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Jump jump jump!

The two characters were both jumping nonstop on the manor wall. Windward Formation didn’t use any skills to disrupt him, nor did Desert Dust use any techniques to hara.s.s him.

But just this kind of jumping and climbing was already enough to render the watching players dumbstruck.

The map came from an in-game environment, and the online Arena also had this map. With the vast number of Glory players, there were players who had visited this manor in-universe, and of course there were also those who liked to play on this map in the Arena.

But, to so easily leap and scale the side of this manor, this was evidently outside of the experience of ordinary players.

After this match, those Glory players who liked this map would probably once again begin to pay attention to this kind of technique of scaling the manor wall. It was in this manner that professional matches were at the forefront of Glory trends.

And of the two people on the field right now, Wei Chen was more familiar with the map, while Han Wenqing, having played so many battles, was extremely adaptive. Neither player’s controls revealed any flaws.

But Han Wenqing’s Desert Dust was still slightly faster. This wasn’t because of any difference in skill, it was a result of the differences between their characters. Strikers were simply more nimble than Warlocks, and had superior movement and jumping ability.

But, he probably couldn’t catch up, right?

Looking at the distance between the two characters, if they set the roof as the target, it didn’t seem like Desert Dust had enough time to catch up to Windward Formation. Then, once Windward Formation reached the roof, he definitely wouldn’t hold back in unleashing a harsh attack down upon Desert Dust, right?

Wei Chen didn’t disappoint. Tossing stones at someone who had fallen into a well, that sort of thing was something he loved to do.

“Little Han, catch!”

As soon as he successfully reached the roof, the panic he’d shown earlier completely disappeared. Trash talk was joyfully resurrected in the match chat.

Nothing had even happened to Han Wenqing yet, but Tyranny’s diehard fans were already getting nervous.

This Wei Chen clearly was limited in his ability, but as soon as he achieved a slight advantage, he simply made people extremely uncomfortable. That sort of completely unconcealed dirty and shameless play, it really made people both annoyed and fearful.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh…

Standing on the high ground, Windward Formation waved his Death’s Hand, letting loose Curse Arrows, and he sent them scattering in various directions, making them fall like Chaotic Rain. They pattered down, taking advantage of the fact that there were limited footholds on the wall, and very little s.p.a.ce to dodge.

But Desert Dust’s arms trembled – Reinforced Iron Bones!

Super Armor was activated, and then Han Wenqing directly ignored the damage he took from Curse Arrows, and continued to use his fastest speed to travel the shortest path.

Wei Chen smiled slightly, and Windward Formation continued to sway his scepter.

Hexagram Prison!

Suddenly, six beams of light appeared in the air, falling straight down!

And the prediction involved in casting this skill wasn’t cheap at all. Wei Chen correctly calculated the path Han Wenqing would take, and predicted where Desert Dust would step. But the skill didn’t target the footholds, it targeted the midair path Desert Dust took as he jumped.

This was naturally harder than locking in on the footholds, but it was harder for the opponent to dodge, as well.

Wei Chen’s reaction speed and hand speed weren’t fast enough, but he was very confident in his accuracy when he stood up here and could calmly cast skills.

The pillars of light came down, and it looked like the midair Desert Dust had no way of dodging. But just when it looked like he was about to hit, Desert Dust’s body suddenly plunged.

Thousand Ton Drop!

Han Wenqing controlled his character to use this skill. Desert Dust plummeted, even faster than the pillars of light were coming down. Just like that, he instantly put some distance between himself and the attack, and his foot landed on another foothold.


Thousand Ton Drop was an attacking skill. When his foot hit this foothold, it was instantly crushed by this stomp, and rubble skittered down. But it was enough for Desert Dust to get some force, and he leapt to the side.

The six pillars of light brushed right past him. Desert Dust successfully dodged this attack, and continued upward without hesitation.

“Tsk tsk tsk, starting to wreck this place again? Careful not to wreck yourself!” Wei Chen reproached him in the chat. For Han Wenqing, who still hadn’t successfully made it to the top, breaking a foothold really wasn’t good news for him at all.

Death’s Hand waved once again.

Soul Strike!

Black light flashed outward.

Warlock skills carried many annoying side effects, and this skill was no exception. Soul Strike, as the name implied, directly attacked the target’s soul, causing the target to enter a Trance state. In game, this meant that the target’s controls had no effect.

Even though the effects of this skill lasted only for a very short amount of time, this was undoubtedly a powerful interrupt skill, and it could interrupt not only casts, but any sort of movement.

Take the current situation for example. Leaping up the wall required extremely precise controls. Jumping a distance of three body-lengths versus four body-lengths certainly required different amounts of jumping force. And this was all dependent upon the player to control and react.

At this moment, if someone was about to initiate a four body-length jump and was currently adjusting the amount of power to put into the jump, and was suddenly hit by a Soul Strike, then the jump power might only reach that of a two body-length jump, and the rest of the power would be lost. With that… trying to jump a four body-length gap with only a two body-length jump, wouldn’t he just fall?

And Wei Chen had seized upon this moment exactly. The black light flashed in front of Desert Dust, who was just landing. But his body swung…

The black light just barely flashed past Desert Dust. This Soul Strike, Han Wenqing had actually managed to dodge it.

