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“Ha ha ha ha ha!” , Arjun and Jimmy laughed within their hearts which only Sitaram and others could here and said, “This Pope has fell for it. After whatever the Garth has gone through, he would only tell the truth. His heart might be weak. But he is a clever man.”

“Why are you so confident?” ,Sitaram asked through the mental connection.

“We are sure grandpa Sitaram!” ,Rick replied through mental connection, “Whatever you had seen in the recording crystal is not a complete content. We deleted some part of the content. And this content is truly horrifying to behold. There are only four people who had seen or experienced the deleted content. They are myself, Boss ,Boss Jimmy and the man who experienced all that nightmare, Garth! After experiencing all that, there exist no person who would have the desire to live. Needless to say, a weak hearted person like Garth. We are sure that he will definitely speak the truth.”

Sitaram didn’t speak any further. He has confidence in Arjun. So all he had to do is keep quiet and watch the drama.

Garth sighed. He looked at the Recording Crystal. Especially when his Nightmare took over his alter ego. That experience is still engraved deep in his heart. No one can including Arjun and Rick understand just what kind of torture he experienced. Just like Arjun said to Sitaram, after experiencing all that, Garth would find peace only in death. Even if he got away from death, he wound commit suicide. He don’t want to live anymore. All he wants to do is to die peacefully. Because, that experience especially with his nightmare is still hunting him down.

“Tell them Garth!” , At that time Garth heard the voice of the Pope of the Church of Deception, “Tell them the truth. Why don’t you suffering from sickness? Didn’t we help you? A very high-level formation has been installed which would never allow anyone to cross it. And yet there were some people who broke the formation and entered the secret room without our knowledge? How is this even possible?”

“Formation breaking is an easy task for the formation master!” ,City Lord said, “As an experienced person you should know this, right?”

“That’s right. We know it.” ,The Pope of the Church of deception said, “But City Lord! How could a formation master suppress his presence for that long and shoot this recording crystal from our senses? Those two people might be strong but I don’t think there is a formation master among them. It is a basic knowledge that a combat master could only access the city of Darkness. While at the same time a person who chooses the city of Light could be a supporting occupational. And it is a basic knowledge that the one who choose the city of light would never be able to fight. While at the same time a person who chose the city of darkness would never be able to create accessories. The senses of a come back my studies so far greater than the senses of the person who chose the supporting occupation. So how did a Lifestyle master could suppress his senses from us for that long? How did those two people achieve it?”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!” , Jimmy suddenly laughed loudly. Everyone then looked at Jimmy surprised. He was a prisoner. If things goes wrong then he is the person who is going to die along with his family members. And even in this kind of dire situations he has the audacity to laugh? Is he out of his mind?

When the crowd were thinking that way, The pope of the Church of Deception felt as if he was insulted. He said, “What’s so funny about it?”

“I am sorry!” , Jimmy apologised. But people could see that there is the traits of laughter on his face. He then said, “I would like to ask the Pope of the Church of deception a question.”

“What is it?” , The pope of the Church of deception maintained silence for around 2 to 3 seconds and said. Payment in 2 to 3 seconds of silence. Because of how confident Jimmy looked while raising the question, he was wondering whether he said something out of impulse that gave a chance for the opponent.

Jimmy asked, “I if you think that the second part of the second recording crystal is also forged, then how do you know that there were actually two people behind all this?”

The entire crowd was stunned. The Pope of the Church of deception was also stunned. The entire crowd knew that this is a valid and important question. To be honest, the recording crystal wasn’t played completely. It’s stopped when Garth’s suffering came to an end. Because of how terrified Garth’s shouting was, in order to maintain the crowd in good condition, the city Lord didn’t play the entire recording Crystal. So there wasn’t any mention during the recording crystal which said that there were two people behind all this. So how exactly the Pope of the Church of Deception knew that there were exactly two people behind the shoot of the recording Crystal?

