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Falling in battle!

The words were like a bolt from the blue exploding in Madam Yan and Bai Qiuxue’s mind. They could not think of anything else apart from the words of “falling in battle”.

That meant the others had all died apart from Bai Leng and the five Eternal Realm warriors. The others had all died…Bai Xi and the Old Man of Heaven Prison died!

The Old Man of Heaven Prison died?

It felt like a joke. The third most powerful warrior on the Northern Desert Warlord List. How could he die? He once fought against three Royal Family Patriarchs on his own and badly wounded two of them. He was a G.o.d of War that never fell. How could a G.o.d of the Thousand-island Lake die?

In the minds of all of the Thousand-island Lake, the Old Man of Heaven Prison could only die of old age. n.o.body could kill him. Even Lu Renhuang who was at the Human Sovereign Realm could not kill him then who else could?

Madam Yan and Bai Qiuxue also knew very well that the person with the strongest ability to keep alive as not the most powerful person on the Northern Desert Warlord List, but the Old Man of Heaven Prison.

If so, who could kill him?

The three Royal Family Patriarchs and Yu Huashen? Madam Yan did not believe it, either did Bai Qiuxue. They thought of a person soon.

The No.1 and No.2 on the Northern Desert Warlord List. If anybody could kill the Old Man of Heaven Prison, it would be those two.

“It cannot be the No.1 person!”

Madam Yan excluded the first person from her speculations at once. This person was the Seneschal of the Northern Desert temples. It was known to all that the temples never involved in any conflict.

Since the beginning of human history, the temples had been in this world. Never once did anyone hear about temples partic.i.p.ating in any disputes among forces.

“The second person on that list?”

Madam Yan quickly thought of the second man. Her eyes grew colder. The second in rank was the Chief Steward of the Heaven Punis.h.i.+ng Auction House, Du Zizheng.

The others didn’t know about the Heaven Punis.h.i.+ng Auction House’s connections but Madam Yan was very clear that the background of the Auction House was strong.

In this world, including in cities in the Central Plains, there were branches of the Heaven Punis.h.i.+ng Auction House. The fact that the Auction House could enter the Heaven Prison City was because the Auction House had a powerful Family at its back.

The Du Family!

The Sixth-rank Du Family was at the north of Central Plains, one of the four giants!

To become a Fourth-rank Family there must be three warriors of the Fate Wheel Realm, a Fifth-rank three of the Eternal Realm and a Sixth-rank one three at the n.o.ble Lord Realm.

This was the basic condition. Usually, powerful Fifth-rank Families had warriors of the n.o.ble Lord Realm. Like the three Royal Families, the Yu Family and the Bai Family all had warriors of the n.o.ble Lord Realm, just not three.

The Du Family was a Sixth-rank Family but the Family Patriarch was at the Human Sovereign Realm.

Therefore, of the entire Northern Desert, no force dared to mess with the Du Family. The Heaven Punis.h.i.+ng Auction House of the Du Family managed to enter all the major cities of the Northern Desert.

Since the Du Family had so many auction houses operating in the Northern Desert, they would want a powerful warrior to a.s.sume command and take control of all the Family a.s.sets. The Chief Steward that was here from the Du Family was Du Zizheng, at the n.o.ble Lord Realm. He was acknowledged as the second most powerful warrior of the Northern Desert, better than the Old Man of Heaven Prison.

“Du Family, that’s very good, the Du Family!”

Madam Yan shouted with her teeth clenched in hatred. The temples would not do it. The three Royal Family Patriarchs and Yu Huashen could not kill the Old Man of Heaven Prison. The only explanation was the Du Zizheng, the Chief Steward of the Du Family sent to the Northern Desert, got involved.

“It’s over now, over…”

Bai Qiuxue didn’t think of revenging. She fell to her chair, feeling weak and feeble and kept repeating those words.

From the depth of her soul, she was trembling and she felt fear, not fear for the death of herself, but fear for the killing of all the people of the Bai Family and for the Northern Desert to sink into a bloodbath.

The Thousand-island Lake was a shame to the three Royal Families. The longer the Thousand-island Lake existed, the more ashamed the three Royal Families were.

