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Chapter 649: The Day Before the Finals

Translator: Nomyummi Editor: GravityTalesWhile the guilds smashed their heads against the walls thinking about how to deal with these two difficult opponents, the Level 55 wild boss Sewer King Lookashoo was killed.

The battle concluded without any suspense. In the end, Heavenly Justice s.n.a.t.c.hed the boss away. The top guilds didn’t care too much about a Level 55 boss, but their indignance wasn’t because of this boss, but because it was a new era of dark times.

When Ye Xiu’s party had rushed over to the boss fight, Loulan Slash had added them to his guild. In the group channel, everyone could clearly see what items Loulan Slash had obtained.

“G.o.d, which ones do you want? You pick first!” Loulan Slash privately messaged Ye Xiu.

“Sure!” Ye Xiu wasn’t polite. He didn’t take too few or too many. He picked out enough materials that were equivalent in value to the few he didn’t take.

This was a tacit agreement between the two sides. Loulan Slash was generous and Ye Xiu was aware that if they wanted their good relations to continue in the long term, there would need to be many subtle agreements.

“Today went very smoothly. If I get any more information, I’ll notify you immediately.” Loulan Slash was in a good mood.

“No problem. As long as I’m online.” Ye Xiu replied.

This was one issue that couldn’t be resolved. Because they only had a limited number of hands, Ye Xiu couldn’t stay in game for 24 hours like the top guilds. Ye Xiu’s group needed to rest. There was nothing they could do about letting many of the bosses go. Why else would Ye Xiu hope to encounter higher levelled bosses?

“There are still a lot of bosses left! Keep up the hard work!” Loulan Slash said.

“Oh? How many are left?” Ye Xiu lacked information about wild bosses. When a wild boss was killed, the system would publicly announce it, but keeping track of the remaining wild bosses required someone to do so. Furthermore, it was possible that he might not be on or simply failed to notice the system announcement.

“I’ll send you the list.” Sure enough, Loulan Slash was very active with this kind of work. He had an organized list of which bosses had been killed for the week.

A list of data was sent over.

The Heavenly Domain continued to expand. There were currently 69 maps between Level 55 to Level 70. Apart from the wild boss in each map, there were also wild bosses that appeared under special circ.u.mstances. Adding it all up, the total number of wild bosses amounted to 74. Among these, 20 of them were Level 70 bosses. These Level 70 bosses were, without a doubt, the most important ones. When more than one boss appeared, the top guilds would prioritize these 20 bosses over the rest.

These 20 bosses were the most difficult PvE content available in Glory. Even without outside interference, a Club guild couldn’t guarantee certain victory against one. It wouldn’t be the first time a boss had swept up in a river of blood and completely wiped the field.

Ye Xiu opened up the boss count for this week. Of these twenty bosses, seven of them had already been killed and thirteen of them still remained. Adding that together with the other wild bosses, there were a total of 43 bosses remaining, over half.

“It seems like we’ll be pretty busy.” Wei Chen took a glance at the list and made a comment.

“The more we meet the better.” Ye Xiu said.

“We can’t miss a single opportunity!” Wei Chen added.

They continued to level while waiting for Loulan Slash’s news, but everything continued to be silent. Ye Xiu paid attention to the system announcements on the global chat, but he didn’t notice any announcements of a wild boss being killed, so it wasn’t Heavenly Justice’s fault.

Nighttime soon arrived and not a single boss had sp.a.w.ned. Lord Grim had finally reached Level 70 though, so he no longer needed to worry about being suppressed because of his level anymore.

“How sad! To think not a single boss would sp.a.w.n!” Loulan Slash messaged in sorrow.

“There’s nothing that can be done.” Ye Xiu was also helpless. It was all by chance. You would think that, with so many bosses available, one of them would appear, but no matter how much you wanted one to sp.a.w.n, it just wouldn’t. What could you do?

“I’m going to go watch the match.” Loulan Slash said his goodbyes. The finals were about to start.

“Keep a watch on the bosses!” Ye Xiu hastily reminded.

“Finals!!” Loulan Slash stressed as if Ye Xiu didn’t know.

“Watch the game while watching the match!” Ye Xiu said.

“The problem is that it isn’t just me. At this time, I won’t be able to get anyone under me to keep an eye out for them……” Loulan Slash said.

Ye Xiu thought about it and had to agree. It was almost 8. Usually, it would be peak hours for the game at this time, but looking at the Heavenly Domain right now, it was as if it were the middle of the night. For an important match that only took place once a year, if you said you weren’t going to watch it, you would certainly be looked down upon. How could you even be considered a Glory fan after saying that?

It wasn’t just casually taking a look either. It was a put-everything-aside and watch. For Wei Chen, there wasn’t anyone left for him to lead. All of them had gone to watch the finals! As guild members of a partic.i.p.ating team, if they didn’t watch the match, they would be suspicious of pretending to be a fan of Samsara.

