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This badge was circular ,and the diagram on it was formed with circles. There was a ‘spirit’ character engraved at the center; it was not in Chinese but in the Heaven Awaken World’s most common script. The badge gave off a faint might, and it seemed to be a treasure.

Zhao Fu looked at the badge and could not help but looked shock. This badge was extremely famous and was the top-tier item of the Heaven Spirit Financial Group.

No matter where one was, any faction related to the Heaven Spirit Financial Group would treat one as a VIP and give them all sorts of benefits, such as discounts and free items. They would also enjoy the best service from the Heaven Spirit Stele.

Even ordinary higher beings did not have such badges, and yet they had given him one. Zhao Fu wondered if there was something wrong with his eyes, so he rubbed them and looked again. He saw that the badge was still there. Had the entire Heaven Spirit Financial Group gone mad? Why had they given him such a precious thing?

They had first raised his account to Supreme level and then had given him this Heaven Spirit Badge. Even if they were accidents, this was simply too coincidental.

There was definitely a reason for this, but no matter what Zhao Fu thought about it, he could not work out why, so he just gave up.

Zhao Fu took out the badge and looked at it, and he could not find any problems with it. He then showed it to the golden dragon, who confirmed that there was nothing wrong with it. This was an incredibly pleasant and unexpected surprise.

Originally, Zhao Fu’s account was only the most basic account, as he had not completed any quests. He could only accept Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 quests, but now that his account was Supreme level, he could look at and accept any quest.

He also had many powers, such as receiving discounts and receiving free information. He could also go through quests incredibly easily.

There was also an extra region, which was the Communication Region. Only high-grade accounts had this feature.

One’s account leveled up through completing quests, and normally, people had to complete countless quests to raise their account to a high level. Zhao Fu’s account had instantly been raised to the highest level, making him grin stupidly.

The Communication Region was a place for chatting. There was a chatting hall and private rooms. Creating a private room costed quite a lot, but for Supreme level users, it was free.

All of the names here were subst.i.tuted with runes. Perhaps it could be said that there were only runes here, no names.

Zhao Fu felt quite curious and entered the chatting hall. There were many people talking here; some were giving out requests, others were selling things, and others were debating various things.

The language they were using was the most commonly-used language in the Heaven Awaken World. After all, the Heaven Awaken World was made of many worlds, so it had countless languages and cultures. Without a common language, people would not be able to trade with each other.

Zhao Fu had long since learned this language; this was quite simple, as buying a Language Stone with this language was all that it took.

After entering, Zhao Fu saw a person selling an Intermediate Human grade Art, ‘Demon Art.’ One could display the stats of an item here. Zhao Fu found that this Art was quite suitable for Zhao Sha, and it was a Human grade Art, which surpa.s.sed SSS grade Arts. It was definitely quite powerful.

The people here did not lack money at all, so the method of trading was mostly using bartering. This person selling the Art required five Ghost Spirit Jades, which were top-quality Epic grade materials. Great Qin had obtained some during the Ghost Festival, so Zhao Fu felt that it was quite worth it getting the Art.

As such, Zhao Fu wrote out a few words and sent them into the Communication Region, saying that he wanted to trade with that person. In the next instant, a sentence giving off rainbow-colored light, as well as an Emperor’s domineering aura, appeared in the Communication Region.

Immediately, the bustling chatting hall quietened down. Zhao Fu was quite startled, as he had never thought that a Supreme level account would have such special effects when talking.

“Holy c.r.a.p! There’s a higher being in the chatting room? That really scared me!”

After a short period of silence, a person sent a message in surprise. Only higher beings could possess Supreme level accounts, and such people stood at the peak of the entire Heaven Awaken World. Countless people could only look up at them.

After the first person spoke, more and more people joined in.

“It… It really is a higher being. This little one, Minotaur Mountain’s Zhang Xiaohua is lucky to meet you.”

“Erm, higher being, are you lacking any female attendants? I’m still a virgin, and I’m willing to serve you. I promise you’ll be satisfied!”

“Higher being, I’m so happy to meet a grand figure like you, so happy! I can’t believe a grand figure came here.”

“Look at you all, can’t you act with more dignity? Erm higher being, are you taking any disciples? I have Human grade talent, and I’m very good at being a good disciple. I promise I’ll treat you hundreds of times better than I treat my own dad; please take me as your disciple!”

Zhao Fu felt incredibly speechless. Before, all of them had all been talking confidently and domineeringly; after all, anyone who can access the Communication Region was quite powerful. However, they were now talking incredibly servilely, and to Zhao Fu, who wasn’t even a higher being.

Even though Zhao Fu was not sure what had happened, he suspected that his Supreme level would be taken back soon. When he crashed back down to the most basic level, he would not be able to enter the Communication Region anymore.

As such, he had to quickly use this Supreme level account to obtain some benefits. Zhao Fu said, “I need the Demon Art, who was selling this before?”

Countless messages once again flowed in, asking Zhao Fu if he needed this or that. Some people tried to get closer to him, but he ignored them, and he saw the person selling the Demon Art immediately propose a trade.

A screen appeared before Zhao Fu, and he took out five Ghost Spirit Jades and placed them inside. The other person had never thought that a higher being would directly trade with him, and his mind went blank. To be able to trade with someone like this, his heart could not help but race.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing that the other person was taking a long time, Zhao Fu sent over a private message.

That person was standing there, his heart beating furiously. After seeing this message, he immediately sent over the Art and completed the transaction, obtaining five Ghost Spirit Jades.

Only then did that person realize what he should have done and regretted his actions; being able to talk a higher being was an immense opportunity, but he had wasted this opportunity. If he could have become friends with that higher being or received even a bit of advice, that would have been ma.s.sive gains.


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