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Weed’s eyes shone sharply.

‘Anyway, I can only do my best.’

Having received the commission, he could not back out.

As the fight goes on, he would not have a single moment of rest; Weed courteously bowed to the waist.

“Remy; no, Princess.”

“Yes, Knight nim.”

Princess Remy’s starry eyes were looking down on Weed.

In Weed’s eyes, he saw her small and delicate feet and calves.

To some men, the women’s feet were poisonous things. But Weed did not have such a hobby.

“You must be willing to believe in me. Do not be alarm of whatever happens, you must trust only in me.”

“Yes, I understand. My life, I will leave it in thee.”

Weed ended it there and did not talking anymore.

The Human troops approaching were increasing in number all around them; and flying rocks as well as magic spells were at their doorstep.

This place they stumbled on was on the verge of becoming a vortex of the war.

Weed modestly accepted the rein to become the master of the white horse.

He then pulled the Princess up and placed her behind him.


The horse lightly neighs.

While one hand holding onto the rein, the other pulled out a sword.

Ding!Have equipped the Knight of Kallamore Kingdom Koldrim’s sword; Reputation will increase by 2500.Attack Speed increases.Strength increases.Agility increases.With the powerful Charisma, will overwhelm weaker Monsters.The power of the Ice Daemon retained in this blade.

Weed tapped the horse to accelerate towards the center of the enemy’s camp.

“Go, giddy up!”

With each of its propagating steps, the white horse accelerated to a scary speed.

This steed was in another dimension when comparing to the colt he had to accept back in Rosenheim Kingdom, during the operation in the Lair of Litvart.

A Knight’s a.s.sault is significantly affected by the charge of the horse.

A good steed isn’t all based on its stamina or speed, even its gene is deliberate when raising one from conception.

For the most valuable of horses, the beginning of the deliberation starts at the horse’s lineage!

He did not know, but he could tell that the horse he was currently riding must have been extremely expensive.

Due to the horse’s terribly rapid sprint, the wind was getting sliced up before them.

A speed comparable to an arrow in flight.

Weed’s eyes widened and held out his sword.

From now on, the only thing he felt was the hilt of his blade. He did not feel the tender and delicate warmth of the Princess who was hanging onto his back.


Swordsmans.h.i.+p Dojang.

Jeong Ilhun, dressed in his uniform, was waiting for Cha Eunhee.


“Yes, Sahyeong.”

“Women say, appearance isn’t everything. So you shouldn’t mind that, k?”

Cheo Jongbeom made haste and spoke.

“Your words are right.”

Ma Sangbeom also patted him.

“I believe Miss Seechwi is fair in nature. And she seems to like you. She’s even coming to the Dojang to meet you, you know?”

She’d even bringing homemade kimbap over too.

The appointed time was approaching.

“Calm your heart for the moment, yo.”

For Jeong Ilhun, it was his shyly first love. He had more b.u.t.terflies in his stomach due to this first actual meeting than any of the swordsmans.h.i.+p compet.i.tions.

It was the same for Cheo Jongbeom, Ma Sangbeom, and Lee Indo.

It was something really unexpected. Their first Sahyeong got a girlfriend.

Although the subject in question was an Orc: a foul, ugly, and a fat Orc, it was something they could congratulate him on.

They all watched them during their adventures in Royal Road; Seechwi’s wisdom was something that could rival Jeong Ilhun’s heart.

“It’s time for her to come now…”

Jeong Ilhun was anxiously dreading during the wait, when a lady carrying a lunchbox wandered into the Dojang.


Cheo Jongbeom, Ma Sangbeom, Lee Indo all gasped.

‘It’s that woman!’

‘She resembles a bit to Seechwi.’

‘But her age is wow…late 30, 40 maybe?’

The plumped body auntie continued to walk toward the Dojang.

Jeong Ilhun’s face still retained a great smile and went out for a face to face.

“You’re just in time. Thank you for coming. Was it tough coming here?”

Jeong Ilhun was the first to extend out his hand.

Though the action was miniscule, the courage it took was tremendous.

In order to not make her feel awkward, he smiled and asked to shake hands.

It wasn’t her appearance but her heart that was important; so he tried to welcome her.


“Who are you?”

The women’s face squinted. Then from within the Dojang, someone who looked like an elementary student came running out.

“Mom! You brought my lunch?”

“Here. Don’t you go forgetting it the next time.”

“Um, ok. Ah, Masters. h.e.l.lo!”

The little boy bowed like a cute pup before Jeong Ilhun and the other instructors before scampered back into the Dojang.

The boy’s mother went away.


