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Chapter 145 – Xianbei Tear

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

After receiving so much EXP after conquering this Advanced Village, the Great Qin Town would most likely level up after conquering a few more of them. However, it was a pity that Advanced Villages were quite rare, and finding a single one was already quite lucky. Most of the villages that they found were Basic Villages, then Intermediate Villages, and finally Advanced Villages.

As for Towns, even if every region was as big as an entire province in the real world, there would be less than 160 Towns in a region.

After going through all of the system announcements in his mind, Zhao Fu focused his mind on taking care of the restaurants again.

Back at Xianbei Village, Bai Qi looked up at the tear-like object descending from the sky, the Xianbei Tear. He caught it and looked at its description with a curious expression on his face.

[Xianbei Tear]: The heavens pitied the Ancient Fallen Clans, allowing them to appear in the Heaven Awaken World. This is their final chance, and it is their final fate. Now that their village has been conquered, their fates have been decided. Because Xianbei Village was conquered, it means that its fate has been fused or devoured, and the item created, the Xianbei Tear, symbolizes the grief of the clan.

Effect: Can be fused into items or can summon people. 100 Xianbei Tears can fuse into a Gold grade item or summon an S grade Xianbei person; 1,000 Xianbei Tears can fuse into a Legendary grade item or summon an SS grade person; 10,000 Xianbei Tears can fuse into an Epic grade item or can summon an SSS grade Xianbei person. Xianbei tears cannot fuse any further than 10,000 Xianbei Tears.

After looking at the Xianbei Tear’s information, Bai Qi put it in his spatial ring and decided to give it to Zhao Fu when he returned. He felt that Xianbei Tears weren’t very useful – after all, they had to conquer 100 Xianbei Villages before they could even fuse a Gold grade item or summon an S grade person.

This showed that Xianbei Tears weren’t very valuable. Just those 100 villages alone would be worth tens of times more than those 100 Xianbei Tears.

It was only the Epic grade item or SSS grade person that was somewhat attractive, but they required too many Xianbei Tears – 10,000 in total. That meant that they needed to conquer 10,000 Xianbei Villages.

This would be incredibly difficult, and it was simply impossible at this point in time. As such, Bai Qi decided that the Xianbei Tears wouldn’t be very useful, as it would be incredibly difficult to gather them and would only be useful at later stages.

The greatest gains this time were the 7,000 or so people. Zhao Fu had told Bai Qi about the Qin Resistance Alliance, which was quite dangerous, especially the School of Vertical and Horizontal. As someone who had lived during the period of the Hundred Schools of Thought, Bai Qi knew how terrifying those people were.

The current generation of the Vertical branch had shown its intent, and it was unknown if the Horizontal branch condoned this behavior. Now, Great Qin had to rapidly develop to face any future threats.

After taking a short rest, Bai Qi brought the 7,000 captives back to the Great Qin Town. After all, with so many captives, it would be difficult for them to do any more exploring.

After taking care of the matters in Red Plum Plains, Zhao Fu returned to the Great Qin Town at the end of the day.

The second day, Zhao Fu went to the Apothecary Shop and saw that after a day of resting, Tuoba Qing had completely recovered. Her complexion was ruddy and did not look weak or sickly at all. The Blood-Refining Spirit Medicines she had taken yesterday had been very effective.

However, this was only temporarily. If she lacked spirit medicines, her body would become weak again. However, with Zhao Fu looking after her now, there was not much to worry about.

Right now, Tuoba Qing had been reunited with Wu Ling, Wu Qing, and Yue Zhongchang, all of whom were incredibly happy that Tuoba Qing had recovered.

Seeing Zhao Fu walk in, they all felt incredibly grateful and somewhat awkwardly paid their respects to him. Now that they were living in Great Qin, they had to learn the rules of etiquette. Because they weren’t used to it, their movements seemed quite awkward.

Seeing the four of them, Zhao Fu lightly smiled and nodded as he said, “Come with me!”

The four youths had no idea why Zhao Fu had come to find them, so they could only curiously follow behind Zhao Fu. They went through a teleportation channel, leaving the Great Qin Town, and arrived elsewhere.

There were many Ratfolk standing guard here, and it was the first time that the youths had seen so many Ratfolk, making them quite nervous. After all, Humans and Outlanders were normally quite antagonistic towards each other, so they couldn’t help but feel a bit apprehensive upon seeing so many Ratfolk.

However, when they saw how respectful the Ratfolk were towards Zhao Fu, they slowly grew less scared of them. Following this, the four of them went with Zhao Fu to a large hall. There was nothing within it except a stone stele.

“Place your hands on it and see if you can change your profession,” Zhao Fu said.

The four youths nodded and placed their hands on the stone stele, following which their bodies flashed with light.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu felt quite excited – from the beginning, Zhao Fu had wanted to develop them as After all, they were agile and quite suited to this profession, so he decided to bring them to see if they could receive the acknowledgment of the stone stele.

Since they had received the acknowledgment of the Profession Change Stone Stele, they had the potential to become As for the trial to kill Underworld Demons, Zhao Fu decided to have them wait for a while. Their cultivations were quite low, and it would be quite difficult for them to kill the Underworld Demons.

As such, Zhao Fu did not allow them to go on, but he was quite confident in their strength and potential. This was especially so for Tuoba Qing.

Following this, Zhao Fu took out the remaining seven equipment sets. They were all equipment sets that would become more powerful as their owners became more powerful, and Zhao Fu, with his Lord’s Ring, would be able to draw more power from them. Thus, he wanted to find owners for them as soon as possible.

Zhao Fu briefly explained the uses and effects of the equipment sets, and from how valuable the equipment sets were, the four youths could tell how much Zhao Fu valued them. They were incredibly excited and grateful, and all of them had their own thoughts. For example, Wu Ling silently vowed that when he became strong, he would definitely repay Zhao Fu.

Tuoba Qing’s heart felt quite warm, and she felt that she would never be able to repay Zhao Fu in her lifetime.

As for Wu Qing, she thought that perhaps that it was because Zhao Fu wanted her body that he was treating her so well.

As for Yue Zhongchang, he would do whatever Zhao Fu told him to do. The shadow that Zhao Fu had left in his young heart was simply too terrifying.

After placing those seven equipment sets in front of the youths, they all closed their eyes and used their hearts to sense them, choosing one that was suitable for them. In the end, they chose the Void Equipment Set, Light Equipment Set, Blood Equipment Set, and Terror Equipment Set.


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