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THE KING OF THE UNIVERSE is a web novel completed by VKSS1602.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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The Bishop didn’t want to take the risk. As an higher official in the Church, the Bishop knew the truth behind the Divine Essence to some extent. This “some extent” level of information was enough for him to know just what kind of organisation they were learning.

They plot a plan. But they will make sure that no matter what, their name won’t come out. This way they make the world believe that they are not involved in that plot in any way.

But through this plot, what exactly were they doing? The answer was self explanatory. Especially to the likes of Arjun, who knew the truth much deeper.


That’s right! What they were doing is deceiving the world. And what would they gain from all this? They will gain the Divine Essence. As an ordinary sovereign who ascended through the Deity Spark, Sovereign of Deception required the Divine Essence to both survive and gain power.

So the Church would deceive the world by plotting others. The more people believe the lie they displayed, the higher their Divine Essence they gather. That’s why, they plot against a person who is at an higher position just like the City Lord!

Why would they target the people who were at the higher political standards? The answer is simple. The higher position one is in, the more number of people knows the existence of that person. So when they plot against someone, more people will be deceived. And the more amount of people were deceived, the more amount of Divine Essence they can gather for their G.o.d!

That way, they will make their G.o.d happy towards them. And they would be blessed with unimaginable presents from their G.o.d.

Of course, things are not so simple. The acts of all the Churches were like a double edged sword. If their plan failed and if somehow their name comes out, then that would lead to the disaster for both them and their G.o.d.

With their name revealed as the mastermind behind the plot, then it will form the Divine Essence! But the problem is, the Divine Essence which was formed would be in the negative form. Which means, it won’t bring any strength to the G.o.d. In fact, it will drain the already acc.u.mulated power from the sovereign. And with the wavering faith of the devotees and believers, their G.o.d would weaken. This will bring the disaster to their Church and of course, for them as well.

And the Bishop is finding the symptoms of the disaster from Garth’s actions. He didn’t waste time. He looked around. The devotees and believers who are here to offer their prayers for the G.o.d, were looking at Garth like they were watching a theatre show. Before anything worse happens, he shouted in polite manner, “Holy Knights! Quickly take this child to the Special Healing Ward! And summon the priest immediately and ask him to provide the medical attention!”

A group of five people with similar uniform rushed towards Garth. After reaching him, they immediately tied him down completely. They even put a cloth in his mouth by force on Bishop’s order.

Bishop tried to cover for his actions which looked weird, “You are disturbing the peace of all the devotees. It pains me to do this. But I am doing this for your own good. Please pardon my rude actions! Knights! Don’t let this poor person suffer any longer. Take him for the emergency medical attention!”

The knights nodded their heads and did exactly as they were ordered. They took Garth by force inside the Church.

Seeing this, the crowd’s respect for the Bishop and the Church reached a new height. The cunning Bishop obviously understood the situation. And in order to further strengthen his relationship with the devotees, he said, “I beg the forgiveness from all the G.o.d’s children for the disturbances. We will make sure that things like this won’t repeat again.”

“You are trying to heal a person who was looking in pain! We don’t blame you Lord Bishop!”

“That’s right! What you have shown is the humanity at it’s best. We are not disturbed in any way. In fact, we were pleased with your actions. Long live, Bishop!”

All kind of praises were showered at the Bishop who was laughing inwardly. He knew that today he nailed it.

The alter ego laughed and said, “Look! Just because they fear that you will spit the truth, they even humiliated you by putting cloth in your mouth in public. I think you will he a laughingstock from tomorrow onwards. The world will laugh at you.”

“Especially look at that cunning Bishop!” , The alter ego added, “He used your confusion as his investment in exchange for praises and respect. I don’t understand. How long would you take to open your eyes and see the truth?”

Garth didn’t say anything. It’s not that he wants to, but since a cloth was put in his mouth, he couldn’t talk for now. He only gave an hatred glare at his alter ego.

Under the shower if irritating words from Garth, he was took to a private room. The Bishop ordered them to take Garth to the emergency ward. But the experienced knights knew the deeper meaning behind the Bishop’s orders. So they took him to the second floor in a secret room where Pope was discussing some issues related to the Church.

Looking at the knights who entered without permission, Pope was a little dissatisfied. But looking at Garth whose limbs were tied, they were stunned. Especially the part where a cloth was put in his mouth and blocked him from any speech.

“What’s the meaning of this?”, Pope asked with a serious tone.
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The knights were in an awkward spot. They didn’t know how to explain what happened outside.

“Why are you silent?” , Pope asked in the same serious tone, “Give me an answer?”

“I am sorry for my rude behaviour, My Lord!” , Bishop entered the room after dealing with the crowd and said, “It was I who ordered them to bring Garth here.”

Pope became serious. Bishop knows why this secret room exists. Even still if he brought Garth here, then the issue might be serious. And looking at the state in which Garth was in, and adding the fact of the incident about his “guilty” behaviour yesterday, the experienced and cunning Pope knew where exactly the issue was to some extent.

“What happened exactly?” ,Pope knew that his Bishop was not an idiot. So he asked directly.

“It’s truly hard to explain.” , Bishop sighed and said, “You see it for yourself.”

Bishop walked towards Garth who was looking at a certain direction angrily. Pope and others looked at the direction where Garth was looking angrily at. But Pope and others didn’t find anyone. They didn’t understand anything. They felt as if Garth was looking at a ghost.

When they didn’t understand what was happening, Bishop walked towards Garth and pulled out the cloth from his mouth.

“I WILL KILL YOU, YOU f.u.c.kING b.a.s.t.a.r.d!!!” , Immediately everyone heard Garth’s shouting. They were stunned.


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