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Read The King’s Avatar Chapter 320 – Helping Each Other

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The poor Sharpshooter wanted to show off his might in front of the beauties, but his efforts only resulted in being flattened by them. After hearing the commentator say that the two of them had even partied up, he refused to give up and, as he climbed back up, he shouted: “How shameless! You even partied up?”

The crowd laughed. The commentators had even checked the rules and explained: “Uh, the rules never talked about this….. But since it doesn’t talk about it, that means it should be okay?”

Everyone watching could see the scene very clearly. No one sympathized with him. They all watched in glee as he was crushed by the two beauties and applauded repeatedly.

However, the broadcasting team wasn’t really sure what to do. The spectators in the stadium had more freedom and had a full view of the match. They could choose where they wanted to watch. The broadcasting team, though, could only show a single point of view. From the audience’s reactions, it was clear that everyone was watching this battle. But all in all, this was the High Jump Event. Should they broadcast the fights between the pros or show the random fighting between the three normal players?

Seeing that he was unable to beat Chen Guo and Tang Rou, the Sharpshooter chose to run. Tang Rou wasn’t a person who liked to give up and Chen Guo was already furious at him. The two didn’t stop to rest and chased after him.

The three, one in front and two behind, headed straight for the edge of the map. Quite a few of the audience members stood up, wanting to see what was happening at the border. Would they go off the map and into the stadium’s seats?

In the end, just as that Sharpshooter was about to run off the edge, he suddenly switched directions and followed along the borders of the map.

The audience booed, but after a short moment, the audience went silent again. This was because they could see from the screens that it wasn’t possible to run past the edges of the map. The audience couldn’t see the edges of the map from the projection, but the screens gave the players’ perspectives. The map actually did have borders. After hitting a wall, what else could he do but turn?

But how long could he run for? Chen Guo and Tang Rou split apart until they finally trapped him. With a wolf at the front and a tiger at the back, the player had nowhere left to run and was killed. The stadium went into an applause. Tang Rou and Chen Guo’s characters heroically returned to jumping up the floating steps.

In the first event, the audience witnessed the Great Gunner, Zhou Zekai’s, elegance. In the second event, the audience witnessed a farce brought to them by the normal players. The atmosphere was lively and even those at the pro player seats were talking amongst each other more.

“What do you think?” Players in all of the teams were asking this question. The person they were paying attention to was, of course, Tang Rou.

“Her hand speed is quite good.” they all said.

“Though there’s something that’s really weird.” A Battle Mage said, “I watched closely the entire time, but I didn’t see her use any skills above Level 40. No matter how good the opportunity was, she never used them.”

“Maybe she thinks that there’s no need to use such powerful skills against her opponent?”

“Maybe! Maybe the difference in skill was just that wide.”

While the spectators discussed amongst themselves, Chen Guo and Tang Rou continued to jump. As of now, Su Mucheng and the other pros were almost at the finish line. The other guest had already gone past the halfway point, as well. Chen Guo and Tang Rou were now starting at the bottom again. But after providing them with such a fun show, the people in the audience were very supportive of them and constantly shouted words of encouragement.

After a few minutes, the four pros reached the top, one after the other. Su Mucheng kept her initial lead and won first place.

The others followed soon after, though they knew that this time, the match wasn’t focused on them, but rather upon the two beauties who weren’t even a quarter of the way up yet.

The four pros stood at the top platform and looked down. Chen Guo and Tang Rou weren’t making a fool of themselves and jumped up step by step. Even though they weren’t nearly as nimble as the pros, they hadn’t made any mistakes yet.

“Go! We’re almost there!” The two girls encouraged each other. They looked up and saw that the other guest had reached the top as well. They were the only two left.

“Go! Go!!” The audience cheered.

“Oh, no!” an audience member suddenly cried. He saw Chen Guo make a mistake. Chasing Haze didn’t jump high enough and missed the floating step.

