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The Invincible Dragon Emperor is a web novel completed by Yao Ye.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Chapter 200: Siren This was the second time that Lu Li was recruited. Last time, it was Liu Yi who extended him a formal invitation on behalf of the Liu Family. The two invitations were equally sincere and the offers were very inviting.

Doing as he wish after 10 years at the Thousand-island Lake… The words were tempting. Granted, the Thousand-island Lake was not a large place, but it was a local force, one that could compete with the Heaven Cold Kingdom, the Heaven Martial Kingdom and the Heaven Frigid Kingdom.
Doing as he wish, that was to say that he could become the big boss of the Thousand-island Lake.
Apart from several powerful warriors of the Bai Family, Lu Li wouldn’t have to worry about upsetting anyone. He could live on freely. He even could have the chance to marry young ladies of the Bai Family and live an incredible life.
Would Lu Li be intrigued?
If he hadn’t found about his ident.i.ty, if Lu Ling hadn’t been brought to the Cyan Plains, maybe he would be very interested. Yet at this moment, he had no hesitation and his mind was firm.
Lu Li was in deep thoughts, not to deliberate whether he should join the Bai Family or not, but to figure out a way to turn Madam Yan down.
There was no way that he could expose his true ident.i.ty. He had yet to find out who his father’s enemy at the Northern Desert was. To reveal his ident.i.ty would be too risky.
Of course, the Bai Family was not one to be offended. He still needed to live at the Thousand-island Lake. As soon as he left now, he would be killed.
After some consideration, Lu Li only came up with one method, to stall!
He looked up to the exquisitely dainty and ravis.h.i.+ngly beautiful face of Madam Yan and said seriously, “Madam Yan, I am sorry but I don’t want to join any Big Family just yet. Of course… I will consider your offer very prudently. I will not leave the Thousand-island Lake, nor will I join any other families. Can you please give me some time?”
Madam Yan frowned as she didn’t understand. Lu Li was expecting higher offer? Or was he just stalling?
Madam Yan was sophisticated, though. Soon, she nodded and said, “Lu Li, heal your wounds well. The gates of the Bai Family will always be open for you. You don’t have to worry about the Liu Family. If you join the Bai Family, we will see to it that the Liu Family are in good hands. Whether they want to develop on their own or become a part of the Bai Family, we can discuss it.”
Madam Yan added after some thoughts, “Lu Li, you can name your conditions. As long as it’s not outrageous, we can talk about it.”
Lu Li asked, “Can you give me an example?”
He wanted to stall some time but he couldn’t let Madam Yan see him through. So he planned to give Madam Yan some hope so she wouldn’t try to destroy the Blood Evil Island.
Madam Yan replied with a smile, “Example? Status, Mystical Materials, Xuan Skills, Xuan Artifacts. Resources. We can discuss anything you want. It is even possible for you to marry a young lady of the immediate family.”
“Young lady?”
This notion disgusted Lu Li. Big Families were all like this. The young ladies of the immediate Family could be sold or given to others at any time with no hard feelings. It was like some brunt dirty trade.
Suddenly, a trace of tease crept up to the corner of Lu Li’s mouth. He stared at the incredibly beautiful face of Madam Yan and asked, “If I want to marry Lady Qiuxue and Lady Xiashuang, will that be okay?”
“No to this!”
Answered Madam Yan while she rolled her eyes, “The two are the favorites of our forefather. Our forefather once saw their fortune and they are destined to marry warriors of the Human Sovereign Realm. Do you… think you can reach the Human Sovereign Realm?”
“Ha, ha!”
Lu Li smiled a mocking smile. Madam Yan’s words were kind, but she was indicating clearly that Lu Li’s ident.i.ty and status was beneath Bai Qixue and Bai Xiashuang’s.