The city lad understood Jimmy’s intentions behind this question! He didn’t say anything. He silently continued to play the last part of the second recording Crystal.

“What exactly happened, child?” , Pope asked, “Can you tell us now?”

“I don’t know My Lord!” , Garth said, “After your orders, I went straight to the warehouse and slept. And you already knew what happened next.”
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“This is strange.” , Pope looked up and said, “You have killed many people in the past. But nothing like this has happened before. But why now all of the sudden? I don’t know. But I feel like you were delibrately put in this situation.”

Garth was stunned. He suddenly remembered something and said, “My Lord! You are right! How did I forget this?”

“What happened?” , Pope asked hastily.

Garth then told about Arjun’s medical pill which he buyed just outside the warehouse. Pope and others were stunned. They suddenly understood just what kind of danger they were in right now. And what was worse is that they learned about it now.

“That means, Someone already knew the truth?” , Pope was angry. He showed his anger for the first time. If someone like Pope was getting angry, then they should know just how grave the situation is.

“Tell me!” , Pope shouted almost, “Who is he? How does he looks like? Tell me every details about that person.”

Garth was shocked when he looked at the angry Pope. This was the first time he had seen ever peaceful Pope this angry. This shows just how grave the situation is.

Garth then started to describe how Arjun and Rick looks like. After completing his description, Garth said, “My Lord! I think it’s pointless to search them based on only their facial description. I think they were wearing a disguise. If they have the guts to appear in front of me, then they will definitely come with changed faces.”

“You are right.” , Pope gave it a thought and said it. Hde knew just how grave the situation more than anyone else. As a Pope, he has the highest authority in the Church matters. And of course, he has the highest amount of sensitive information more than anyone else as well. No one knows better than anyone else, that if the truth was revealed, then what kind of punishment they will receive from the Sovereign of Deception! He just don’t want his church to fall in this mess.

He said, “After three days, those people are going to be executed, right? Then I will personally go this time. As the resident of the city, the City Lord has given an invitation to all the influecial people, organizations, families. On that day, I will personally go.”

“But my lord!” , Priest Sully said, “Wouldn’t it lead towards too much of a commotion if you personally go to such a small matter?”

“You are right!” , Pope sighed and said, “We don’t have much time. If we try to look for those two people who gave Garth those pills, then we will definitely run out of time. We won’t find them. But if my guess is right, then those people has some kind of relationship with the prisoners. They will definitely attend the exexution.”

“If they will attend the execution, then they will definitely try to expose us by using any methods possible.” , Bishop said.

“That’s right.” , Pope sighed and said, “That’s why I am going personally. I will do my best to capture them before they do expose us. Or else, we would be exposed.”

“But My Lord, how are you going to find them in the middle of such a huge crowd?” , Grath asked a little terrified.

Pope said, “Believe in G.o.d, My Child! G.o.d has many ways to help us. I will take the Divine Plan from the Almighty G.o.d! Then we will follow it. The G.o.d would never abandon us. The G.o.d will definitely show us the way.”

Everyone nodded their heads. This is the matter of the G.o.d’s prestige. The G.o.d will definitely help them for sure. This is the unquestionable faith that they had in the G.o.d.

“But this is an emergency!” , Pope said, “This is the situation where the possibility of extinction is very high. Even though the G.o.d won’t let that happen, we should not sit idly either. So summon the protection army. Ask them to divide themselves into three teams. The first team will be enquiring the arrival of all the newcomers. No matter how many of them are, kill them with no mercy. The second team will try to search for those two people. If they found those two people who gave that whatever pill to Garth, then they had to capture them alive. If they showed any signs of resistance, then kill them immediately. We can’t afford to take the risk at the moment. And for the third team. Their duty is to keep an eye on the City Lord Manor. If they find any suspicious people, then they should kill them unanimously.”

“Am I clear?” , Pope asked.

“Yes, sir!” , everybody replied.

“Then disperse!” , Pope gave the command.

And then the recording crystal ended there.


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