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Chapter 1127: Master Craftsman

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Lu Li found himself in a quite s.p.a.cious hall with three doors which must lead to three different smaller rooms.


Lu Li was a bit surprised upon a glance over the hall because it was full of… books? Those books were made of special materials. Most of the books were yellowish in color. They must be old now.

“There must be tens of thousands of books here.”

Lu Li was stunned. Were those books records of skills? How could there be so many skills? If not, then what was written on the books?

“Formations?” Lu Li walked over and picked up one book randomly. He looked at the cover, which deepened his surprise. The t.i.tle read “Profile on Divine Formations”.


Lu Li was disappointed. He thought those records were on skills from the Divinity. He picked up several other books to read, and all were in the same category.

“The Diagram Tactics of the Highest Heavens”, “Four Levels Formations”, “Review on the Spirit Formations”, “Formation on Soul Confinement”, and “Introduction to the Makings of Relics”…

Lu Li glanced at the books, thousands of them, in two hours. He was utterly disappointed. None of the thousands was on any skills. All the books were on formations and Relics.

In other words—those books were all on how to make Relics.

To be able to make Relics was good. In the old days, Lu Li would have been overjoyed to have those books. However, he had the Relics now.

More importantly, he believed that Relics could not be forged in the mortal world. After all, the mortal world lacked some special materials.

If Relics could be forged in the mortal world, there would be Relics in the world a long time ago. The nine universes had been in existence for years and there were quite a number of craftsmen. But who could forge Relics?

When he went to the Divinity, he didn’t need to forge Relics on his own. He could just buy them or trade for them, or maybe just fight for the Relics.

Lu Li had certain knowledge of the Divinity. He knew the average Relics worth little in the Divinity, like Heaven Grade Xuan Artifacts, which could be found anywhere in the Heaven Reverse Universe. Supreme Relics were valuable in the Divinity. Could Lu Li make supreme Relics? That would be ridiculous…

Tens of thousands of books were there. To read through them all would take a long time. Besides, Lu Li would also have to study them and perform experiments. Even if Lu Li had enough materials to squander, it would take him decades or even hundreds of years to forge a Relic.

It had only been over thirty years since Lu Li was born. How could he have the patience to study such a thing now? Therefore, he walked around and glanced through the rest of the books but paid no more attention.

He walked to the three side doors. At one of the doors, he knocked on it gently, and the door opened automatically.

Walking inside only made his disappointment grow. There were some containers and special tools that should be used to forge Relics.

He left the room and went to the second one. The door was pushed open easily as before. This small room was filled with many stones and strange crystals. The room was about one hundred feet long and wide, full of such stones and materials.

Lu Li did not know what those things were for, and he did not dare to touch them in case anything was toxic or easy to combust. He left soon.

The last room made Lu Li dizzy when he went in. This room was larger than the hall outside with a length and width of two miles, crowded with strange materials.

“Why does this horn look like it’s from a demon? There is something chilly and spooky about it.”

“What kind of beast does this scale came from? Just a scale can be so powerful?”

“This bone looks scary. Hiss…”

“This eyeball… this eyeball can release soul attack? I almost lost myself…”

Lu Li stood in the room for a while. He felt cold and out of breath. There were so many strange materials. The energy coming off from some of the bones terrified him. He became cold due to the presence of some strange materials. He did not have the courage to stay any longer.


A moment later, Lu Li decided he could not stay any longer. He walked out soon. He was afraid that if he stayed too long, he would be overwhelmed by the energy from some of the materials. It would be troublesome if something went wrong.

Closing the door, Lu Li breathed heavily. He noticed that his back was soaked with sweat. Some of the materials here were so terrifying that not even a warrior at the Semi-G.o.d Realm could stand it.

“Tools, materials, stones!”

Lu Li stood there for a moment. Then, he had an idea. The hall had everything from books on Inhibition Formations to tools, stones, and materials. Could Ke Mang make some Relics if he could study here for some time?


Soon, Lu Li shook his head. Ke Mang’s realm was low. If he went to the room of materials, he would be killed by the horrifying energy from those materials directly.

The Wicked Bead was from the Divinity. Needless to say, the materials came from various beasts in the Divinity. Though those materials were from dead beasts, average warriors could not stand them. Take that eyeball for an example. Ke Mang might lose his mind forever after looking at it a few times…

“Should I see if I can make a Relic anytime soon?”

Lu Li was intrigued. After all, the materials, tools, and stones were all here. If he could learn how to forge Relics, he must succeed after several trials.

If he could make a Relic armor and a Relic weapon and leave them to the Lu Family, the Lu Family would be as strong as the Yan Family and could enjoy glory throughout generations.

Lu Li held his horses to go through tens of thousands of books. However, a few books later, he realized he could not concentrate. Eventually, he noticed an ancient book placed on the table in the corner.

He sat down on the wooden armchair in front of the table. He picked up the book and saw the t.i.tle written in large characters—”Notes of Master Craftsman Tian Lingzi”.

“Master Craftsman?”

Lu Li pouted. Did someone just name himself a master? Someone wrote down some notes and named himself a master?

Lu Li opened the book against his will. The first few sentences were all words of praise of Tian Lingzi. How impressive he was in the Divinity. How many immortals begged him to forge Relics. How close he was to some super-mighty warriors in the Divinity, and he believed he was the best craftsman under the Third Plane in the Divinity…

“The Third Plane?”

This was the second time Lu Li had heard about this concept. He wondered why the Divinity had different planes. Was there several Divinity?

Lu Li ignored the words of praise. He was a practical man, and he never minded the vanity. He had always held the conviction that a powerful person was not born out of his own words, but acknowledged by the public. The ones that always boasted how good they were usually were not that good at all…

Lu Li was disappointed when he read through the notes. This Tian Lingzi learned how to forge artifacts for three hundred years and then perfected his art for thirty thousand years before he became an expert. Tian Lingzi said he was the most talented in artifact making in the Divinity over one million years…

Since this so-called master spent thirty thousand years to become an expert, Lu Li would not be able to make any Relics without one to two thousand years.

Even if he was gifted, it would take him hundreds of years to make one Relic. He could not afford the time and was not that patient…

Finally, he dissolved the fourth seal of the Wicked Bead. However, the new function turned out to be useless.


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