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Read The King’s Avatar Chapter 111 – Two Types of Coordination

The King’s Avatar is a web novel created by (蝴蝶蓝), Butterfly Blue.
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Liu Hao hadn’t slept yesterday night. He hadn’t slept in the morning and was then called over by the boss at noon. He was busy the entire afternoon and hadn’t slept. Only after dinner was he able to sleep for a bit, but he kept Ye Qiu in his mind the entire time. As a result, when it was almost midnight, he struggled up out of bed and went online. In the end, once he got on, he was told that there was no s.p.a.ce for him in the party. Liu Hao wanted to eat Ye Qiu raw, but was helpless and could only foolishly stare at his monitor.

As for Ye Xiu and the others, they tried to set a new dungeon record. Although there was no one to pay him, breaking the record meant that there would still be quite a few rewards. Players could begin running Boneyard from Level 23. Level 25 players had already ran it several times already. If they wanted to set a new record, then naturally they had to pay attention to their coordination. Outside of the dungeon, Ye Xiu explained to them the strategy. After they heard it, they immediately entered the dungeon.

“F*ck!” Just as they entered, Seven Fields yelled. His yell was filled with both hate and love. This was because a system announcement had popped up: Vampire Knight Logue has resurrected. Adventures, please be careful.

Hidden BOSS.

Meeting a hidden BOSS was something everyone looked forward to. But a hidden BOSS appearing meant that setting a new dungeon record was impossible. This went against their original intentions, which was why Seven Fields yelled a “F*ck” with both love and hate.

“Today’s luck isn’t bad!” Ye Xiu was happy. Once he hit Level 23, of course he wouldn’t miss the opportunity to run Boneyard. But so far up until now, he hadn’t yet met a hidden BOSS. Every dungeon usually had several different hidden BOSSes. Their chances of appearing were all different. Vampire Knight Logue was one of Boneyard’s rarest BOSS. Yet they had actually met it today.

“Just think of this round as a way to break in!” Ye Xiu said this and then directed Lord Grim to rush forward and kill monsters. Tang Rou immediately let Soft Mist follow up too. This girl still liked to compete with Ye Xiu. Whatever Ye Xiu did, she always wanted to try if she could do it or not. Yesterday night at Frost Forest, Ye Xiu pulled 16 Goblins, which was another hit to her. But the more Tang Rou was. .h.i.t, the more terrible she became.

But right when Soft Mist moved, Cleansing Mist had already fired a gun shot. The two monsters, which Lord Grim was rus.h.i.+ng towards, were alarmed and were swaying over to them.

She had been together with Cleansing Mist for a few days already. To Tang Rou, her performance was always ahead of Tang Rou by a bit. For example, when Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim rushed forward to pull monsters, Tang Rou immediately went to follow up. However, Cleansing Mist’s movements were just slightly faster.

“Is this person’s hand faster than mine too?” Tang Rou thought like this, but never went to ask her. What she didn’t know was that Su Mucheng didn’t have a faster hand speed, but rather more knowledge. Just through hand speed, she was faster than Su Mucheng. And under Ye Xiu’s coaching, the coordination between her left and right hands improved rapidly. But besides that, in other aspects, she was still far from Su Mucheng. This sister also didn’t have it easy. She was always comparing herself to people like Ye Xiu, those types of G.o.d-level characters, or people like Su Mucheng, those types of good pro-level characters. This always made her feel somewhat incapable, which made her work even harder.

In the game, that meant that Soft Mist had to be even more forward and even more ferocious than Lord Grim. This sort of tyrannical display made Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon feel somewhat bewildered. The way this girl fought gave them the feeling that they couldn’t intervene. They could only fight alongside Lord Grim and help brother expert.

But the damage by Lord Grim’s Silver weapon was much greater than Soft Mist’s weapon. In addition, Cleansing Mist was also helping Lord Grim clear monsters. The monsters on this side fell quickly. When Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon went over to support him, they felt as if they couldn’t really help, making them feel as if they were useless. The two player’s cheeks streamed with tears. Did they really even need them?

Ye Xiu saw the situation and understood them well. On his side, he and Su Mucheng were already enough. Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon should have been Tang Rou’s helpers. But Tang Rou was too strong-headed and always pursued the limits. In addition, the gap between her and Seven Fields, Sleeping Moon was quite large, so the two sides were unable to coordinate together.

“Let’s switch. You go help her!” Ye Xiu said to Su Mucheng.

“This sister’s really fierce.” Su Mucheng said while letting her Cleansing Mist help Soft Mist. Ye Xiu naturally lowered his tempo, which made Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon suddenly feel much more comfortable fighting the monsters. These two’s skill levels weren’t enough to understand all these high-level things. They just thought that because Cleansing Mist had went over to the other side, she left them some s.p.a.ce to fight.

Tang Rou controlled Soft Mist to attack monsters, while occasionally paying attention to Ye Xiu’s situation. Seven Fields and the Sleeping Moon hastily ran over to the other side, while Cleansing Mist went over to help her. She didn’t know the reason why and fought as she was before. But at this moment, she saw that Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim was clearly moving slower and had slowed down his tempo. She didn’t know why either.

Tang Rou fought together with her, but gradually discovered that her situation had also changed. In the beginning, she was the one who took initiative, while Cleansing Mist was there for a.s.sistance. But unknowingly, she discovered that the situation had reversed. Cleansing Mist was the one who took initiative, while she was there for a.s.sistance.

