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“What do you mean by last conversation?” ,Arjun asked.

Void said, “A Void like you or me can give power of Void to ten people. Why do you think only ten? Why can’t there be eleventh or twelfths member? Do you know why?”

“I don’t know.” ,Arjun replied honestly.

Void said, “It’s because the ten candidates a Void chose won’t be a Void like you.”

“They won’t be a Void?” ,Arjun was serious as he asked, “Then what exactly they will become?”

“How should I explain it to you?” ,Void thought for a moment and said, “You know that I gave birth to an Astral and a Chaos world, right?”

“Yes.” ,Arjun acknowledged.

Void said, “In your case, if you are the Void, then your ten candidates would become Chaos and Astral. In other words, they will have equal status as both Chaos and Astral world. You have awakened the Void Qi. But they will awaken Chaos and Astral Qi!”

“Chaos and Astral Qi!” ,Arjun Kind of understood where this conversation is going.

“Then I can decide who will get the Chaos Qi and who will get the Astral Qi?” ,Arjun asked.

“No.” ,Void said, “Listen to me carefully. This will be an important issue. This might force you to change your plans a little!”

As Arjun listened attentively, Void continued, “When you started your training in Void, your soul was split into two parts and then your Avatar took birth. Am I right?”

Arjun nodded his head in agreement. How could he forget that horrible experience where his soul was being torn into two pieces when he wasn’t prepared for it? And the birth of Jimmy is something he won’t forget in his life at all.

Void said, “All your ten candidates has to undergo that horrible experience. Then their Avatar would take their birth. Where their real body would be given the Chaos Qi from you. And your Avatar Jimmy would take care of their Avatars.”

Arjun nodded his head. He understood what Void wanted to say. After Arjun gave birth to his Avatar, he devoured the Chaos energy and kind of became the “Chaos Void”. While his Avatar Jimmy devoured the Astral energy and kind of became “Astral Void”. The same concepts were applicable for his ten candidates.

Void said, “I told you that Chaos and Astral can’t stay too close. This is the reason I kept their counterpart existence away from each other. The same thing would be applicable for you as well. If you gave birth to even one candidate, then both you and Jimmy can’t stay in the same world. Jimmy can’t survive in the Chaos World any longer. He had to go to the Astral World in order to make his own destiny!”

“What?” ,Arjun was completely stunned. He never expected that he had to get separated from his Avatar. Jimmy is the reason why Arjun dared to introduce himself as a Lifestyle Master to the world. But he never imagined that after giving power to his selected ten candidates, he would be separated from his avatar. No wonder why the Void said that his decision might affect his current plans and needed to make some changes. If Jimmy had to leave for the Astral World along with the Avatar of his ten selected candidates, then how can he fill the empty spot of Jimmy in the committee? This is truly troublesome.

Arjun said, “Alright. I understand. But what I don’t understand is what all this has to do with “Last conversation” that you said earlier?”

Void said, “All this time you didn’t gave the power of Void to any of your ten candidates. So your Void Qi has always been an Ordinary one. It’s quality has never reached the Primordial level. So, even though we both had equal status, I could still control your fate to some extent. But once you gave birth to at least even one candidate, then your Void Qi would touch the Primordial level! And when you are done with giving power to all ten candidates, then it will reach ultimate Primordial Level. When you Void Qi become Primordial Void Qi, then your status will reach “True Void”! When you become True Void, then all your remaining fate which is in my hands will be gone. You will become an individual candidate. So I can’t communicate with you through Mental Connection anymore.”

Arjun sighed. He said, “That means we both will have equal status. But you are strong. While I am weak. Is that right?”

“Yes.” ,Void said, “Exactly it is as you have said.”

Arjun then asked a little depressed, “Then who will help me in my cultivation? All the other people trains in the Inner Will. So they have other seniors who could help them? All this time all I had was you as a teacher? If I faced any trouble in cultivation, then who exactly I should find? Don’t tell me, with no support, I had to reach the apex in the cultivation. I think it is impossible.”

“There is no need to worry.” ,Void said, “There is a way. There is a teacher who could help you in cultivation better than I do.”

“There exists someone even better than even you?” ,Arjun said in astonishment, “Who is it?”

“Your Void Qi!” ,Void said.

Arjun was speechless. But he calmed himself down and thought about it and felt it was logical. If he possessed Void Qi, then it is not any wrong to say that the Void also possesses the Void Qi. That means, even the Void has a source of power. And that is Void Qi.

Where exactly the Void gained all his knowledge? Arjun won’t believe that when the Void was born, he was born with all his knowledge. Every cause has a reason. And today Arjun understood that the Void received all his knowledge from the Void Qi.

But he asked, “How can I ask the Void Qi about any doubts regarding cultivation?”

Void said, “I actually don’t know. Actually the Void Qi contains no knowledge regarding cultivation when it was ordinary. But when it reaches the Primordial stage, you can say that it contains knowledge regarding every small details for the cultivation. But it can’t communicate with it’s owner. This is it’s major weak point. Even I had my means of communication with my Void Qi. But I can’t communicate with it like I do with you. Even though I can communicate with the Void Qi, my type of communication is not possible for you to follow.”

“You mean…?” ,Arjun had a bad feeling about it.

“You guessed it right.” ,Void said, “You need to find a way to establish a communication with your Void Qi!”


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