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With so many Flower Tear Points, Zhao Fu would be able to exchange for many things. Zhao Fu decided to first buy some professions, as the special professions were simply too important to Great Qin, while the special cities would still have to be slowly developed.

Zhao Fu went to the Exchange Stone Stele and redeemed the ocean of Flower Tears for Flower Tear Points and prepared to buy the Human Ghost profession.

“System announcement! The second stage of the Ghost Festival has not yet been released; you are unable to exchange for this reward.”

“System announcement! Your Flower Tear Points can only be used to exchange for rewards for the Ten Thousand Flower Festival. After the Ghost Festival is released, your Flower Tear Points will automatically be converted to Ghost Points at a 10:1 ratio.”

Zhao Fu immediately felt that he had been screwed over; he had to wait till the next day to exchange for the special professions, and his Flower Tear Points would be converted at the rate of 10:1. Zhao Fu felt as if he had worked this entire night for nothing because there was nothing that he wanted from the Ten Thousand Flower Festival.

This made Zhao Fu feel greatly disappointed, and he sighed, deciding not to use the Flower Tear Points for now. At the very least, they would give him a big advantage for the Ghost Festival tomorrow.

Even though the 10:1 ratio was quite annoying, if Great Qin could obtain a ma.s.sive amount of Flower Tear Points today, they might be able to instantly buy the special professions when the Ghost Festival was released. As such, it was still worth it to work hard right now.

Zhao Fu felt much better, and he had the soldiers and residents, who had been working the whole night, to take a rest before continuing to collect Flower Tears.

Time gradually pa.s.sed, and Roserose continued to guide Zhao Fu to find powerful Flower Devils, collecting high-grade Flower Tears. They killed another two Fantasy Flower Devils, obtaining more Fantasy Flower Tears, rare Flower Devil Seeds, and Flower Domains.

By now, it was late afternoon, and the sun was starting to set, dyeing half the sky gold; the ground seemed as if it had put on a golden coat.

Zhao Fu once again returned to Great Qin to calculate their gains so far. By now, one of the three weapons on the rankings had disappeared – it was the third-ranked Chilling Moon Divine Bow; it seemed that the others were working hard too.

Zhao Fu did not care too much about this and continued to kill Flower Devils. Flower Devils continuously died at Zhao Fu’s hands, and he continuously collected Flower Tears.

Around 9 PM, the moon gave off a gentle, silver moonlight that covered the world. At that moment, Roserose suddenly pointed in a direction and said, “Zhao! There’s a very, very, very, very, very, very big Flower Devil over there; it’s very scary. Do you want to go?”

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt incredibly delighted, because this Flower Devil most likely surpa.s.sed Fantasy Flower Devils, which meant immense gains. Of course Zhao Fu had to go.

After flying for a while, Zhao Fu reached his destination. This was a valley, and Zhao Fu did not see a Flower Devil, only a gigantic flower on the ground. The flower looked like a white j.a.panese rose and gave off a faint white light, giving off an elegant aura under the moonlight.

What shocked Zhao Fu was that there was a rainbow-colored Flower Tear at the center of the flower; this was definitely a Flower Devil that surpa.s.sed the Fantasy Flower Devil.

As Zhao Fu walked over, the ground suddenly shook as a Flower Devil climbed out. It was 1,000 meters tall and gave off a mountain-toppling aura; its power surpa.s.sed that of the boss monster of a region and was as powerful as an Aquatic Beast King.

Facing this power, Zhao Fu could not help but become serious, because this sort of monster would not be easy to deal with.

After the rainbow Flower Devil stood up, it roared at the moon before swinging its hand, bringing with it a ma.s.sive wind as it attacked Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu had Roserose climb into his clothes before he quickly dodged the attack and rushed forwards. He slashed out with his sword, causing a sharp and cold sword light to hit the Flower Devil’s body and open up a small cut.

However, countless flowers immediately grew around the small cut, immediately healing it as if nothing had happened. The rainbow Flower Devil’s monstrous power was at least ten times greater than that of a Fantasy Flower Devil’s, making it incredibly hard to deal with.

Zhao Fu did not hesitate and unleashed all of the Great Qin Seal’s power, causing a terrifying demonic flame to rise from his body.

At that moment, the rainbow Flower Devil once again attacked. Countless flowers grew on its body and started to spin, leaving the branches as they flew towards Zhao Fu like incredibly sharp discs. The scene of tens of thousands of these flowers flying together created a terrifying aura.

Zhao Fu activated his Emperor’s Domain but was still forced back dozens of meters by this ferocious attack, and there were now cracks on the Emperor’s Domain.

Zhao Fu’s Emperor’s Domain was cast using his Sovereign Bloodline and had been reinforced by the Domain Pill. It was incredibly tough, but it was now cracked – an ordinary King’s Domain would not have been able to withstand this attack at all.

“Hahh!!” The Great Qin Seal within Zhao Fu’s body continuously trembled as Zhao Fu started to gather the other City Lord Seals’ power. An extremely powerful aura burst forth from Zhao Fu’s body, and he gripped the Sin Dragon Sword with both hands, giving off a blinding sword light as he slashed out, causing five water dragons to roar as they flew towards the rainbow Flower Devil.

Facing Zhao Fu’s terrifying attack, the rainbow Flower Devil also roared and swung out its arms, causing a formless energy to ripple out. The flowers in the surrounding dozens of kilometers quickly gathered, forming a sea of petals above the rainbow Flower Devil’s head, which then flooded towards the five water dragons.


The collision of the flood of petals and the five water dragons gave off a ma.s.sive explosion, and a shockwave blasted outwards. Petals and water flew everywhere, creating a rain of petals and water.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu appeared behind the rainbow Flower Devil and slashed out ferociously. A 100-meter wide sword light, giving off a sharp sword qi, landed heavily on the rainbow Flower Devil’s back, causing it to stumble. It crashed on the ground, a deep gash on its back.

“Roarrr!!” the rainbow Flower Devil howled in pain, and the white j.a.panese rose on its head gave off terrifying ripples as it started to spin and thousands of white rays of light shot out from it.

Zhao Fu was greatly startled, and he quickly sent all of his strength into his Emperor’s Domain as he continuously dodged about.

Those terrifying white rays of light cut apart the entire valley. No rocks or trees were able to stop them and were all cut into pieces.

Zhao Fu climbed out from a pile of rocks, a trace of blood on his lips. His right shoulder was dyed red with blood – just then, the Emperor’s Domain had only lasted for a few seconds before it had shattered, and Zhao Fu was. .h.i.t on his shoulder by a white ray of light.

After being heavily wounded by Zhao Fu and unleashing such a big AOE attack, the rainbow Flower Devil was in an extremely weakened state.

Zhao Fu could not waste this opportunity, and he did not even have time to consume any healing medicines as he rushed up and wildly attacked the Flower Devil. After a few more attacks, Zhao Fu finally killed this rainbow Flower Devil and obtained four items.


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