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Read The Lord Is Empire Chapter 107 – Great Qin’s 10 Departments

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Read WebNovel The Lord Is Empire Chapter 107 – Great Qin’s 10 Departments

Chapter 107 – Great Qin’s 10 Departments

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

After arriving outside, everyone who had been waiting for him let out a sigh of relief. After all, Zhao Fu had been inside for 10 days, and they couldn’t help but worry. When they saw Zhao Fu finally come out, they could put their minds at ease.

Seeing how bloodied Zhao Fu was, Bai Qi quickly went over to support Zhao Fu and asked worriedly, “Your Majesty, how were you injured so heavily?”

By now, Zhao Fu’s injuries had stabilized, but he was still relatively weak. He smiled and gave a simple description of the things within the historical remnant, causing everyone to be astonished.

After returning to the Great Qin Village, Zhao Fu made a full recovery after one or two days. He then returned to the Ratfolk Village and had a look around. The Ratfolk Village was a Silver grade Village, and now, Zhao Fu had five Silver grade Villages.

Following this, Zhao Fu went to the Ratfolk Barracks and found three Profession Change Stone Steles.

[Ratfolk Soldier]: F+ grade Military, Description: Soldiers among Ratfolk, Effect: Receives [Attack Sabre Technique].

[Ratfolk Archer]: E- grade Military, Description: Archers among Ratfolk, Effect: Receives [Precise Archery].

These two military professions were quite ordinary, and Zhao Fu did not pay them much attention. However, Zhao Fu was quite curious about the third profession.

[Scout]: D- grade Military, Description: Ratfolk who are extremely sensitive to their surroundings, Effect: Receives [Detection].

After seeing this profession, Zhao Fu realized that this was how they had been discovered earlier. This profession would be quite important in future battles.

Zhao Fu decided to leave 2,000 Ratfolk in the village and took the other 2,000 to the Great Qin Village. It wouldn’t be too dangerous for them to be here considering how difficult it was to attack the place and the teleportation channel that was built.

Over at the Bronze Concentrate Mine, Zhao Fu took back 500 soldiers, as the surrounding 100-kilometer radius area was now under the Great Qin Village’s control, so there was no need to be as worried as before. Moreover, after such a long time, Zhao Fu’s total population had reached a bit over 27,000 people, so Zhao Fu decided to increase his army to 6,000 soldiers.

At the same time, the Great Qin Village now had 110,000 EXP and was 40,000 EXP away from becoming a Town. Zhao Fu was also 200 Achievement Points away from becoming a Second-Ranked Baron.

Since the Great Qin Village was about to become a Town, they couldn’t continue developing like it was a village. The first thing for them to do was to build proper walls, which required them to excavate rocks.

For the next few days, Zhao Fu and Bai Qi took a look at the surrounding mountains and found a good material for the walls. The material was called Whitesteel Rock, and it contained some metallic properties. As such, it was tougher than normal rocks and would be good for building walls.

They also drew a detailed town map and made precise plans. That way, there wouldn’t be any problems with the future development of the Great Qin Village. Right now, the Great Qin Village was placed in the middle of many Normal grade Villages.

There were also four important villages to the north, south, east, and west of the Great Qin Village, which protected the Great Qin Village. These villages were all Silver grade Villages and had decent potential.

In the future, Zhao Fu would also use this sort of development strategy to defend the Great Qin Village. After all, the Great Qin Village was the foundation of everything, so he needed to give it absolute protection. The Great Qin Village was something absolutely necessary for reviving the Great Qin Empire in the future, so it held an incredibly high position in Zhao Fu’s heart.

Of course, Zhao Fu would not personally take charge of the construction – he left this to the Gnomes and Dwarves. The Dwarves were knowledgeable about construction and the Gnomes were proficient in engineering, so they would work quite well together.

Zhao Fu also realized that because the Great Qin Village would become a Town soon, they would also need to make changes to the management structure. After discussing with Bai Qi and Li Si, Zhao Fu decided to create a few departments.

The first was the Construction Department, which would be in charge of all construction and maintenance.

The second was the Residential Department. Zhao Fu had almost 30,000 villagers, and he needed a comprehensive census register. A census register was not just to keep records of residents, but it would also help them better manage the people. Therefore, a nation had to have a census register.

The third was the Research Department, which would be in charge of research and development.

The fourth was the Agricultural Department. Right now, arable land was essentially under military control, so no one owned the land. The Agricultural Department would not only be in charge of crops but also the management of medicinal plants, fruits, and vegetables.

The fifth was the Animal Department, which would be in charge of animals. The department would be in charge of raising and feeding warhorses and breeding livestock. Not all creatures were sp.a.w.ned by the system in the Heaven Awaken World, so some kinds of livestock have to be bred.

The sixth was the Equipment Department, which would be in charge of managing and creating military equipment.

The seventh was the Medicine Department. This department was not only in charge of refining medicinal pills but also responsible for creating medicine and healing the injured.

The eighth was the Military Department, which would oversee all military matters. This would be managed by Bai Qi, and as the Great Qin Village developed, Bai Qi would return to his role as Chief Commander.

The ninth was Internal Affairs Department, which would manage the various matters within the villages. This was similar to the Executive branch in most governments, and the department would be managed by Li Si. Li Si had been the Prime Minister of the Qin Empire, so he was quite suitable for this role.

The tenth would not be disclosed to the public: the Night Department, which only the high-ranking members of the Great Qin Village would know about.

The Night Department would be the organization, and its full name was ‘Eternal Night.’ Zhao Fu wanted it to be a shadow that would forever stay out of sight and be an eternal night that would strike fear into countless people.

Currently, Eternal Night already had 150 people. These 150 people had gone through various tests set by Zhao Fu, and they had finally pa.s.sed the initial trial in the historical remnant.

However, most of these people only had the B grade Juvenile profession. Only five of them obtained the A grade Mature profession – these people were the crème of the crop. Only after they pa.s.sed did Zhao Fu find out that the only requirement to pa.s.s was to kill three Underworld Demons.

They were not like Zhao Fu, who had powerful Legacies and powers – they all relied on their own strength and received heavy injuries to kill three Underworld Demons. This greatly shocked Zhao Fu.

Out of these five people, four of them were male and one of them was female, and Zhao Fu already knew three of them.


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