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Read The Indomitable Master of Elixirs Chapter 751 – Traitors (2)

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Chapter 751: Traitors (2)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

There was only dead silence in response to the Eldest Princess’s orders. The haughty look that she had slowly crumbled under Ji Fengyan’s disdainful gaze.

“Continue shouting? Why aren’t you continuing?” With a gentle smile, Ji Fengyan looked at the Eldest Princess, whose face had already frozen. “Do you want me to help you shout? Someone, come and protect us. Hahaha…”

Ji Fengyan’s laughter was filled with mock. Every sound she made was like an utter insult to the Eldest Princess.

“Ji Fengyan, don’t be too haughty!” The Eldest Princess stared at Ji Fengyan with her clenched teeth.

“Haughty?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows and an evil smile spread across her face. “So what if I’m haughty?”

After she said that, she suddenly raised her hands. A wisp of air emitted from her palm and flew towards the Eldest Princess!

The Eldest Princess had all along enjoyed being protected and doted on, so no one had dared to touch her at all.

But the vital energy that Ji Fengyan released immediately sent her flying.

When the pain spread across her body, the Eldest Princess still did not believe that Ji Fengyan had really dared to harm her.

“You… You dare to hit me?” Holding back the extreme pain all over her body, she stood up unsteadily. Her long hair that was previously combed neatly was now already untidy. Her eyes were filled with disbelief as she stared straight at Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan smiled slightly and pretended to say in a troubled manner, “oh, I’m sorry. My hands slipped. How dare I hit… the n.o.ble Princess?”

The instant she finished her sentence, Ji Fengyan suddenly raised her hands and her fingers formed a claw. Almost at the same time, the Eldest Princess felt an unknown power suddenly holding her by the neck and the next second, she was lifted off the ground.

Ji Fengyan looked at the Eldest Princess, who was lifted off the ground, and said with a kind expression, “Your highness, don’t worry. I won’t hit you.”

After she said that, Ji Fengyan raised her other hand and viciously gave a slap in the air!

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The instant Ji Fengyan swung her hands, a formless power also gave the Eldest Princess a hard slap on her face. Immediately, her tender and fair cheeks had an obvious red palm mark.

“Of course I won’t hit you.” Ji Fengyan’s smiled, then she gave another slap.

The Eldest Princess’s left cheek was also slapped hard.

“How could I hit you in front of your father?” Ji Fengyan’s hands suddenly rolled into a fist and she swung it hard in the air.

This punch landed on the Eldest Princess’s stomach, causing her to become dizzy instantly and she groaned loudly as she spit out a considerable amount of blood.

Fresh red blood spewed from the Eldest Princess’s mouth.

It was unknown whether Ji Fengyan had been intentional but the position that the Eldest Princess was lifted off the ground was right above the Emperor’s head. This mouthful of blood landed right on the Emperor’s face and head.

When the warm blood dripped onto him, the Emperor could not help but tremble in his majestic clothes. The gaze he had on Ji Fengyan was almost as if he had seen a monster.

What kind of demon was this?

She could actually lift someone up and hit them across the air?

Ji Fengyan looked at the Eldest Princess, who was now wincing in pain and seemingly in a tragic state, in satisfaction. After seeing the arrogance of the Eldest Princess crumbling into bits by herself, she then turned her eyes to the dazed Emperor.


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