Jeong Ilhun embarra.s.singly cleared his throat for a long time, and once again waited for Cha Eunhee.

Then, an eye contact with a woman coming from the street made his body stiff.

‘Is that her?’

She was coming while carrying kimbap luncheons. If she was empty handed, he wouldn’t have looked otherwise.

She had fair skin, sparkling eyes, and a beauty that was noticeable within the thousands.

A single person within the lot of thousands. He could stay still in the mid of the center of the city while facing the beauty.

She held two large shopping bags and was walking toward the Dojang.

Jeong Ilhun thought.

‘That’s not her.’

The other instructors also had similar ideas.

‘I don’t think it’s that lady.’

‘But she is coming this way.’

‘What’s going on? Maybe a solicitor for the credit card company? Or to sell stuff. If she tells me to join, then maybe I will. Let’s see how she is with a few words…’

Lee Indo was the most eager.

All of their mind weren’t on the heavy shopping bags. If they had seen her grunting due to their weighs, they wouldn’t have just sat there in daze.

Their eyes all attached to the young and beautiful lady approaching and couldn’t open their mouth edgewise.

‘Why is she still coming this way?’

‘What does she have to come in this direction?’

‘Did we somehow do something wrong?’

In all four men’ head, a myriad of thoughts was blowing through their mind.

She came and precisely stood before Jeong Ilhun; then fondly spoke.

“h.e.l.lo, Ilhun ssi!”

Suspicion flew across Jeong Ilhun’s eyes.

“How did you come to know of my name? Could you perhaps be a scout from another Dojang coming to make a proposal…”

Even if they tried to lure him away with a beauty, he wouldn’t leave the Dojang.

No matter whom they received the offer from; whether it was the instructors or their students, none would accept it from anybody. With the time they’ve acc.u.mulated learning the way of the sword; the depth of their honor outweighs any amount of the money offered.

Her bright smile formed a slight dimple and she asked.

“What? I’m not a scout, but weren’t you waiting for me?”

Now Jeong Ilhun was really surprised.

“Wa, waa, wha, what?”

The Dojang eldest Hyeong!

Even when facing someone carrying a real blade unarmed, he maintained his cool; but now, he was really in shock.

“N, n, nuh, no way…suh, suh, some, something…nuh, uh, uh, couldn’t be! Fo, fo, for, for you know what I’m doing…”

“Goem-2-chi. Are you not Jeong Ilhun ssi?”

“T, th, tha, thaa, that’s…right…”

“I’m Seechwi, Ilhun ssi!”

Jeong Ilhun had lost his soul looking at Cha Eunhee’s human form.

The other teachers were also frozen still.

‘No way.’

‘That’s impossible.’

‘The h.e.l.l is happening here.’

‘The girl…Orc Seechwi.’

‘Wait a sec. We can change our appearances in Royal Road, can’t we? We remained the same, but in her case, she changed her appearance. Why didn’t we think of that?’

Even up till now, they were still relatively unfamiliar with Royal Road.




There was a long silence inside the Dojang.

Jeong Ilhun, the other instructors, along with the grand master An Hyeon Soo, all were silent.

The trainees also did not spoke a word. All were simply looking at Cha Eunhee blankly.

‘To think Ilhun have such a talent.’

An Hyeon Soo was more surprised in this than when he unearthed Jeong Ilhun’s talent with the sword.

‘A pretty woman like that is First Hyeong’s girlfriend.’

‘No. I don’t think this is reality. Let this be a dream, I’ll wake up soon.’

An Hyeon Soo, the instructors, as well as all the pract.i.tioners, did not eat Cha Eunhee’s wrapped kimbap. No, they wanted to but could not muster the courage to do so.

Because the faces on the rolls were too cute. But they were compelled by the rolls and as soon as the first one entered, its taste spread.

‘Keueuk! These cute and daintily kimbap rolls.’

‘She’s even good with cooking.’

‘I would definitely give up a lifetime of Ramyeon for these.’

An Hyeon Soo, the instructors, and the trainees all saddened, making the rolls seemingly hardened as they were becoming difficult to chew.

This was the first time since birth that they were hesitant with food.

After a while, the one with the most age, An Hyeon Soo drew a long sigh.

“Wheww~! So, you are Seechwi?”

Cha Eunhee politely replied.

“Yes, sir.”

She wore a gorgeous beige blouse, along with a cute skirt that ran down to her knees. Her entire body had all the right curves. She exuded the pinnacle beauty of a lady.

Although it was not a beauty comparable to that of Hwaryeong and Jeong Hyorin, she was extremely beautiful among the general public.

