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Read The Indomitable Master of Elixirs Chapter 376 – Femme Fatale (3)

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Chapter 376: Femme Fatale (3)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios


It was this formidable Liu Kai who was so effortlessly felled by Ji Fengyan’s shoulder throw…

Ji Fengyan grinned at the trio. With a wave, she turned around and entered her own room with Bai Ze in tow, slamming the door in their faces!

The sight of that closed door completely miffed Liu Kai and company, but could only take their leave for now.

Ji Fengyan scanned the entire room after entering. Usually, Terminators were treated real well. That large room was about 100 square meters. Apart from a bedroom, there was also a living room and a study. It didn’t look like a hostel at all.

The room was also equipped with the best amenities. The luxurious decorations dazzled Ji Fengyan.

Spiritual energy, all full of spiritual energy!

Ji Fengyan was beyond satisfied with this room.

Hugging Bai Ze as she laid upon the soft bed, Ji Fengyan closed her eyes contentedly and rested for a while. She then got up and absorbed the dense spiritual energy in the room all into her inner core.

With the recovery of her inner core, the amount of spiritual energy required also increased. It would become progressively difficult to continue refining herself.

After half a day’s rest, the capital inst.i.tute invited all students to enter the courtyard for a welcome speech. The speech was utterly boring and Ji Fengyan nearly fell asleep while listening. After it ended, the new students headed to their respective faculties to understand what their future days would be like.

There were several different faculties within the capital inst.i.tute—the school of sorcery, the school of swordplay, the school of priesthood, the school of pharmacy, etc…

Among them all, the school of gold cultivation and school of terminators had the least number of students, while garnering the highest regards.

The entire school of terminators comprised less than 50 students. The school of gold cultivation had even less—only about 20 students altogether.

A tutor from the school of terminators led Ji Fengyan and the rest of the new students toward the faculty. With a cheery countenance, he pointed out and explained the various aspects of the school.

Even though Ji Fengyan had never attended school before, she knew the principle of respecting your tutors. However, the school of terminators gave her a completely ‘new perspective’—the Terminator tutor looked to be over 50 years of age and would naturally command a high level of respect if placed in the other schools.

But at this moment…

The tutor held a fawning smile as he led the bunch of students, all of whom strutted around like big bosses and none of whom spoke to the tutor with the least bit of deference.

Ji Fengyan wrinkled her brows subconsciously. She was somewhat displeased with this situation.

Liu Ruse fell in step beside Ji Fengyan and asked in a gentle voice, “Are you not used to how things are done here?”

Ji Fengyan nodded.

Liu Ruse chuckled. “This is the special privilege of Terminators. The tutors from the other schools are all the elite pract.i.tioners of their respective professions. However, the tutors from the school of terminators are unfortunately not even terminators themselves; they are just familiar with the use of the World-Termination-Armour.”

Terminators were constantly being flattered by others and often held strong superiority complexes. Even as new terminators, they were already looking down on these common tutors.

At the school of terminators, the relative standings of tutors and students were obviously the other way round.

“I would rather not have such a privilege.” Ji Fengyan was extremely against the way things were.


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