Tang Rou’s Battle Mage leaped up and sent a Sky Strike at Chasing Haze. Chasing Haze was launched up and, as she fell, she landed on the floating step that she had previously missed.

“Little Tang!” Chen Guo shouted and hastily turned her camera to look. Tang Rou’s Battle Mage was standing on floating step two levels behind.

“I’m fine.” Tang Rou laughed.

It was also an attack, but it had been done between two friends to help each other. Compared to those attacks by the Sharpshooter trying to undermine everyone else, this scene moved many among the audience.

Even those standing at the finish line had their characters make an “applauding” motion.

Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze stood up from the floating step and didn’t hurry to jump to the next one. She waited until Tang Rou’s Battle Mage reached the same height and continued on together. After this, their jumping went smoothly and the two reached the finish line under the audience’s cheers and shouts.

The host went along and pushed forward to reach a greater climax. The seven characters standing at the top waved their hands at the audience and then faded away. At the match platforms, the players walked down.

“Congratulations for your victory, Su Mucheng. Is there anything that you’d like to say?” Under normal circ.u.mstances, the champion would be the last to be interviewed by the host. But this time, the host switched the order. The first to be asked was the champion, Su Mucheng.

“I’m very happy. But I’m even more happy that I was able to see such a beautiful scene in this event. I remember someone often said that Glory has never been a game played alone. I really like this saying. And they perfectly showed this. I’m very moved.” Su Mucheng said.

“Was this what you wanted to see when you picked the two of them?” the host said.

“Yes. I thank them for their outstanding performance.” Su Mucheng smiled.

The audience applauded wildly. The host walked over to Chen Guo and Tang Rou. The two of them had become this event’s lead characters.

“Congratulations you two.” The host said, “From the audience’s applause, we know that not only Su Mucheng, but the entire audience was very moved by you two. Are you two happy?”

“Of course…….” Chen Guo really wanted to say that this was a stupid question, but….. In front of the cameras, she resisted.

“The display of friends.h.i.+p you two showed to everyone was very moving. Can I ask how long you two have known each other?” the host asked.

“Two years!” Chen Guo continued to be in charge of replying, while Tang Rou stayed to the side, smiling.

“Two years….. Uh……” Two years couldn’t be considered as just having met, but they couldn’t be considered old friends, either. The host wasn’t sure what to say. After a short pause, he quickly followed: “I can see that the two of you have a very strong relations.h.i.+p with each other. Did you two meet through Glory?”

“No.” Chen Guo replied honestly, though her answer didn’t really fit in with the situation.

“Oh, then do you two must play a lot of Glory together now, right?” the host asked.

“Uh….. in the future.” Chen Guo said.

“In the future? Why not before?” the host asked curiously.

“Because she only started playing Glory not too long ago!” Chen Guo looked to Tang Rou.

This time, the biggest uproar came from the pro players’ seats. This beauty, who had caught their attention, had unexpectedly only recently started playing. Her previous performance meant something completely different now.

“Not too long ago? How long?” The host asked the question the pros were hoping to know.

“About a month!” Chen Guo said.

“A month! Are you saying that before that, she had never touched Glory?” the host asked curiously.

“Just a tiny bit!” Tang Rou said.

“How much is a tiny bit?” the host asked again.

“I sometimes helped her with a few matches in the Arena.” Tang Rou said.

“She even helped me finish the Heavenly Domain Challenge!” Chen Guo added.

The audience went into an uproar. For someone who barely touched Glory to have beaten the Heavenly Domain Challenge! And then after seeing her previous playing, how was that someone who had only played for a month? Of the countless players, how many of them could play like that?

The pros all looked at one another. Heavenly Domain Challenge? It wasn’t anything difficult in their eyes. But with this, they had a better understanding of Tang Rou’s skill and knew what having such skill with only one month of playing meant.

Before this, the pro players’ evaluation was only an “Oh, she’s not bad.” But after knowing that she was just a beginner who had only played for a month, now that was frightening.


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