However, Club guilds were still Club guilds. The core elites were semi-professional gamers. Watching wild bosses every day was part of their regular work. Most of the guild members could take breaks to watch the finals, but did that mean employees could? As a result, there were still people from the big guilds wandering about.

This wasn’t something Loulan Slash could do. Even though their team was planning on officially joining next season, their guild was still a player guild. There was nothing he could do if no one wanted to work at this time.

“This is the sort of time when an opportunity might appear! Everyone is watching the finals, so if we focus on looking for bosses instead, we might reap enormous profit. Don’t forget that a lot of the bosses haven’t sp.a.w.ned yet. What if several suddenly sp.a.w.n during the match? You’re about to become a pro player and you still care about watching the match live? When you study matches, you have to keep on replaying them until you want to vomit. Missing a match isn’t going to be the end of the world.” Ye Xiu urged Loulan Slash.

“The content of the match is secondary. More important is getting to know who this season’s champion will be!” Loulan Slash said.

“Samsara.” Ye Xiu said.

“Hm?” Loulan Slash immediately realized: “You sold the guide to Samsara?”

“Isn’t that obvious? Didn’t you notice that Samsara’s characters suddenly improved drastically?” Ye Xiu said.

“I heard about it…….” Loulan Slash said.

“And now you know the reason.”

“But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll win the finals for certain, no?” Loulan Slash said.

“If they play badly, then there’s nothing to be said.” Ye Xiu said.

“So you’re saying that as long as they play normally, Samsara will definitely win?” Loulan Slash said.

“I don’t want to say it’s guaranteed, but I favor Samsara.” Ye Xiu said.

“Now I want to see the match even more……” Loulan Slash said.

“Just leave your game open on the side. If some information comes up, just notify me. It’s not like everyone in your guild is gone? Just have them be on the lookout for wild bosses.” Ye Xiu said.

“Alright alright!” Loulan Slash gave in.

“I hope to hear some good news.” Ye Xiu said.

“I hope a boss doesn’t appear……” Loulan Slash only had the match in his heart.

It hadn’t been easy to convince Loulan Slash to not miss this opportunity. Ye Xiu obviously had to keep an eye out in game as well. When they watched matches in Happy, they usually didn’t go downstairs. They used the projector in their practice room. Everything had been set up already, but Chen Guo wasn’t there.

The Internet Cafe naturally became more crowded because it was time for the finals. As the boss, Chen Guo personally went down to watch over everything in case something unexpected came up.

“You’re not going to watch the match?” Wei Chen saw that Ye Xiu was still playing the game. The match would be starting in a few minutes. The two sides were already seated.

Ye Xiu once again explained to Wei Chen how good of an opportunity it was right now. Wei Chen was slightly moved by his words, but he still refuted: “I’m still Blue Rain’s former captain. I feel like I should seriously support my mother team.”

“You just sold a huge advantage to your mother team’s opponents.” Ye Xiu reminded.

“Uh oh!” Wei Chen slapped his forehead. He suddenly seemed to have just realized what he had done.

“That’s why I’m saying. Let’s dungeon instead.” Ye Xiu said. His Lord Grim headed towards a Level 70 dungeons. When he got to Level 70, he needed to carefully pay attention to his equipment. Self-made equipment was his final goal. For now, he could only make do with what the game currently provided for him. Ye Xiu had some ideas of what Orange, Purple, and Blue equipment that he wanted.

“What dungeon?” Wei Chen asked. He looked towards Ye Xiu’s screen and raised his eyebrows. He immediately cursed: “F*ck, how am I supposed to watch while clearing this dungeon?”

Ye Xiu was standing outside a 5-person Level 70 dungeon entrance. Wei Chen knew that with their skill, the two of them could beat the dungeon, but it wouldn’t be that easy for them either. They still had to pay attention and not make any mistakes. Under that sort of situation, how could he give any attention towards watching the match? If he wanted to watch, while playing, he would need to be playing in one of those low-leveled dungeons, where he could close his eyes and still clear it easily.

“It’s not just us two, so it’ll be a bit easier.” Ye Xiu said and called over Tang Rou and Steamed Bun.

Tang Rou wasn’t too conflicted about not watching the match. Steamed Bun was the same. When he heard the call, he immediately rushed over. Tang Rou’s Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion had been Level 70 for some time now, but their equipment still wasn’t any good. They were all equipment from small five-player dungeons. Their equipment was far from the quality of those that came out of hundred-player dungeons.

The three players entered a dungeon. The clock hit eight and the finals officially started. Ye Xiu started by pulling the first wave of monsters in the dungeon.

“We don’t even have a Cleric…… no matter how many people we have, it won’t be enough to watch the match at the same time!” Wei Chen grumbled. He felt like he had been scammed by Ye Xiu. Without a Cleric, he would need to be careful to not get hit. In this kind of situation, he couldn’t get distracted.


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