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The Lord Is Empire is a web novel produced by 神天衣.
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The final trial was to walk up these stairs. The higher one went, the better the rewards would be. No one had any idea what the rewards would be, but they could all guess that they would be quite valuable.

Each stair was 15 centimeters high and 100 meters wide, and there were already many people climbing up. However, their expressions were all distorted as if there was some sort of power preventing them from advancing.

Zhao Fu looked over and said, “Let’s also go up!”

Xianru nodded, and Nü Lü smiled as she happily hugged Zhao Fu’s arm. Looking at them, Gao Li felt the desire to do the same, but she was quite shy, so she could only follow behind Zhao Fu.

After stepping onto the first stone stair, Zhao Fu felt a very weak power weighing down on his body. To Zhao Fu, it was an incredibly weak power, but to normal people, they would feel an immense force.

Zhao Fu and the three women walked up 1,000 meters almost effortlessly.

There were now fewer people. The pressure weighing down on was now ma.s.sive, and no ordinary people would endure it anymore.

A big and muscular man was covered with sweat, and he breathed raggedly as he yelled, “I can’t do it anymore! This isn’t something humans can endure. Ol’ Zhang, how the h.e.l.l are you able to keep going?”

An honest-looking middle-aged man breathed raggedly and said, “The higher you walk, the more benefits you’ll receive. No matter how difficult it is, we should endure it; that way, minor figures like us will be able to have a chance. We can’t compete with those genius-level people.”

As he spoke, the middle-aged man pointed at a group of mysterious cloaked figures.

The four cloaked figures seemed to be fine and did not seem to be bearing any pressure, and they were walking easily. One of them was even intimately hugging the arm of one of the other people, making countless people around them incredibly shocked. Just how powerful were they? No one could compare to them.

Facing the countless people’s gazes, Zhao Fu and the others did not mind them at all and continued onwards.

As they walked higher and higher, there were fewer and fewer people, and Xianru and Gao Li felt a trace of pressure. However, Nü Lü was still quite relaxed, and Zhao Fu was still completely fine.

After continuing onwards, Xianru and Gao Li both started to feel that it was quite difficult, while Nü Lü also felt some pressure. However, they were able to endure it and arrived at a large stage.

The stage was quite big, and it was ten or so kilometers wide. However, there were not many people there, less than 10,000 or so. This place was tens of thousands of meters high, and looking down, the people at the bottom seemed as tiny as ants.

The ones who could reach this stage were all the most powerful people in the world, and all of them were extremely mighty.

Because there were many people from different races and nationalities, there were different groups of people gathered together.

At the center of the stage, there was a gigantic rainbow orb floating in the air. There were many people standing below it, and they were mainly split into eight groups with the eight Legatees at the centers as if they were moons surrounding by stars.

Zhao Fu walked up but stayed at the outer boundaries, and he saw many people he was familiar with, such as Zhang Heng, Wu Qingniang, Liu Ye, and people from the Ancient Clans.

Almost all the people with great power and authority were gathered here, and most were gathered around the eight Legatees while a small minority were scattered about. Zhao Fu saw Wu Qingniang, but he could not go over or he might be exposed.

There were many men and women around her, and it seemed that her relations with other people were quite good.

Zhao Fu then looked at the eight Legatees, the future saviors of the world.

There were four people Zhao Fu took notice of the most. The first was Tina Pendragon – she had a peerlessly beautiful face, golden hair, and golden pupils. She wore a silver-white knight dress and had a golden sword at her waist. She gave off a powerful aura that made people want to respect her and submit to her.

This woman was undoubtedly his greatest opponent, and this was the first time that Zhao Fu had seen her before.

As such, his gaze lingered on her for a short while, and she seemed to detect this. She turned, looked at Zhao Fu in the distance, and gave a slight smile.

Zhao Fu nodded in response before looking at Akhenaten. Because of where he lived, his skin was quite tanned. He looked quite handsome, and he controlled both a Nation Armament and Clan Armament.

Si Ji was someone Zhao Fu was familiar with because he was also from China, so he only glanced at him and did not pay much attention to him.

The third person was America’s Geoffrey. Before, America had been incredibly low-profile and had not done anything big, acting incredibly weak. However, it had suddenly exploded out and shown its strength.

Geoffrey had short, blonde hair, and he had a brilliant, sunny smile. His entire body seemed to give off light and warmth.

The fourth was Babilon, Babylon’s Legatee. He wore traditional Saudi clothing, and his face was partially covered, making it difficult to see his face. However, it could be seen that his body was very tough and fit.

As the Legatee of one of the four Great Civilizations, Zhao Fu couldn’t help but take notice of him, as Clan Armaments were far superior to Nation Armaments.

Zhao Fu also glanced at the other Legatees but did not take much notice of them. It was just that Masanori Hano, who was simply too bewitching and enchanting, causing Zhao Fu to stare for a bit longer.

Zhao Fu then looked at some of the others, mainly China’s Dynasty Legatees. One of them was the Great Tang’s Legatee, Li Baiqing.

This was the first time Zhao Fu had met him, and he was technically his half-brother. After coming out from the Trial s.p.a.ce, Zhao Fu no longer shunned his ident.i.ty. He coldly smiled; everything from before would be resolved in the future.

“Lord husband, can I go over to the Ancient Clans? I haven’t seen them in a long time and want to go and see them,” Nü Lü asked in a small voice as she hugged Zhao Fu’s arm.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded. After bringing Nü Lü into the Heaven Awaken World for so long, she had not seen anyone from the Ancient Clans. It was only natural for her to miss them, so he agreed.

Nü Lü happily kissed Zhao Fu on the cheek before running over to some people and called out, “Big bro Niu! Lil sis Li! Fatty! Lil Xi!”

Four people had been talking to each other, and hearing this familiar voice, they all looked over. They had all been together since they were young, so they were very familiar with each other.

After hearing this voice and looking over, their bodies froze. Seeing this cloaked figure, they called out uncertainly, “Nü Lü?”

Nü Lü took off her hood, revealing her beautiful face, causing the four people to be incredibly delighted.


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