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The Inverted Dragon’s Scale is a web novel made by LiuXiaHui, 柳下挥.
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Chapter 178: Stupa City!

Li Muyang was stunned.

What just happened before his eyes was unbelievable.

He remembered clearly that he dived into a cold lake, then was chased and hunted by a three-eyed ice toad until he finally squeezed through a small, narrow doorway——

However, how did he fall from the bottom of the cold pond to such a——strange place?

Like you pushed open a window in your house, only to see what was supposed to be a field of wheat transformed into the sea.

Li Muyang could not understand what happened.

He even suspected that it was a dream. Recently, he often had dreams. Many times he felt like he was in a dream, dizzy and muddleheaded. However, he enjoyed the great changes and ascension that the dream gave him, but at the same time, also had to bear the calamity and misery that the nightmares brought to him. It was impossible to get rid of and couldn’t be driven away.

This was a totally unfamiliar world.

It looks like an abandoned jail, also like an underground palace of demons.

It was supposed to be the underwater world of the lake, but there’s a spectacular city gate tower and towering walls.

The walls are tall, taller than the mountains of Broken Mountain.

The dark walls flickered with cold black light. Although the material they were made out of could not be determined but the wall is smooth and glossy like a mirror that not even gecko or birds could climb or stand on.

The black walls had an ornately inlaid giant bra.s.s door, tarnished and rusty, like it had endured hundreds of millions of years and underwent endless changes during the transformations of the world.

There were two giant holes in the bra.s.s door, as though it had been struck by a giant beast.

The above was covered with bloodstains and reeked of blood. The smell had not even dispersed even through the pa.s.sing of thousands of years.

With Li Muyang’s limited life experience, he could not distinguish whether this is human blood or blood of beasts.

The bra.s.s door is engraved with two huge characters.

Straining his eyes on the blurred, incomplete characters, Li Muyang could just about read: Buddhist Stupa.

“Stupa city?” Li Muyang thought to himself. “It seems that the city is built by Buddhist——but why would Buddhist build such a Stupa city? Is it to pa.s.s on their teachings or for other purposes? Why does history books not have any records of it, nor have I ever heard of the existence of this Stupa city from anyone before——”

Li Muyang crawled up from the ground, realising that the place he fell down to is the city gate to Stupa city.

He tore away the half of the toad’s tongue that still adhered to his body and wiped clean the chicken-killing dagger in his hand, before carefully placed into his sleeve.

This was originally Xiahou Qianbai’s chicken-killing dagger. Li Muyang thought it’s cute, so he conveniently collected it. Since Teacher Xiahou is a Taoist, he can’t kill chickens; therefore, the tasks of killing chickens and slaughtering sheep would eventually fall onto him.

Unexpectedly, this knife saved his life. In any case, he should treat it well and be responsible for it all his life.

Li Muyang strode over to the bra.s.s door of dozens of metres tall and looked as though it weighed several millions grams. Let alone a person, even a team of tough soldiers would not be able to knock it down.

Li Muyang slowly pushed the door until the copper door creaked opened.

Slightly startled, yet drawn in through his curiosity, he again took a big stride.

On the other side of the bra.s.s door, was a huge courtyard.

Carved stone statues of deities and Buddhist eighteen Lohans were placed either sides of the courtyard.

But these deities and eighteen Lohans were all upside down, and some shattered into pieces, as though this place has been through a fierce battle.

Li Muyang pushed his way through the broken rocks and weeds, inching forward to an old palace pulling him in with an incomparable attraction.


He pushed open the door to the palace, where a group of black crows immediately rushed towards him.

Li Muyang ducked down, letting the group of black crows flap their wings past him.

Li Muyang saw vividly. Those crows were very familiar. Pointy beak, sharp claws and blood-red eyes, they are the blood-thirsty crows that Crow summoned when he was in Jiangnan city——

Li Muyang didn’t expect to see such a rare variety of crow here.

Don’t tell me crow summoned these bloodthirsty monsters from here?

If so, what kind of place is this?

With the Blood Crows scattered, Li Muyang took a step into the hall. He immediately sensed a imposing and fierce atmosphere.

Like a giant tiger was crouching and glaring behind him, or a demon that he could not ward off was aiming for his life.

Li Muyang felt an icy-cold shiver ran down his spine, his legs trembled to the point that he almost could not stand up straight.

Very soon, he adapted to the atmosphere.

He felt himself hurtling back into a familiar atmosphere, like an old friend he hasn’t seen for a long time was deliberately playing a little joke with him——

However, Li Muyang doesn’t think he would have any friends here.

Inside, the giant door led a huge hall, empty and s.p.a.cious, but the floor has a variety of elaborate decorative patterns and unrecognisable archaic symbols.

Li Muyang felt a familiarity to those patterns and symbols. He cautiously inched forward to examine them.


A sword pressed against the middle of his back.

Li Muyang’s heart suddenly froze, knowing that his little life might end right here and now.

A cowardly and weak person, is usually more afraid of dying than anyone else, why did he decide to come this place today?

One glance and it’s obvious that this place is not somewhere good people would go to, is this not a road to death?

“Anything can be settled through discussion.” Li Muyang said in a timid and pleasing tone of voice: “Whether you are seeking wealth or other things, we can talk about it, I’m a flexible man——”

“I didn’t expect you to dare to come here.” A woman’s voice sounded.

Cold, arrogant, and as though she’s the leader of the world.

Li Muyang was too familiar with the voice.

The first time they met, they already had a quarrel. Later, when they enrolled into the same course, even more disputes and conflicts happened.

Li Muyang jumped into this cold pond because of her. He originally thought she’s dead and had no idea they would meet here at all——

“People who have died already?”

The thought pa.s.sed through Li Muyang’s mind.

His heart almost jumped through his throat, his face deathly pale and his eyes wide with pain and fear as he asked: “Lu Qiji, please tell me honestly——am I a human or ghost?”


“It’s over.” Li Muyang dropped to the ground, his voice sinking to a mournful murmur: “I already felt somewhat is wrong. I was clearly in the lake, why would I suddenly in front of a city gate? The walls were carved with two words, so I thought this palace was constructed by Buddhists, it turns out——it’s the Ghost King’s palace, it turns out I’m already dead——”


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