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Read The Indomitable Master of Elixirs Chapter 156 – Meeting the Nation’s Grand Tutor (5)

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Read WebNovel The Indomitable Master of Elixirs Chapter 156 – Meeting the Nation’s Grand Tutor (5)

Chapter 156: Meeting the Nation’s Grand Tutor (5)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Ji Fengyan said, “If grand tutor likes it, I can make more of these pills for you.”

Holding the two pill bottles in his hands, Xing Lou nodded without a word.

Looking at Xing Lou’s dazed expression, Ji Fengyan couldn’t help but be amused. This widely respected grand tutor didn’t seem as difficult to handle as she had imagined.

“Uh, well… grand tutor, would you be willing to help me out with a favor?” Seeing that Xing Lou had taken the bait, Ji Fengyan immediately seized the opportunity to strike while the iron was hot.

“What is it?” Xing Lou looked up.

Ji Fengyan gave it straight. “I have a younger brother whom I met during my journeys. We came into some conflict earlier and the willful brat ran away from home. I am very worried as he is still young and has a weak const.i.tution, so I hope grand tutor could help me find him.”

Surprise flashed across Xing Lou’s eyes and he looked steadily at Ji Fengyan, finally understanding her purpose for coming here.


How would he be able to locate the person she’s seeking?

A trace of helplessness rose within Xing Lou, but looking at Ji Fengyan’s earnest gaze, the refusal that was at the tip of his tongue all but disappeared.

Under a pretense of calm, Xing Lou said, “It’s not difficult. It’s just that I don’t know what your younger brother looks like.”

Xing Lou’s agreement to help pleased Ji Fengyan to no end. She had already prepared a portrait that she handed over to Xing Lou.

“This was drawn according to my brother’s likeness and is at least 70-80% accurate.”

Xing Lou nodded as he slowly unrolled the scroll, revealing an exceedingly handsome youth. Looking into the young boy’s eyes, the portrait seemed to come to life and looked as if he would walk out of the scroll at any moment.

That countenance was exquisite beyond comparison.

Captivated by the portrait, Xing Lou actually got a little lost looking at it.

He never realized that anyone’s memory could be so clear and precise.

Those soul-searching eyes shimmered slightly, their depths conveyed with each and every stroke of the paintbrush.

The youth in the portrait seemed to have locked his gaze onto him, appearing expressionless yet smiling at the same time.

Xing Lou quietly took a deep breath, carefully rolling up the scroll and setting it aside.

“I see, I will try my best to find him. However, there are so many people in this world that I cannot guarantee success. ”

Ji Fengyan was just waiting for him to say that. “No problem, do one’s best and leave the rest to G.o.d’s will. However, there is one thing I hope grand tutor can accommodate me with: my younger brother left home because of a quarrel with me, so… if grand tutor does find him, please do not bring him back directly. Just notify me and I will go fetch him myself.”

Ji Fengyan is doing this because she feared discovery of how extraordinary Liu Huo was, especially if those eyes of Liu Huo’s met with grand tutor’s indomitable skills.

It is a must to find him, but the search must be carried out carefully.

Xing Lou nodded slightly.

With things going smoother than expected, Ji Fengyan was prepared to leave soon, but…

Someone just had to rush over at this very moment.

The guard by the door hurried into the house to announce,

“Lord grand tutor, eldest princess has personally come by to see you.”

Xing Lou’s gentle expression immediately turned frosty and he said coldly, “I am not seeing her.”

“But… but eldest princess said she is here to pa.s.s on a word from His Majesty,” said the guard.

Xing Lou remained unmoved. “I am not seeing her.”

Helplessly, the guard could only turn back to the eldest princess waiting outside the house.


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