of Star Chasing, Ling Dao retreated at full speed. He even used all of his strength to slash out with his sword. Thunderbolts would be able to counteract even a single bit of the sword’s might. Even so, Ling Dao still felt his scalp tingling. A shocking b.l.o.o.d.y light suddenly turned into thousands upon thousands of b.l.o.o.d.y mist and rushed towards Ling Dao.

Even if Ling Dao had the power of two young dragons with one hand, a person with such a simple Rushing the Sky Stage far surpa.s.sing other Rushing the Sky Stage pract.i.tioners, would still not be enough to face him at this time. Wherever the blood fog went, Ling Dao’s true qi was instantly emptied out, and the Heavenly Thunder Sword that was in his hands was blown away.

The Eight Steps of Star Chasing was indeed fast, but unfortunately, it was not faster than the blood mist. Ling Dao kept retreating, but the blood mist was getting closer and closer, until it was no more than three feet away. At this moment, the Blue Luan also cried out anxiously. Then, it flapped its wings and numerous green wind blades slashed at the blood mist.

These azure wind blades were extremely powerful, and had actually dispersed a large portion of the blood mist. Unfortunately, the Blue Luan’s strength was still inferior to the young man’s. The remaining blood mist finally attacked Ling Dao. At this critical moment, Ling Dao only had enough time to hug the Blue Luan tightly and protect it from any harm.

His body released a sharp pain, and immediately after, Ling Dao flew out. Even with his physical body, he wouldn’t be able to withstand such an attack. His body slammed onto the ground and he spat out a large mouthful of fresh red blood. His face appeared somewhat pale.

“A newborn calf isn’t afraid of a tiger. With this little strength, you actually dare to sing a different tune with me?”

Xie Wuhun let out a cold laugh, and immediately walked towards Ling Dao with a sharp thrust. He was also somewhat shocked. This strike should have been enough to kill Ling Dao. However, it didn’t matter. If he struck again, Ling Dao would definitely die here.

“A wise man submits to the circ.u.mstances. In the next life, remember this saying!”

Since Ling Dao had already rejected Xie Wuhun twice, then Xie Wuhun would naturally not give him the third chance. The scarlet long sword slashed fiercely, if Xie Wuhun really succeeded, then Ling Dao’s head would be separated from his body. It was a good thing that at the most critical moment, Ling Dao actually left his original place after using the Eight Steps of Star Chasing.

Even Xie Wuhun did not expect that Ling Dao, who was lying on the ground, could use the Eight Steps of Star Chasing. Ling Dao had dodged the sword strike that was originally meant to kill. Anger flashed across Xie Wuhun’s eyes, and then, another sword slashed towards Ling Dao.

This time, Xie Wuhun had made all the preparations, regardless of whether he used his sword to block or to dodge as before, it was all useless. His sword, seemed to have locked onto Ling Dao’s chest, no matter how Ling Dao chose, his body would still be pierced by Xie Wuhun’s sword.

“Xiaoqing, you’re being naughty again!”

A melodious voice rang out like the chimes of heaven. A silver sword beam whizzed over from afar and struck Xie Wuhun’s Scarlet Blood Sword from the side. To Ling Dao, this sword strike that was originally meant to kill had become completely harmless.

A graceful beautiful figure approached while stepping in the air, instantly attracting Ling Dao’s gaze. An exquisite face appeared before his eyes. It was beautiful beyond compare, without the slightest flaw. No matter if it was in his previous life or this one, Ling Dao had never seen such a beautiful girl before.

Her long hair was like a waterfall, bright and ethereal. Under her pretty eyebrows, there were clear black and white pupils. They were extremely lively and had a tinge of limpid autumn water, as if she was speaking. Her jade-like teeth were crystal clear, and her red lips were enchanting. As she spoke, she even emitted waves of fragrance.

The young girl wasn’t very old, only around 15 or 16 years old. However, she had a slim and graceful figure with exquisite curves. The long boots, even more so, showed off a pair of slender and sleek beautiful legs. She was graceful and elegant like a dragon, as if she was an otherworldly fairy!


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