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Chapter 1279: A Lesson

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

This time, Qian Huanhan was disciplined because he made a mistake. Patriarch Gu told him to put in three pieces of Black Mountain Rocks, five Fire Obsidians, and one White Phosphorus Stone. But he missed one piece of Fire Obsidian. It goes without saying that things did not end well for him…

Lu Li collected what Patriarch Gu needed this time and left. He went to another hall where Patriarch Gu was forging the artifacts.

Lu Li rushed into the hall. He saw a white glare before he arrived in a strange, large s.p.a.ce. Lu Li felt he was in a valley. There were many different stoves and tools here and right now, Patriarch Gu was standing next to the biggest stove.


Lu Li was scared to look when he was not supposed to. He hurried toward Patriarch Gu and took out all the materials. Lu Li bowed and then stepped to the sides. He said nothing and didn’t look around.

“Whoosh, whoos.h.!.+”

Patriarch Gu poured out some divine energy into the stove and said, “Nine Fire Obsidians, one Black Mountain Rock and 16 White Phosphorus Stones.”

Lu Li picked out the Fire Obsidians, Black Mountain Rock and White Phosphorus Stones and threw them into the stove with precision. Then, he moved to the side and stood in the silence. He didn’t even look at the stove. He just stared at the ground, as if he were a puppet.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh~”

Patriarch Gu poured out more Divine Energy and would tell Lu Li to throw in all sorts of materials. Lu Li finished all the work accurately. After the time for three incense sticks to burn, Patriarch Gu waved his hand, “Go and get a drop of Fire Phoenix Blood and a piece of Gold of Primordial Yang.”

Lu Li said nothing. He merely clasped his hands and left at once. Patriarch Gu threw him a look as Lu Li headed out and nodded.

When Lu Li came back to the room with materials, Qian Huanhan noticed that nothing happened to Lu Li though he had been away for a long time. Qian Huanhan said, chocking, “Brother Li, how did you do it? Can you teach me? I don’t want to be slapped again. Mmm, I am not a child and not even my parents ever disciplined me…”

Lu Li took out the materials soon and when he was leaving, he said, “Patriarch Gu will not trouble you for no reason at all. It bothers him as well to discipline people. He is a man of principles. We must abide by our duties and follow his rules. If so, why will he discipline us?”

Lu Li returned to the place where Patriarch Gu was forging artifacts. Lu Li had been playing the rules. He was careful and was constantly on guard.

He knew Patriarch Gu was a weird and eccentric old man, but he was a man of reason. As long as Lu Li could finish his task without making mistakes, he would gain approval from Patriarch Gu gradually.

A patriarch from Chamber of Relics and an advanced craftsman would have his pride.

When this patriarch approved Lu Li completely, his future days here would no longer be difficult. However, if Lu Li could not be approved, then Patriarch Gu dislike him and from now on, Lu Li could not have any comfortable days.

Lu Li kept rus.h.i.+ng about between the hall where Patriarch Gu was forging artifacts and the room with materials. It had been several hours but not once did Patriarch Gu scold him. Qian Huanhan admired Lu Li completely, and he addressed Lu Li as Brother Li with the utmost respect.

During the last round, Lu Li took over some materials, but Patriarch Gu had stopped his work. The stove was open. A glow glare surrounded Patriarch Gu’s hands. He was holding a weird artifact. “I have failed again. Alas…” He said, shaking his head.

Patriarch Gu threw the oval thing to Lu Li and said, “Study this thing and put it back to the room of materials. You will have three days off. You can walk around in the Valley of Relics. Besides, go to the Hall of Internal Affairs and file a report. Do not make any trouble!”

“Thank you, Patriarch!”

Lu Li bowed and left. He knew that he had to gain initial approval from Patriarch Gu since the strange artifact was given to him.

Lu Li walked out and told Qian Huanhan to come out from the room of materials. They went to the attic to the east.

This attic was not s.p.a.cious. There were several rooms in here, but they were messy. Lu Li and Qian Huanhan had to clean them.

There were Inhibition Formations in those rooms. Qian Huanhan activated the Inhibition Formations and was about to pour out his grievances when Lu Li stopped him with a wink. Lu Li waved his hand. “Qian Huanhan, let your wounds heal. I will study this Relic. We will go out and walk around in a day.”

Qian Huanhan nodded, sour-faced. Lu Li went back to his room alone. He took out the oval-shaped Relic and poured in divine energy.


Soon, he found himself surprised. The patterns and formations inside the Relic were intricate. The bigger formations contained smaller formations and they were intertwined together. Lu Li felt he could see hundreds of diagrams inside, which made him dizzy.

“What kind of Relics is Patriarch Gu trying to make? A supreme Relic?”

Lu Li wondered. On second thought, Lu Li let Bloodvine to reach her tentacles out and said, “Blood Fairy, study the formations in here. They may be helpful to you.”


Blood Fairy’s tentacle reached in. After several hours, she took back her tentacle and said, “Okay, master. I have memorized all the patterns inside.”

Lu Li nodded and cultivated for a bit. A day later, he came out and put the discarded Relic in that room of materials.

“Let’s go to the Hall of Internal Affairs.”

Lu Li dragged Qian Huanhan out from his room. Patriarch Gu told him to file a report to Hall of Internal Affairs. Lu Li did not know what he was expected to do specifically but he supposed that Patriarch Gu was willing to let them stay since they had pa.s.sed his tests.

They left the yard and walked around in the Valley of Relics. A couple of miles later, making sure that n.o.body was around, Lu Li whispered, “Qian Huanhan, from now on, do not talk about any patriarchs behind their backs. Otherwise, you will suffer again. Do you hear me?”

Qian Huanhan understood it. He nodded. “Of course. Duly noted. I can do anything and suffer all the pains just so I can become a master craftsman.”

“A master craftsman, you?”

Right at that moment, several people came out from a castle. The leader of them was a lady in a s.l.u.tty dress. Two male disciples followed her. This young lady was in the group led by Lady Dan.

She was wearing a pink dress. Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were well-developed and the neckline was cut down quite low, revealing her b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Her waist was slim and her bottom raised. She had a nice body.

She walked over, swinging her b.u.t.tocks and with her head raised up, like a proud peac.o.c.k. She was sneering. “Of the entire Relic, there are only 20 master craftsman and only one is here in the Chamber of Relics. It takes our Chief thirty thousand years to become a master craftsman and he is a rare talent. Do you think you can be more talented than our Chief? Who the h.e.l.l do you think you are?”

Lu Li touched his nose without saying anything. Qian Huanhan tried hard to suppress down his anger. He did not talk back. They had just come to the Chamber of Relics and were not clear about the situation. It would be unwise to be in conflict.


That pink-dressed young lady cast a glare to Lu Li and said, “There is a strict hierarchy in Chamber of Relics. You are registered disciples, the lowest level. I, Jiang Lianxue, is a core disciple. According to our rules, you must kneel in front of me.”

“Kneeling in front of you?”

Lu Li and Qian Huanhan were taken aback. Lu Li sneered inside. Was this Jiang Lianxue thinking they were idiots? If such were the rules, then why didn’t Jiang Lianxue and the others kneel to the patriarchs?

“Will you do it or not?”

Jiang Lianxue saw that Lu Li and Qian Huanhan were still standing still. She pulled a long face and took out a silver whip. “If you choose not to, then I will teach you a lesson!”


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