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“That’s true.” , Third Prince said, “If other pavilions enters the second layer, then we won’t get such an opportunity again. It’s better to try our luck while others are struck in the first layer.”

“But how are they going to return?” , Allen asked, “Once they come out from the second layer, how exactly are they going to escape these big pavilions? After all, they had to take the route of first layer to come out from the underground dungeon right?”

“He has plenty of ways to do it.” , Princess Shayana replied confidently, ” He will come out. Don’t worry.”

As a former Universe Will, Princess Shayana knew just how variety of skills hidden inside the Yin-Yan City. There are plenty of things to learn. It’s not going to be tough. As a current Universe Will, Arjun will have these things. And she believes that using all these resources, Arjun would definitely escape.

“It doesn’t really matter.” , Ben finally said after a long silence, “I trust big brother. He said that he will be back. That means, No matter how many days he takes, he will definitely come back. He asked us not to leave this formation that is protecting us. As long as we stay within this formation’s range, then we will be protected. I am not going to leave this formation. I hope all of you follow my choice. After all, that old man was attacking our pavilion for two days. But he couldn’t do anything. It’s clear. We had seen just how good this formation is. Big brother is true. As long as we stay within this formation, we will be safe.”

“But for how long?” , Bella asked, “Later we have to face them one day. We can’t hide behind this formation forever.”

“It looks like you have forgot.” , Ben said, “Once we wrap up with the Underground Dungeon issue, we will be leaving with big brother to his home. We all knew that he is not from this universe. He is from some other universe. And whichever universe it is, once we leave, what can that old man will do to us?”

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. This was true. Once they leave this universe, all their grudges and grat.i.tudes would be meaningless. They will have new homes. They will have better lives. And all their friends and enemies would become the things of the past. So they calmed themselves down.


Arjun didn’t know about all the happenings in the outside world. After fifteen days in the formation, Arjun made some little progress. He finally started to see a glimpse of that white silhouette. Even though Arjun didn’t make any huge progress, his persistence has given him another huge present.

He made a breakthrough in the Mental Energy! He finally reached the Level 2 in the Mental Energy. To be honest, if one can reach certain level in Mental State and Mental Strength, it will lead to the increase in the Mental Energy.

But even the Mental Energy has a limit. Once someone’s Mental Energy break past that limit, then their Mental Energy will break that equilibrium and reaches a new level. People call it Level 2!

But Level 2 in the Mental Energy could be barely seen among the cultivators who reached the fifth awakening stages. And yet Arjun with the strength of the second awakening stage, made it into the Level 2 of the Mental Energy. If the word falls out in the outside world, then it will cause a huge commotion for sure.

Arjun already had too much Mental Energy. It was all thanks to the mental torture he experienced when he started his training as a Void. That experience was like a nightmare for Arjun. But his Mental Energy reached to the peak of the Level 1. And today, he finally stepped into the realm of Level 2. This is the advantage which Arjun himself doesn’t know that he had.

As soon as he made his breakthrough in the Mental Energy, even his Void Qi increased to a different realm. But Arjun didn’t know any of this. He was completely immersed in the scene before him. His entire concentration was on the white silhouette. Without knowing, he started to get interested in this moment.

And without even his knowledge, when he made the breakthrough in the field of the Mental Energy, Arjun’s concentration level also reached a higher level. He suddenly started to see the swordplay of that white silhouette more clearly.

Arjun clearly looked at the movements of that white silhouette. With just one glance, he felt as if every split second of movements made by that white silhouette was engraved within his heart.

Arjun stood up unconsciously. A sword automatically came into his hands out of nowhere. As soon as the sword came into his hands, while maintaining that very trance he was in, he performed the swordplay he just managed to learn. Every movement was similar to the movements of that white silhouette.

As soon as he performed the swordplay, the white light which was blocking him all the time from seeing the swordplay of that white silhouette, suddenly started to move into Arjun’s conscience.

Arjun was stunned. But he didn’t resist. He knew that this white light is not harming him. In fact, it is helping him. In his conscience, some changes started to appear. The white light completely entered his conscience and turned into an orb. It then settled down beside the Unique Dao of Wisdom.

Arjun smiled in satisfaction. He knew that he mastered the Unique Dao if Comprehension! But he never imagined that the white light which blocked his vision from seeing that white silhouette’s movements was actually the Dao energy. He didn’t know that until that white light settled down as an orb in his conscience precisely beside the Unique Dao of Wisdom.


At that time, a huge sound rang out within Arjun’s conscience. His Void Qi started to circulate all over his body. He felt a comfortable feeling. His body became warm. This feeling was truly amazing. It was something that is tough to describe in words.
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His Void Qi circulated all around his body frenziedly. While at the same time, the quant.i.ty of the Void Qi within his conscience started to grow. The amount of Void Qi within his body was so huge that, Arjun was sure that he can even envelop five mountains with ease.

His power started to grow. And a final boom sound exploded within his conscience. Arjun smiled. He clenched his fists in excitement. He finally made his breakthrough. Arjun finally entered the 10th Level of Immortal Origin Stage!


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