“Ohhh!” The Tyranny fans, letting out a breath in relief, were very happy. This time, Wei Chen didn’t feel like spitting any words in the chat; his mood grew very serious.

If this Soul Strike hadn’t successfully interrupted Desert Dust’s jump power, then that could just be attributed to luck. But, it had missed altogether. How?

Wei Chen was very confident in the accuracy of his judgment and control. This attack he had calculated very well. But, he had still been too slow?

Wei Chen hurriedly began casting another skill.

Binding Curse!

Another flash of light, but, it missed again!

In such an advantageous condition, he had actually missed two times in a row?

The Happy fans lamented his bad luck, but Wei Chen knew that that definitely wasn’t the case.

After one miss, the second time, his prediction and controls had been even more careful. This second miss shouldn’t be because of any problem on his end.

“Han Wenqing adjusted the rhythm.” Watching the match, Ye Xiu had already seen what the problem was.

“The adjustment is very subtle…” Fang Rui said.

It seemed like a very normal adjustment, but coming from Han Wenqing, suddenly it seemed rather abnormal. Han Wenqing, who had always been a very open and direct player, would actually use this kind of fine-tuning on his rhythm, so slight that it was extremely difficult to detect.

“Has this guy really become so interesting now?” Ye Xiu mused.

Windward Formation continued to cast.

Another curse, another miss.

“Hahahaha!” The Tyranny fans in the stadium had begun to jeer and shout. This dirty-playing guy, he tried to play dirty but his attacks missed, it was extremely rewarding to watch.

“Old Wei still hasn’t noticed?” Fang Rui furrowed his brow.

Even though Wei Chen might not compare to them in terms of pro experience, he had never left Glory after so many years, so his eyes were sharp. Han Wenqing’s adjustment might be slight, but not so slight that Wei Chen wouldn’t be able to detect it, right?

Just as he said this, the fourth spell missed as well.

“This is bad!” Fang Rui shouted, slapping his leg.

A curse missing wasn’t a big deal, but the key was that this fourth curse, compared to the others, was clearly a bit more rushed. Instead of patiently waiting for the best opportunity, Wei Chen had cast it immediately after the third one missed, and hurriedly released it as soon as it was ready.

The panic of climbing the wall was resurfacing. Missing all of these skills in a row made Wei Chen very anxious. After the fourth curse missed, he again hurriedly began casting a fifth.

But by this time, Desert Dust was already almost at the roof. This skill was probably Wei Chen’s last chance at a merciless attack. If he missed again, Wei Chen would lose his positional advantage.

And this time Wei Chen seemed even more panicked, because he used an even faster skill.

Soul Slice!

A blade of black light flashed outward toward Desert Dust.

But just by looking at the moment he released the skill, the experienced players were already sighing.

“He released it early…”

Huang Shaotian had already texted such a lament to Yu WEnzhou, and he was already in the process of writing a new one, too: “Boss Wei’s a bit too nervous…”

But just as he was burying his head in the text, an unexpected situation suddenly emerged onstage.

The Soul Slice didn’t hit. Desert Dust stepped on the final foothold, but just when he was about to reach the roof, but his character suddenly started falling.


Everyone was shocked. The broadcast director reacted swiftly, splitting the screen to show a replay.

That moment that Desert Dust landed on that last foothold, it shattered from the impact, and he fell with it…

“Little Han, catch!”

High-spirited trash talk once again floated into the chat.

Everyone was dumbfounded, including Wei Chen’s teammates.

“f.u.c.k!” Fang Rui was slapping his leg again. As expected of the master of dirty playing, as soon as he saw this result, he instantly understood what Wei Chen had done.

He’d been pretending. It was all an act!

This guy had also probably detected the slight adjustments Han Wenqing had made to his rhythm, but these adjustments were changing often, so even if he could tell the rhythm was changing, it would be very difficult for him to grasp it.

And so, Wei Chen pretended that he couldn’t grasp it at all, he missed skill after skill, and he even adjusted his own rhythm to give off the impression that he was panicked and rushed.

Even Fang Rui, this master of dirty play, had been fooled. Did it even have to be said, how superb this acting was?

And so, the final killing blow simply came from landing on the final foothold.

How come it didn’t hold? Wei Chen had messed with it, of course!

Even as Desert Dust fell, Han Wenqing was still resolute. He pulled his view downward, and could already see another foothold below him, but…


Black light flashed past.

The Soul Slice cut that foothold.

The missed Soul Slice had never been targeting Desert Dust. Wei Chen put on a good show.

And at this moment, Death’s Hand flashed with magic energy, gathering into a raincloud – Chaotic Rain.

The skill’s cooldown had finally ended, and it was once again cast by Windward Formation. And this time, Desert Dust had absolutely no way of dodging.

The Chaotic Rain poured down, bringing the Confusion, and Desert Dust continued to plummet.

There might have been more footholds further down, but under the Confusion status, how could he possibly find them…

And at the very bottom, on the ground, unnatural wind blew. 

The powerful skill, Winding Wraiths, was already ready to welcome Desert Dust…

Huang Shaotian, who had still been in the middle of expressing his emotions to Yu Wenzhou in a text, stared with his mouth hanging open. He put his phone down.

The battle was decided. A target controlled by a Warlock to this extent had no possibility of escape.

In the deciding battle of the group arena, Wei Chen won.

In the group arena, Happy won!


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