An Hyeon Soo nodded his head.

“Well then. Continue treating our Ilhun well.”

He got up and quietly headed toward his office.

In a neat manner.

But in actuality, his stomach aches to an extent that he had to get out of there.

For the remaining instructors, Cha Eunhee the object of interest.

Words escaped Cheo Jongbeom’s mouth.

“Hyeongsu nim, may I ask you of something I was wondering?”

Just then, Jeong Ilhun had leaked out a grin that couldn’t be stopped.


He said ‘Hyeongsu nim’! A term he had no idea was so enjoyable.

Cha Eunhee revealed her sparkly white teeth while smiling slightly.

“Yes. Please ask.”

Cheo Jongbeom asked cautiously.

“Umm…what school did you graduate from?”

“That is…”

Cha Eunhee attempted to answer but Jeong Ilhun’s strained and rebuked.

“Dude, Jongbeom! Why is school important here?”

Jeong Ilhun was a high school dropout.

The other instructors and students were also in some form, middle school or high school dropouts. It was not something they’d (proudly) put on the end of their belts.

If someone graduated from high school, that person would be cla.s.sified as an elite here.

So when Cheo Jongbeom threw out this question unconscious of its hidden notion, Jeong Ilhun though differently.

‘She must have been embarra.s.sed for not being able to graduate due to some incident.’

A caring man’s consideration.

The reason why Jeong Ilhun had captivated her mind.

Cha Eunhee replied with a smile.

“It’s fine. I have no reason to not answer. I graduated from Harvard.”


Cheo Jongbeom was confused.

“You mean the Harvard inst.i.tution in downtown for cramming to repeat college entrance exam?”

“It’s the University in Boston, US.”


Which resulted in a flurry of screams, then a deep silence.

The instructors and pract.i.tioners alike just inadvertently know of someone from Harvard University.

This time, Ma Sangbeom asked.

“Excuse me for asking, but what do you do now?”

“I’m in the hospital.”

“Oh, you’re a nurse.”

“No, I’m a doctor.”

“Do, doctor?”

“Yes. I’m a psychiatrist.”

Ma Sangbeom eyeb.a.l.l.s alarmed.

For Jeong Ilhun to get a girlfriend, the mid 30 year old instructors breathing had become clogged.

The trainees too, were desperate.

‘No no. This is not a time for us to aimlessly eating away.’

‘We’re in our late 20s, while 30 is just around the corner. To be able to land a beautiful and intelligent girlfriend…’

The future was looking bleaker and bleaker for them.

Within, falling rain and thunderous crashes pounded away at them.

‘It can’t be this way.’

‘There is no time to waste.’

The instructors and pract.i.tioners all shot up.

“We have to connect to Royal Road!”

“C’mon and let’s connect!”

“The Orc village! We should go to that village!”

All of them gave birth to a great goal all at the same time.

At the time, An Hyeon Soo’s capsule was already occupied and connected. As soon as they sp.a.w.ned into Morata, all of them violently charged toward the Orc village.


It was a state of urgency inside KMC Media cinema room

“Toppled the second line of defense!”

“He’s fighting with the third perimeter.”

“Seven Spearmen slaughtered, he can’t be stopped.”

“Killed a Bromba Kingdom’s Knight! Level estimated to be around 360.”

Director Khang was busy checking the Broadcasting Schedule that he couldn’t watch the screen at the moment.

“He killed them in just a few minutes?”

The staffs inside the cinema room hesitated for a bit before replying.

“Almost instantaneously really…didn’t even get up to one minute.”

“Are you talking about the situation on horseback? I think you all know how strong a single level 360 Knight is. Aren’t you all mistaken?”

“The horse didn’t stop at all. It ran toward one direction and he was fighting while on horseback…in a brief moment, he slashed over 10 times.”

“Is that possible? Swinging sword while on horseback will disturb the rider’s balance.”

“I too…in my shoes, I couldn’t fathom it. But he did it.”

“What a monster.”

Nothing outside of admiration on the continuing battle!

From the beginning, Weed, while on the white horse’s back along with the Princess situated behind him, rode toward the enemy’s lines.

The Archer units fired arrows at an enormous rate, but he boldly charges through. Even before the arrows lands at the targeted spot via above, he had already crossed past the s.p.a.ce.

The enemy’s Magicians cast their magical attacks, but the horse exquisitely dodged them by redirect his body.

Explosive flames, ice shards, and storms of lightning!

The Skeleton Knight demonstrated his trustworthy riding skills and penetrated aboard the white stallion.

