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Read The Indomitable Master of Elixirs Chapter 915 – Heavenly Soldiers Join The Battle (1)

The Indomitable Master of Elixirs is a web novel completed by North Night, 夜北.
This lightnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Chapter 915: Heavenly Soldiers Join The Battle (1)

Despair shrouded the hearts of everyone from Yan Luo Dian. Even though they were covered with blood, they still gritted their teeth and held on until the final moment.

“Elder Brother Duanmu, our comrades can’t last much longer!” Amidst the chaos of battle, the deputy dragged his scarred body to Duanmu Hongru’s side. Under his bloodstains on his face was a pair of utterly weary eyes.

“When are the men from Fu Guang City coming? If they don’t come soon, all our brothers will be dead.”

At that moment, Duanmu Hongru’s emotions were complicated. They had miscalculated Zhai Xing Lou’s strength. They had not realized that the apparently mediocre Zhai Xing Lou had secretly created so many gold-cultivated monsters. They had made one misstep, then several more, and now they had been forced into a corner.

Right now, even if the troops from Fu Guang City hurried over, it would not help their situation.

“Fu Guang City has only a few thousand people. They are much weaker than us. Several thousand people from Zhai Xing Lou have yet to join the battle. Even if the men from Fu Guang City come, they cannot turn the tide.” Duanmu Hongru could not help lament. In the end, they had underestimated their enemy. Their unfamiliarity with gold cultivators had made them gauge Zhai Xing Lou’s strength wrongly.

This had been a fatal mistake.

The final battle was already in progress. They had no way to retreat.

Yan Luo Dian retreated step by step. On Zhai Xing Lou’s side, morale was high.

A man in black who stood watching the battle from the sidelines saw that the gold-cultivated monsters had created rivers of blood on the battlefield. A sinister smile flashed across his eyes. He turned and walked over to a carriage that stood among the troops and said respectfully, “Second Young Master, Yan Luo Dian cannot hold out anymore.”

In the carriage, Gong Zhiyu looked through the thinly veiled curtains and saw everything that happened on the battlefield.

All the men in Yan Luo Dian were resisting to the death, and he watched as they calmly faced death. He sat properly in the carriage, and looked numbly at the carnage before him, and at the loyal men being slaughtered by the vicious gold-cultivated monsters.

“That is only to be expected.” Gong Zhiyu spoke blandly. His tone revealed neither joy nor anger.

But the man in black laughed and said, “Second Young Master’s solution is a good one. You knew that Yan Luo Dian could not resist a decisive battle to the death. That brat Chi Tong has been arrogant for years. He never dreamt our Lord already had over ten thousand gold-cultivated monsters on hand. No matter how valiant Yan Luo Dian is, they can never beat our gold-cultivated monsters.”

The man in black’s voice was smug and full of disdain for Yan Luo Dian.

Gong Zhiyu’s eyes drooped slightly. He no longer looked at the b.l.o.o.d.y battle, but only spoke numbly. “Yan Luo Dian should have two or three thousand more men at its headquarters. Their Lord Chi Tong has not appeared yet. Quickly finish the battle to avoid further trouble.”

“Yes!” The man in black did not dare to hesitate at all when responding to Gong Zhiyu’s instructions. This young master might be physically weak, but no one in Zhai Xing Lou equaled him in intelligence.

Previously, it had been Gong Zhiyu’s instructions that allowed them to repeatedly intercept Yan Luo Dian’s ambushes. With such an intelligent and resourceful master, plus the army of gold-cultivated monsters created by Gong Qiang, Zhai Xing Lou was sure to rule all of Free Valley!

The man in black issued the final killing orders to the army of gold-cultivated monsters. Everyone in Yan Luo Dian sensed a sudden surge of momentum amongst the gold-cultivated monsters. An ominous foreboding rose in their hearts.

At that moment, the sharp sound of a horn suddenly tore through their despair, and rang in their ears.


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