The twin sisters both had Seventh-rank Bloodline. Lu Li was not one, judging by his appearance. This was the difference between a swan and a toad…
Lu Li had an idea. He suddenly stared at Madam Yan’s enchanting body and said, “So, what if, I want… you. Is that okay?”
A glint of coldness flashed through Madam Yan’s eyes. She became angry out of instinct. Was Lu Li getting a little bit too comfortable flirting with her? This young boy had forgotten himself and really thought he was important?
But Madam Yan really knew how to behave. In the time for merely a single breath, the coldness in her eyes had disappeared. Instead, she put on an inviting smile. Her eyes were sparkling with seduction and her voice became very gentle and lovely, “Lu Li, it’s not I’m not giving you the chance. If and when you can win me in a fight, I will keep the door to my boudoir open for you always. How about that?”
Lu Li answered with a smile on his face, “Which Realm are you at, Madam? Any what kind of Bloodline?”
“The initial stage of the Eternal Realm and Sixth-rank Bloodline!” Answered Madam Yan with some pride.
Lu Li nodded heavily and said, “Madam, just you wait. I will go to your boudoir in three or five years for sure.”
“Ha, ha. You are ambitious.”
Madam Yan walked out, swinging her slim waist. At the door step, she looked back at Lu Li and flashed a smile at him, “Lu Li, if you want to get to my bed, you cannot do that without the resources of a Big Family. Think about it. I am waiting for you.”
“Siren, siren…”
Madam Yan left. But Lu Li’s mind was disturbed because of her flirtation. This woman really was a piece of work, worthy of the name of Black Widow. She basically was the bane of a man. How ravis.h.i.+ng it would be to bed her?
Lu Li sat there, deep in his thoughts. Still, he couldn’t find a better way, except for stalling. He would not refuse nor join the Bai Family. He would think of something when Bai Family decided to suppress him because they were upset.
He had saved Bai Qiuxue’s life. So, the Bai Family wouldn’t deal with him so soon.
Lu Li stopped tending to his wounds now that his mind was occupied. He left the matter of the Dragon Roar Bloodline Skill aside as well. He clearly knew that he still wouldn’t figure it out even if he wracked his brains. Lu Li had an optimistic character. As long as his body was fine, he could leave it aside. He could think about it later when his wounds were cured and he was back at the Blood Evil Island.
After Lu Li sat for a moment, he suddenly remembered something. He hadn’t checked the few treasures he got from the Mountain of Dragon King.
Little White got to the peak before he did and acquired a parchment. Then it took the Interspatial Ring off from the handle of the Divine Weapon of Dragon King. In the end, he s.n.a.t.c.hed Yu Lingxu’s Interspatial Ring.
After making sure that n.o.body, Lu Li took an ancient-looking parchment from the Interspatial Ring. He frowned after he browsed through it as the words on the parchment was also written in seal script that he could not understand.
“I’ll have Hunchback Tian to read it for me.”
Putting the parchment away, Lu Li then took out Yu Lingxu’s Interspatial Ring and poured Xuan Energy into it. Yu Lingxu was dead so the original connection to him was gone. Lu Li turned the ring into his own easily.
“Nice, quite good!”
Lu Li focused his mind in the Interspatial Ring. He was smiling ear to ear. Yu Lingxu was the Young Patriarch of the Yu Family and he really got some nice stuff in the ring.
There were at least more than one million Xuan Crystals. The number of Xuan Artifacts, armors and an a.s.sortment of pellets were substantial as well. There was even a book of Xuan Skill which must be good. Lu Li did some rough calculation and arrived at the conclusion that the stuff in there worthy at least nearly 10 million Xuan Crystals.
Lu Li put away Yu Lingxu’s Interspatial Ring after some checking. Then he took out the Interspatial Ring on the Divine Weapon of Dragon King. While pouring Xuan Energy into it, he prayed silently, “Please don’t be empty. Please don’t.”
An empty Interspatial Ring would be worth of 10 million Xuan Crystals, granted, not a small amount. But Lu Li still hoped that there were some treasures inside. Anything that belonged to the Dragon King would be priceless.
Finally the Interspatial Ring lit up. The situation inside the Interspatial Ring appeared on Lu Li’s mind. At that moment, Lu Li trembled all of a sudden. The ring fell to his bed. He said with his lips shaking and trill, “I am rich. I am wealthy now…”


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