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The exchange between Ye Xiu and Jiang Botao before the match began hadn’t been broadcasted or recorded, so only those who’d been onstage at the time knew that Jiang Botao’s message was a callback to what they’d said earlier. The audience didn’t know anything about it, so they just treated it as a polite challenge.

But Lord Grim only had 4% health left. For a Spellblade, most Wave Formation attacks would be enough to knock out that much health. From the very beginning, this faceoff would be a very lopsided one.

But Happy’s supporters didn’t lose faith. Those who thought that a match was already over at low health, why not go talk to last match’s Lin Jingyan!

It wasn’t just Happy’s supporters, either. Even Pan Lin and Li Yibo clearly had a lot of faith in Ye Xiu right now.

“Lord Grim still has 4% health,” said Pan Lin.

“Yes. With Jiang Botao’s Spellblade, one Wave Formation could probably take him out,” said Li Yibo.

No matter what, this was the situation. It wouldn’t be wrong to explain it.

“Let’s see what Ye Xiu will do,” said Pan Lin.

Heal, of course… That was what Li Yibo thought, but he didn’t voice the thought. What if that guy didn’t heal?

“Heal, this guy’s definitely going to heal again.” Among the pro players, countless people were already pointing it out.

“He always does that, the same old thing!”

“Having this kind of character appear in the group arena is so broken, the Alliance should do something about it.”

Someone coughed. It was Tiny Herb’s Xu Bin.

Lord Grim was able to heal by relying on the low-level skills of the Cleric and Paladin The low-level skills of these weren’t limited to just unspecialized, though. The other Priest, the Knight and Exorcist, could learn them too. And reality showed that the players of these two wouldn’t pa.s.s on this kind of opportunity. In particular, the Cleric’s Small Cure and the Paladin’s Recover were practically a necessity for their Healing during a solo battle wasn’t patented by the unspecialized Lord Grim, it was something that these two often did as well. Defeating an opponent during the group arena and then hiding at the start of the next battle to heal was commonly done when it came to them.

But their presence was far weaker than that of Ye Xiu and Lord Grim. Xu Bin’s cough didn’t catch much attention, and the other players were all rising in rebellion to denounce this kind of practice. They completely overlooked the fact that they were attacking more than just Ye Xiu.

Xu Bin felt incredibly awkward. If he jumped up now to say something, wouldn’t that just be the same as eating these attacks? Helpless, he could only maintain his silence, pretending that he had nothing to do with this. As he looked around, he couldn’t help but see someone else wearing a similarly awkward expression, looking like he wanted to distance himself.

The two of them met eyes, reaching a tacit mutual understanding.

Xu Bin, Knight player.

Tian Sen, Exorcist player.

Both were Priest, group arena healers that everyone was now attacking for being dirty, shameless, sneaky, foul, cheating, undignified, unoriginal…

“He’s definitely going to heal, is that even a question? Look at how he’s scurrying around so sneakily, he’s looking for somewhere to hide, right? How much is he planning to heal? All the way?” Finally, the topic had one single target again. Just in time, Huang Shaotian turned the conversation subject back to the ongoing match.

Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim was currently moving, not toward the center road, and not circling around. Just like Huang Shaotian had said, he looked like he was searching for a place to hide and heal up for all eternity.

“Look, he’s about to heal right now!”

“He’s healing!”

“He’s really healing!”

“Small Heal!”

“f.u.c.k, just like we thought, he’s just that disgraceful! Of course he heals!” Huang Shaotian rattled on, far noisier than the broadcast commentator Pan Lin. How could Pan Lin dare use this kind of mocking speech to criticize Ye Xiu!

“Shame on him!”


“So unfair!”

“We have to change the compet.i.tion rules.”

As the discussion progressed, Xu Bin and Tian Sen, as well as the other Knight and Exorcist players, all lowered their heads. Even though they knew that everyone was talking about Ye Xiu and had just forgotten about them for the moment, they simply had no way to face this calmly.

“He’s still showing off in the chat, he thinks he’s so honorable!” Huang Shaotian continued to shout.

At the moment, Ye Xiu had just sent a message in the chat: “Are you at the center yet? Hold on, I’m healing first.”

Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves had just arrived at the center of the map without seeing Lord Grim. He’d already been thinking that Ye Xiu might heal, and with this message, the other player made it very clear. He was very straightforward, very confident. He just told him directly.

But Jiang Botao wasn’t just going to wait there! If he waited for Ye Xiu to voluntarily show up, then he’d probably be waiting until Lord Grim was completely reborn.

Jiang Botao controlled Empty Waves to move forward, toward Lord Grim’s sp.a.w.n point. Along the way, he changed his path constantly, adjusting his view. Because he’d watched the previous match from off-stage, he knew that Ye Xiu had ways of covering himself. Fortunately, Samsara had chosen this map and so they were more familiar with it. After seeing Ye Xiu’s tactic earlier, as long as they paid attention, it wouldn’t have much effect against them anymore.

Jiang Botao was now on guard against this tactic as he controlled Empty Waves to move forward, but he didn’t discover anything. Soon, the dripstone along his path had all been carefully sifted through, and the only remaining possible places for Lord Grim to hide were in front of him. There were three stalagmites, standing in a triangle, relatively close together. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim was probably right behind one of them.

Jiang Botao didn’t let Empty Waves approach to investigate. When the distance was close enough, he quietly lifted his sword and began to cast.

The short sword Divine Chain rippled,

Over here!

Jiang Botao didn’t wait for Lord Grim to appear. Empty Waves lifted his sword and swung it, releasing a Waltzing Wave Formation that circled around toward that stalagmite.

The stadium was silent.

By this point, Samsara’s fans had basically recovered from the emotions of Zhou Zekai’s defeat, but seeing their vice-captain bravely fighting onstage right now, they couldn’t reward him with applause.

Because, with the omniscient view, they could see that behind that stalagmite wasn’t Lord Grim, but a Goblin that he had summoned.

“Little Lu did you see that? If you’re too simple and naïve, you’re no match for Ye Xiu…” Seeing this scene, Huang Shaotian sighed and gave this lesson to his junior sitting next to him.

“Simple and naive? You’re talking about Jiang Botao?” When Misty Rain’s Li Hua heard this, he couldn’t help but interject, surprised.

“Of course not, I’m just using an example. That guy definitely isn’t,” said Huang Shaotian.

Jiang Botao, Season 6 debut. After joining Samsara, he began making a name for himself. Under Zhou Zekai’s light, the Samsara players all seemed less eye-catching. But as opponents that had interacted with him onstage, everyone was clear that Samsara’s Jiang Botao was not an easy character to deal with. At the very least, simple and naïve definitely was not a phrase that could describe him.


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