The Old Man of Heaven Prison was gone, so did Bai Xi. There was n.o.body at the Thousand-island Lake that could fight against the three Royal Families any more. In no time, armies of the three Royal Families would rush into the Thousand-island Lake and tained the clear water here red with blood.

Running away?

The Thousand-island Lake was located in the middle of the three Royal Kingdoms so it was impossible to run. All the disciples of the Bai Family would die. They would all be torn into pieces by the three Royal Families. The three Royal Families and the Yu Family would not let any single person of the Bai Family escape. They would cut the weeds and dig up the roots.

“Report –”

From the distance came another shout. A team leader ran over like a streak of wind, dropped to one knee and said, “Madam Yan, Lord Leng asked you to make arrangements and start now. In less than 10 days, the armies of the three Royal Families will be here.”

“I know. Leave.”

Madam Yan waved her hand. She had lost her soul. Suddenly, she rubbed her face, and she rubbed her face so forcefully that her hair was messed up. Taking a deep breath, she shouted, “Bai Ding, send out my words. I will take control of the Bai Family now. We will activate the Hidden Dragon Plan.”

Every Big Family would leave a way to fall back. At least, they would save some talents and prevent from being exterminated completely. Talents and elites would be transferred, so would some wealth and Mystical Materials for future revival. This Hidden Dragon Plan was actually an evacuating plan.

“Someone, send a message to Bai Xiashuang and bring her back right away!”

“Seal off the Bai Emperor Mountain!”

“Seal off the Heaven Prison Island. There is coming in but no way out. Block the pa.s.sage of all information.”


Madam Yan forced herself to put herself together and she started pa.s.sing all kinds of information on calmly. She knew that she could not stay in panic and she was not allowed to grieve. Every order from her could save many lives of the Bai Family.

“The Hidden Dragon Plan?”

Bai Qiuxue knew clearly about the plan since she had been at the side of the Old Man of Heaven Prison all along. She shed tears in silence and put on a bitter smile.

The Hidden Dragon Plan was for the disciples of the Bai Family to go into a small world in the Thousand-island Lake and seal off that small world completely.

As long as the pa.s.sage to that small world was destroyed using some special methods, n.o.body from the outside could get in.

At the same time, the Bai Family people could not get out any more unless a really powerful warrior appeared and transform that small world.

However, there were so little Mystical Materials in the small world. Could any powerful warrior emerge?

The glow in Bai Qiuxue’s eyes dimmed down. She would rather die a heroic death in battle than living on without any serious ambition.


In the G.o.d-down City, a person rushed to the backyard of Lu Mansion like a ghost. With the Ghost Mask and his weird actions, he looked just like an actual ghost.


He busted a door open and alarmed Lu Li who was cultivating in the room.

Lu Li looked at Ming Yu, felt something was wrong and asked, “Ming Yu, what happened?”

Ming Yu said quickly in a tone that was unprecedented serious, “Something is very wrong. Young Master, we must leave the Thousand-island Lake as soon as possible.”

Lu Li raised his eyebrows and asked, “Give more details. Also, as soon as possible…how soon exactly?”

“The Old Man of Heaven Prison died and do did Bai Xi. In 10 days at most, the army from the three Kingdoms will start their attack at the Thousand-island Lake.”

Ming Yu didn’t elaborate on the details and offered only a simple explanation. He thought about it and said, “I will go to deal with something now and you make some arrangements. In three days, we will leave the Thousand-island Lake for the Central Plains.”

“All died?”

Lu Li was shocked. After a while in thinking, he asked, “Three days? How many people can you bring with you? Can you take the Liu Family?”


Ming Yu said with certainty, “I am only bring two or three people at most or we cannot leave either. Young Master, make your arrangements. I have to deal with my thing.”

With that said, Ming Yu rushed out like a ghost. Lu Li frowned. For him, to leave early or late was the same. He could walk away, but what about the Liu Family?

“Ten days? That is too short!”

Lu Li sighed. He didn’t have enough time. If he could have half a month, it would be so good. By that time, Ye Cha would have come out from closed-door cultivation. In that way, Lu Li could save the G.o.d-down Island even if the three Royal Families’ armies were here.

But if he were to stay with only Ming Yu as his help, he would be torn into pieces by the armies of the three Kingdoms.


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