He then came face to face with the Spearmen and Archers’ line.

By just adjusting the hinds of the horse, whenever the stomps landed, pikes and swords cracked up, and the Spearmen at the end of the romp stomping without a doubt lost their lives.

An irresistible a.s.sault!

A Knight on horseback’s base damage is so much higher during the charge.

At least, by two or three times.

It can get to the maximum of seven times the damage depending on the speed of the steed’s a.s.sault.

A s.h.i.+eld to prevent it will result in broken pieces; armor plates are crush, shatter, or even tears off.

Regular infantry troops cannot stop the galloping speed of the Knights.

On foot, Knights have reliable strength and very good defense, along with high vitality; but, to really display the true strength of a Knight is when he’s ridden on horseback.

Weed with the aforementioned speed attached, charged and penetrated the perimeter.

Above calling forth the terrific speed of the horse, Weed’s movements were notoriously flamboyant. The sword within his hand seemed to be dancing about.

Formidable strength and speed.

He dove into the heart of the enemy’s territory with just himself and swung his sword through the infantries.

Also, in spite of a duel against a full-fledged Knight amongst them, he still triumphed.

Even though he was under the effect of the Power to Deny Death, it was nothing short of greatness.

Director Khang suspiciously asked under a cold tone.

“Could he possibly have experience being a Knight…originally?”

“Maybe, but we don’t know.”

“The application said he’s a Sculptor.”

“Might just be a side hobby.”

Mere speculations, but the broadcasters determined that was something sensible enough.

In fact, with the images being sent over, there was no point dwelling deep into the character’s information. Something along the line of a principle to the broadcasters.

Things such as Weed’s circ.u.mstances were also unknown.

For the broadcasters to beseech things such as items, skills, or character information in order to form a contract was something nearing the border of an unreasonable request; because they were important secrets.

“He’s versatile everywhere on the battlefield.”

“I’d like to have a Knight saving me like that too…”

“Romantic, so romantic. The excitement of having a Knight on a white steed is something I can enjoy…”

The female writers indulged in the battle.

A naïve Princess wanting to return to her home country! She entrusted herself to a Knight with a white horse.

It was something out of a romance novel, or something of a yearned-for dream.

Of course, within those stories, the Knights were often handsome young men; in contrast, the Knight was a skeleton without a single flesh attached.

“Don’t you just want to be held in that chest?”

“I think the Knights in Royal Road are soo rea.s.suring and cool.”

On the other hand, seeing Weed’s battle, Director Khang spearheaded the lot in the cinema room.

“We don’t know what will arise, the production team members, don’t you dare miss a thing!”


“The investigation staff. Depending on the work for today, you could be set with bonuses for this year. Do not fall asleep. Even if you are sleepy don’t you dare.”

“We absolutely won’t do so until the end of the battle, Director nim.”

“Other staff members too, if you saw something unique or have question regarding something, you have to speak.”

The battle that was noted in the history of the Versailles Continent.

A battle of the past that was unbeknownst to all except for what was written in the continent’s history book.

But now, the scenes from the fiercest battle of the past could be seen again.

“Found a rare robe! Don’t know what it is but the Magic Defense is outstanding.”

“There is also a race of giants. Seem to be over 200 of them or so.”

“Special ability?”

“Demonstrated marvelous strength…doesn’t use weapons or magic.”

“Alright. Let’s see…so far, this founded species haven’t been recorded. On the skill side, is it obvious?”

“Now? sorta. On the magician side, there are 57 new, no, undiscovered spells used.”

Their eyes were filled with Magicians’ magic or the Knights and Warriors’ skills during the Palrangka Conflict.

At the present time, the magic that weren’t pa.s.sed down by profession was too large a number.

Here, those lost magics’ effects and their powers were able to be revealed.

For Magicians, trying to recover past practical magic or developing new magic, it was something along the line of spending days and nights hoping for a rain drop in the middle of a drought.

In line with the characteristic chosen for those Magicians that had completed the second job advancement upgrade; they can choose to either create their own magic through the proper channels, or to gather information to restore ancient magic.

Magical data, items, species, etc.; all were rare.

It was more special for these types of adventurers.

From those chasing to attain information on rare quests, special requests of information after having seen the Palrangka Conflict would most likely be a high number.

Along with the species, and kingdoms partic.i.p.ated at the time of the war, who are now extinct.

If it was toward these, those adventurers will definitely respond to the Palrangka Conflict.


“An enormous amount of information; and look at the scale of this battle.”

“It doesn’t even matter where the viewers.h.i.+p is at anymore.”

