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The results of this battle made some incredibly happy and others incredibly worried. The Hundreds Schools of Thought let out a sigh of relief, as they had remained neutral and not supported either side. The mocking voices once again disappeared and fell completely silent.

Now, the situation in China had settled. After this ma.s.sive battle, China was still unable to stop Great Qin’s meteoric rise. 400 million soldiers and 7,000 City Lords had died, and five Dynasties had perished. This was the harsh reality.

Within the real world, the Ying family also let out a sigh of relief. Great Qin had been able to withstand this ma.s.sive pressure, and those in the Ying family who had been pessimistic and cowardly were all punished.

Otherwise, if Great Qin’s Legatee found out that there were people in the Ying family who had given up on, the entire Ying family would be sanctioned by Great Qin’s Legatee, and he might not even acknowledge the Ying family anymore.

Those who were punished were punished voluntarily. As long as they could remain within the Ying family and not be chased out, anything was fine.

Even though these people had been punished, they were still part of the Ying family, which was Great Qin’s imperial clan. After joining Great Qin in the future, they would have great benefits.

At the same time, the family leaders hurried over to Zhao Fu’s villa, wanting to know how Great Qin’s Legatee was. At the same time, they wanted to express how he was the pride of their Ying family and someone everyone worshipped, and they also wanted to congratulate him and express their loyalty.

However, the bodyguard stopped them, telling them that Zhao Fu had not yet woken up. The family leaders understood that after the battle, there were still many things to take care of, so they did not mind too much.

However, they did not know that within the room, Zhao Fu’s aura was extremely weak, and his chest was dyed red with blood. Of course, they had no idea that Zhao Fu was Great Qin’s Legatee.

Right now, the s.p.a.ce outside of the Ying family was crowded with all sorts of factions trying to curry favor with the Ying family, congratulating them and expressing their willingness to submit and do anything for Great Qin.

In response, the Ying family’s family leaders disdainfully refused to see any of them. Before, they had avoided Great Qin like the plague, and yet, they were now trying to stick onto Great Qin like tape. Did they really think Great Qin was something that they could join as they pleased?

Facing the Ying family’s disdain, the countless factions could only feel regretful. If they had known this would have happened, they would have chosen to continue trusting in Great Qin. Now, the situation in China had become fixed, and no one could change it. Great Qin was destined to unify China and become an eternal Empire. When that time came, there would no longer be Chinese people, only Qin people.

As such, these factions could only think of various ways to try to join Great Qin. Otherwise, if they waited until Great Qin unified China, they would not have any opportunities.

The largest faction in China was the governmental faction, and even they had to lower their heads to Great Qin. This time, even though they did not have any Dynasty Legatees, they had sent a large number of City Lords and soldiers to attack Great Qin.

They had suffered great losses, and as a country in the real world, they expressed their goodwill to try to salvage their relationship, and they had no intentions of submitting to Great Qin.

Within the Ancient Clans, a few elders smiled as one of them said, “It was your family’s Nü Lü who was farsighted and married Great Qin’s Legatee early, becoming one of his most beloved concubines. That’s why Great Qin and the Ancient Clans’ relationship has been relatively friendly.

“In the future, we should strengthen our friendship with Great Qin; after all, the world is destined to be Great Qin’s. Quickly send gifts to Great Qin; our old bones should go out and meet Great Qin’s world famous Legatee. I wonder what sort of heroic figure he is.”

After hearing about this, Tina Pendragon slightly smiled. However, thinking about how Si Ji had actually tried to work with the World Protectors of two other worlds to kill Great Qin’s Legatee, her expression became quite serious.

When Masanori Hano heard about the results of the battle, she could not help but laugh. Beside her, Shuten-Douji slightly sighed and said, “In the future, he might come to destroy j.a.pan!”

Hearing this, Masanori Hano’s smile faded, and after thinking about it, she started to feel slightly worried.

After looking at the report in his hand, Geoffrey’s expression became extremely serious; what he was concerned about was whether Great Qin’s Legatee was still alive.

Over at Flower Moon, there were a group of women sitting within a hall. Many women wanted Xiao Yueyin to change her mind and give up on the partnership with Great Qin in order to avoid being destroyed.

Su Yuyan could only look at Xiao Yueyin because her opinion could not change anything; saying anything would be useless.

Xiao Yueyin continued to think and did not give any response.

“Big sis, you’ve been thinking for so long, so how come you haven’t made a decision yet? Flower Moon has always maintained neutrality; in actuality, working together with Great Qin has already departed from this. We should once again stay neutral; it’s not a big deal!” a woman in red said, and many other women agreed, hoping that Xiao Yueyin would cut off their relationship with Great Qin.

“Big sis, Great Qin really is doomed this time. I heard that there are even two World Protectors helping to kill Great Qin’s Legatee; how can Great Qin win?” another woman said.

However, Xiao Yueyin continued to think and did not reply to them. Seeing that she still did not make a decision, everyone else felt quite worried.

At that moment, the news of the result of the battle suddenly came in; Great Qin had been able to withstand the attack, making countless women speechless. They all looked incredibly shocked, and even though Great Qin’s Legatee might have died, Great Qin had indeed survived.

If they had abandoned Great Qin, the relationship between Flower Moon and Great Qin would never have been the same again. They all felt quite relieved that Xiao Yueyin had not made a decision in time.

Now, it was inevitable that Great Qin would unify China. As a partner of Great Qin, they would receive great benefits.

Su Yuyan smiled as she looked at Xiao Yueyin, who inwardly let out a sigh of relief. She had been bearing immense pressure to trust in Great Qin. She had even been considering what Flower Moon should do after Great Qin was destroyed.

However, in the end, Great Qin had not let her down and had withstood the attack, and it had set a new status quo. Xiao Yueyin felt that she had now truly seen Great Qin’s Legatee.

However, at that moment, Bai Yue and two or three other women’s faces became extremely pale. They looked at Xiao Yueyin and did not know what to say.

Things were completely different than what they had expected, and now, they almost started crying. However, they still had a trace of hope, and that was only if the information that they had provided had not been leaked.

Xiao Yueyin looked at those women and could tell that they seemed to be hiding something, so she wanted to ask them about it.


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