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“Interesting!” The young man in white suddenly laughed and made to get up and go over to Zhao Fu’s table.

Beside him, the cold-looking young man could not help but say, “Young Master, it’s best not to go; that person is not someone who can be offended lightly. His comprehension of the way of the sword is above mine, and he is extremely dangerous. There’s no need to try to establish relations.”

His words were targeted to Ge Nia, because he could sense the formless sword aura from Ge Nia. As someone who also walked the way of the sword, he knew clearly how terrifying someone like this was.

“I know!” the young man in white replied simply. However, his attention was not on Ge Nia but Zhao Fu because he could tell that Zhao Fu was much more dangerous.

The woman in black, who had not paid much attention to this, was now also interested. She looked over and could sense that those two people were not simple.

“Brother, my name is Bing Qixue; I wonder if you would mind becoming friends.” The young man in white stood up, came before Zhao Fu, and cupped his hands.

Zhao Fu lightly shook his head, directly refusing. He had travelled a long distance and had important matters at hand. Moreover, this was the inner region and there were many people more powerful than him. Zhao Fu did not want to make any trouble, nor did he want to do anything unnecessary; he just wanted to keep a low profile.

Bing Qixue looked quite awkward; he had never thought that Zhao Fu would be so discourteous

The woman in black coldly harrumphed, and just as she was about to say something, Bing Qixue glared at her, so she could only hold it back.

“Sorry for disturbing you then.” Bing Qixue was not very angry and could only awkwardly smile as he once again cupped his hands.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised towards Bing Qixue’s att.i.tude; ordinary people would get angry and simply ignore him, but Bing Qixue had apologized. As such, Zhao Fu’s impression of him became better.

“No worries,” Zhao Fu could not continue to ignore him and replied simply seeing that the other person was so courteous. He did not speak Chinese but one of the Ancient Stem Domain’s most common languages; this was something that Zhao Fu had been prepared for.

Bing Qixue could only lightly laugh and return to his table. At that moment, the waiter came back with the dishes.

“This Young Master is reserving this entire place; everyone else p.i.s.s off!” an arrogant voice sounded out from outside. A young man in violet brought seven peerlessly beautiful women and walked in.

Zhao Fu looked over and felt that these people’s auras were somewhat familiar. He seemed to have met them somewhere before, but he could not recall where.

This voice made everyone else feel quite dissatisfied, and they looked towards that young man. No one would be happy about being chased out.

Seeing this, the manager walked over and gave an apologetic smile. “Young sir, we are not full; there’s no need to do this.”

The young man in violet looked around and coldly harrumphed before throwing a bag of money at the manager. “Do you think this Young Master lacks money? This Young Master is reserving this whole place; I don’t want to stay together with all these people and lower my reputation.”

The manager caught the bag and looked quite troubled because this would lower the reputation of his hotel and no one would want to come to a place that chased out its customers, so he pleaded, “Young sir, that wasn’t my intention. It’s just that this hotel already has people residing in it; look, there are still many of them eating here. It’s simply not convenient.”

The violet-clothed young man’s gaze became cold, and he gave off a terrifying aura, causing the atmosphere in the hotel to freeze as he said, “This Young Master is the Eight Dragons Essence Sect’s Young Sect Master Long Yang; be tactful and scram!”

“What? He’s Long Yang? The nineteenth-ranked person on the Ancient Stem Rankings?” Everyone felt quite shocked; they had never thought that this violet-clothed young man would have such an ill.u.s.trious ident.i.ty. The Ancient Stem Rankings was a ranking of all of the Ancient Stem Domain’s geniuses, and it was made by the top-tier factions. Other Domains had similar rankings as well.

The rankings represented a Domain’s image. Only by having more geniuses did a Domain have more hope and potential.

The people on the Ancient Stem Rankings were the topic of discussion for many people, and almost everyone knew about them. Everyone present had heard of Long Yang before.

Feeling that terrifying aura, many people felt scared; this sort of person was not someone they could afford to offend. As such, many of them got up and prepared to leave. The manger was also quite shocked, and looking at everyone preparing to leave, he could only ask the waiters and attendants to help them.

“Hmph! What arrogance, you’re only nineteenth-ranked on the Ancient Stem Rankings. Do you know who our Young Master is? Our Young Master is the Ice Origin Kingdom’s Crown Prince, the ninth-ranked Bing Qixue!” the woman in black coldly harrumphed, stood up, and loudly said. She could not bear to see their Crown Prince being chased out like this.

“What? Bing Qixue? The ninth-ranked on the Ancient Stem Rankings, Bing Qixue?” Everyone was once again sent into an uproar; they had never thought that such a major figure, who was even more prominent than Long Yang, would appear here. There were ten rankings between them, and the Ice Origin Kingdom was one of the Ancient Stem Domain’s 20 Royal Kingdoms.

After the woman in black finished speaking, she gave a trace of a pleased smile. She looked at Zhao Fu and thought to herself, “Now you know who our Young Master is. Let’s see if you dare to keep acting like that. We’ll be waiting for you to come over and curry favor!”

By now, after hearing Long Yang speak more, Zhao Fu realized that it was the person who had gone to the Lelai Kingdom and triggered the Kingdom-Protecting Formation.

Back then, he had been leaving just as Zhao Fu had arrived, so Zhao Fu had only glanced at them. Only after hearing about the Eight Dragons Essence Sect did Zhao Fu connect them.

At the same time, Zhao Fu was indeed quite surprised about Bing Qixue’s ident.i.ty. He had never thought that he would so easily meet someone from a Royal Kingdom, who was a major figure in the Ancient Stem Domain. In the future, he could become a true King.

“Xiao Ni, don’t be so impudent.” Bing Qixue slightly frowned and warned her in a gentle tone, seeming like a well-educated scholar.

The woman in black lightly harrumphed and sat back down. Seeing how surprised Zhao Fu was, she felt quite pleased and thought to herself, “I knew things would turn out like this; now you’re scared after knowing our Young Master’s ident.i.ty.”

Long Yang’s expression became quite unsightly; he had never thought that he would meet someone like Bing Qixue here. The other person was more powerful than him, and the faction supporting him was more powerful than his as well, so he naturally could not say anything. He could only coldly harrumph and say, “Bing Qixue, after this Young Master finishes Cultivating the Eight Dragons Divine Art, I’ll definitely challenge you.”

Following this, Long Yang and his women left awkwardly.

Bing Qixue sighed and did not say anything. Everyone else in the hotel looked at Bing Qixue with looks of respect; they had never thought that someone with such a prestigious ident.i.ty wouldn’t mind sharing a hotel with them. They were quite shocked when they saw how amicable he was.

Zhao Fu looked away. He had important matters at hand and did not want to make any trouble, nor did he want to tangle himself with Bing Qixue.


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