“There will be at least 2 months worth of controversy over the Palrangka Conflict.”

The investigation staff members cried out with joy.

Since the show of Weed in Todoom, they’ve held their disappointment calmly inward for so long!

However, it was clear to them as to why Weed’s course of actions was as such during the adventure.

For others, if they tried to forcefully breakthrough a hard quest, they would fundamentally cause more hards.h.i.+p onto themselves rather than anything else.

‘Sunbain Kingdom. I’ve just arrived to the Herotai Province of the place…I wonder what kind of quest I can get from there?’

Director Khang body was getting twitchy and it was becoming difficult to endure.

A few minutes pa.s.sed.

“Weed. What’s he doing now?”

He was scanning the hastily written a.n.a.lysis papers from the investigation staff that he did not raise his head when asking.


Though he waited for a long time, there was no answer.

There were over a hundred people inside the cinema room, but not one had answered him after he inquired. Sure there were those who were in the other departments which meant it wasn’t their place to answer; but among those presented, more than 50 people were under his command.

Then, there was a sudden silence in the cinema room.

“Why is n.o.body answering me?”

Director Khang raised his head.

This time too, it did not take him long to behold the huge spectacle.

He turned his attention toward the screen.

Weed was flying in the sky.

More surprisingly, he was above a Drake.

“Wha, what, what happened?”

It wasn’t the employees who answered but Odong Man.

“That is, he was severely attacked by several Drakes. Along with the fire attacks from the air, they also used their claws to scratch him up; he struggled considerably to avoid these.”

It was amazing to avoid the onslaught of arrows or magic attacks with just his riding skills. But as for the Drakes, not only did they breathe fire, they irritatingly chases him down; making it a tiresome task.

Even if their pace on the plain was decent, it was still difficult to throw the Drakes off; along with the fact that the ground surface was filled with Monsters and enemy soldiers.

“Then what?”

“Then at one point, he jumped up above a Drake and ridden the thing.”

The Drake wasn’t domesticated by humans, so it fiercely resisted. The beast tried its best to get rid of Weed by shooting off fire and rolling its body in mid air.

Fellow Drakes also sighted the scene.

They collectively helped out by huffing out fire through their snouts.

Whenever they did that, Weed moved like lightning onto the opposite side aboard the Drake and attacked the others within his vicinity.

Airborne dogfight!

Amidst the bunch of Drakes in the sky, the battle was a breathtaking one with every single movement.


With Weed’s. .h.i.t, explosive hollering rang out.

The Drake urgently fluttered its wing and began soaring to greater heights.

Along with the lot of ascending Drakes, the spirits of the people watching was also high.


“Oh my gos.h.!.+”

“This here, 20%, 30% viewers.h.i.+p is not even enough.”

“Jackpot, jackpot! With this done properly, our bonuses this year is set.”

On the ground, the historic Palrangka Conflict was still going on.

Tens of thousands of Humans and of other races quarreling over the supremacy of this world.

Somewhere in the sky, the airborne battle with the Drakes is still taking place.

Amidst the irritating suns.h.i.+ne, alongside the drifting clouds.

The Drakes has tremendous speed and incredibly erratic movements, and the one fighting against them is the Skeleton Knight Weed!

Their excitement was so high that they forgot to gulp.

“This is really like a painting. The heroic knight fighting like that in order to protect the princess…”

The tale was good.

Because it was so romantic, for those with only a decent amount of sensitivity, they would have no choice but to be submerged into it.

Then suddenly, one person clapped.


“Why, what happened? Find anything?”


“Is what?!”

“The Princess died.”

“Wha, what?”

“Umm…look at the bottom of the screen. She got neglected so she died; along with the white horse.”


Apparently, the Weed who was completely immersed in battle had abandoned the fact that he was to take care of the Princess and the white horse!

He alone jumped on the Drake and boldly fought the exciting fight while the Princess ended up dead within the lot of Monsters.

The female writers were frustrated.

“Princess Remyyyy!”

“Ahk! Our princess died!”

They had given their full empathy to the Princess so the shock was as huge as the collapse of the heavens!

The staff members gathered in the cinema room were just as discouraged.

They had such high expectation placed on Weed; then saddened when he was unable to keep the Princess alive.

“Our bonuses.”

“My vacation…”

“The promotion too…”

While sounding sickly, the staffs still had hopes.

With this Palrangka Conflict, and Weed’s partic.i.p.ation in it; they did not know how this will reverberate among the audiences when they broadcast.

Though at the moment, they all felt rewarded working in KMC Media after having seen the Jeons.h.i.+n Weed’s feat.

END Chapter


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