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Read The Indomitable Master of Elixirs Chapter 661 – Standing Alone (1)

The Indomitable Master of Elixirs is a web novel created by North Night, 夜北.
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Chapter 661: Standing Alone (1)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After Ji Fengyan and Liu Huo had taken leave of Yang Shun, they exited the tent.

After Liu Huo left the tent, he suddenly said to Ji Fengyan, “Yang Shun is a good man and a good general.”

Ji Fengyan was momentarily startled, but subsequently smiled and nodded.

“That’s right.”

Ji Fengyan respected Yang Shun’s character.

Side by side, Ji Fengyan and Liu Huo walked back to the army camp. The citizens of Ping City had been properly settled. The moment they saw Ji Fengyan, they crowded around her. The grat.i.tude that the various citizens expressed along the way somewhat embarra.s.sed Ji Fengyan.

The Ping City citizens were only temporarily placed in the army camp. After all, the three armies would enter the battlefield in future and they would not be staying there for long. Lu Shaoqing had already sent men to contact the nearby villages to see if they citizens could be separated into batches and dispersed to various locations after a few days.

After reaching her tent, Ji Fengyan immediately slumped onto her bed. It went without saying that she was really exhausted this time.

Liu Huo saw Ji Fengyan lying on the bed, more dead than alive. Saying nothing, he obediently poured water and fetched a handkerchief. After Ji Fengyan had moistened her throat, he helped to wipe the dust off her face.

Ji Fengyan lazily lay on the bed, freely allowing her handsome young boy to wait on her. This put her in an excellent mood.

“Haven’t you forgotten something?” Liu Huo narrowed his eyes when he saw Ji Fengyan’s happiness and kindly reminded her.

“What?” Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes.

“That demon.”


The army camp glowed in the light of the setting sun. The soldiers in the army were all busy and none noticed a black dot suspended above their heads, frantically screaming and yelling.

Chang Pu was almost ready to collapse…

That dratted Ji Fengyan!

It was not until late at night, when no one was watching, that Ji Fengyan brought Chang Pu down from the air. She deliberately tied him up in her own tent and ordered Yang Jian to guard him. If Chang Pu made the slightest false move, Yang Jian was free to stab him.

Early the next morning, Ji Fengyan went to visit Yang Shun. Yang Shun had no military matters to attend to and was happy to guide Ji Fengyan.

When it came to leading troops into battle, Yang Jian could be said to be the best in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. His battle tactics involved both advancing and retreat, and he was famous for being steady, accurate and ferocious. Often, he could gain the greatest victories with minimal loss and these were also the methods that Ji Fengyan favored.

Ji Fengyan and Yang Shun became closer and closer. Also, because Ji Fengyan had previously led troops to save the soldiers of Blaze Army, the relationship between the Blaze Army and Wolf Smoke Regiment soldiers also improved. As rookies with heavy responsibilities, what the soldiers of Wolf Smoke Regiment needed most were experienced soldiers to guide them. The soldiers of Blaze Army were happy to share their experience.

Within two days, the Wolf Smoke Regiment and Blaze Army appeared to be in happy accord and soldiers from both sides could often be seen interacting and exchanging views.

Among the three armies, only the Green Nightmare Army stood alone. The Green Nightmare Army had always looked down on Wolf Smoke Regiment and would never have imagined that this ten-thousand strong army would actually become friends with Blaze Army. When Situ Ba and Zhan Fei heard about the situation, Zhan Fei’s mood worsened further.

“What is Yang Shun’s purpose?” Zhan Fei was gloomily sitting in Situ Ba’s tent. He originally intended to sow discord between Blaze Army and Wolf Smoke Regiment, forcing Wolf Smoke Regiment to stand alone and helpless on the battlefield in the future. But now… it was Situ Ba’s Green Nightmare Army that was standing alone instead.

Things had taken a completely unexpected turn.


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