This sort of initiator and helper relations.h.i.+p wasn’t only seen on the monster’s aggro, but was also on the tempo and direction. Unknowingly, Tang Rou found that her tempo had already been stolen by Cleansing Mist. She was now following Cleansing Mist’s lead.

This type of tempo issue, how could a noob like Tang Rou understand it. She simply didn’t like that sort of feeling, that’s all. Annoyed, she deliberately tried to sabotage the situation. And caused the two players to be in danger several times. Even Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had to rush up and help them occasionally.

Tang Rou was astonished. She had no idea why everything had happened like so. While she was at a loss, she heard Cleansing Mist say on the side: “Look how he’s fighting on that side.”

Tang Rou obviously knew who this “he” was pointing to. But seeing Ye Xiu fight, she couldn’t understand what was so amazing. He was so slow. She herself could just casually do that!

“If you switched with him, could you coordinate well with Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon?” Su Mucheng said.

“Coordinate?” Tang Rou stared blankly.

“There are two types of coordination. One type is to adjust to the other members and coordinate like that. Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon do this type. This type is relatively simple; As for the other type, that’s to drive the other members to coordinate with you. That’s the type he’s doing.” Su Mucheng said.

After Tang Rou stared blankly, she suddenly said: “Then just a moment ago, you were driving me to coordinate with you?”

“Me? I was adjusting to you! But I don’t know how it slowly became you following me…….” Su Mucheng said.

Tang Rou scratched her head. This idea seemed very abstruse. But honestly speaking, she didn’t really like the word coordination. She preferred to take charge herself, beating all the enemies in battle by herself.

“BOSS!!” At this moment, Seven Fields cried out in fear. Everyone’s camera angle switched to the front and saw an average-sized knight wearing pitch-black armor, which who knew when, had stood at the mouth of the road..

His face was even paler and his blood-red eyes were extremely bewitching. In his right hand, he held a long, narrow, scarlet lightsaber. In his left hand, he held a s.h.i.+eld with a bat symbol on it. He silently stood there without saying a word.

The five players quickly cleared the small monsters and then gazed at the Boneyard’s rarest hidden BOSS, Vampire Knight Logue.

Because they hadn’t yet entered its aggro range, the Vampire Knight Logue didn’t move. He stood alone in the middle of the road. From the fork in the road, it was possible to go around without alarming him. A lot of hidden BOSSes were like this. Players could choose to not fight it. It was just that when meeting a rare hidden BOSS, the majority of players would still try it. In fact, to inexperienced normal players, they would be unable to take down a hidden BOSS ninety percent of the time.

But to Ye Xiu and them, of course they weren’t concerned about whether they could take it down or not. Ye Xiu looked at the Vampire Knight Logue’s long and narrow light saber. He suddenly said: “Little Moon Moon, did you learn the Lightsaber Mastery?”

“No, I learned the Tachi Mastery.” After Sleeping Moon finished saying this, he suddenly thought of something and immediately stomped: “Who the f*ck is Little Moon Moon.”

“Then the Vampiric Lightsaber is mine then!” Ye Xiu said.

“Ah?” Sleeping Moon stared blankly. He also knew of the Vampiric Lightsaber. It was a Level 25 Orange weapon. Although Lightsabers could only be used by Blade Masters, since Sleeping Moon took the optional route of having Tachi Mastery, then he would be a Blade Master that prioritized Tachis.

Sword Mastery was a pa.s.sive skill that Blade Masters could learn after Level 20. Mastery could be split into five types, which was naturally the five types of Swords: Greatsword, Shortsword, Broadsword, Tachi, and Lightsaber. Although a player could choose more than one Mastery to learn, normal Blade Masters would only choose one and stick with it because skill points were precious. With every level into a Sword Mastery, the attack of the sword type chosen would be increased by 2%. At Level 10, there would be a 20% increase, extremely significant. Apart from this, it also had additional effects with some skills. Different sword types would have additional effects with different skills. It all depended on which mastery a player chose.

Since Sleeping Moon had learned the Tachi Mastery, he would naturally choose to use the Tachi as a weapon. However, this didn’t mean that he could not use a Lightsaber. Now that he heard the great phrase Orange weapon, he was still itching for it in his heart.

“Begin killing it!” Ye Xiu yelled. Cleansing Mist immediately raised her weapon and sent an Anti-Tank Missile over. Soft Mist also lifted her battle lance and rushed forward.

“Wait a moment!!” Ye Xiu hastily shouted. But Tang Rou continued to forge ahead. She arrived practically at the same time as Cleansing Mist’s Anti-Tank Missile. In the end, he saw the Vampire Knight use his right hand to whip his cloak over in front of his body. With a screech, when his cloak opened, the Knight had disappeared. Countless small bats flew out and swiftly headed towards them. The three Anti-Tank Missiles. .h.i.t nothing and the small bats pounced onto Soft Mist, biting her.

These small bats, with their tiny eyes radiating red, covered Tang Rou’s screen. Their tiny fangs outside of their mouth seemed to drip saliva, extremely nauseating. The small bats engulfed her without toppling Soft Mist. However, her life directly plummeted a large portion. Tang Rou hastily drank a potion. Those small bats that had engulfed her had already gathered together once again behind her and the Vampire Knight swirled his cloak and appeared again. The scarlet Vampiric Lightsaber immediately stabbed towards her body like a viper.


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