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Read The Lord Is Empire Chapter 260 – Great Qin’s Anger

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Chapter 260 – Great Qin’s Anger

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

As for Great Shun, it had developed fairly quickly during that period as well. This was because of Su Yan’s advice, and now, Great Shun’s population had reached 80,000. There were 40,000 indigenous residents and 40,000 players – this ma.s.sive force was enough to become the number one player faction in Green Apricot.

However, they were pestered and thwarted by a faction called Evil Fang in all sorts of areas, causing Li Mu and the rest of Great Shun to greatly despise this faction.

Evil Fang was the faction that Zhao Fu had created, and he had mainly built it up from hooligans and thugs. Its main job was just to make trouble for Great Shun.

Within Great Shun’s restaurant, a few people who had been eating suddenly flipped the table and loudly cursed, “This food is so G.o.dd.a.m.n bad!”

After yelling, these people wanted to go around the restaurant and make trouble, but they were quickly stopped by a few of Great Shun’s guards. A fight broke out, and the troublemakers were quickly killed without harming a single person from Great Shun.

In actuality, the food was quite good, but Evil Fang’s people used these sorts of despicable methods to interfere with Great Shun’s businesses. Those who died were all players who were given a large amount of money – after all, they wouldn’t die a true death. This had already happened a few times, and Great Shun was now on its guard. However, the effects of what had just happened were quite great – seeing the corpses and blood on the ground, how could anyone continue eating? The other patrons all quickly paid and left, and most probably wouldn’t return.In one of Great Shun’s dessert shops, a person walked out, ate one of his desserts, suddenly started foaming at the mouth, collapsed on the ground, and started to spasm.

“Great Shun’s desserts are poisoned! Don’t eat them, everyone! Look, this person died after eating their desserts!” someone immediately yelled.

This yell immediately drew the attention of countless other people. Seeing this scene, all of them resolved to never buy desserts from this shop. The beautiful boss of the shop walked out and angrily looked at the scene in front of her, and she prepared to order some people to grab the person faking his death on the ground.

The person on the ground realized this and immediately ran off, and a few guards went to chase after him. The beautiful boss immediately explained to the crowd what was happening to regain some of the shop’s reputation, but this sort of thing had already happened many times.

At Great Shun’s equipment store, Great Shun sold some ordinary equipment and bought good materials.

Suddenly, a few people marched onto the street while beating a gong and drums and yelling, “Great Shun’s equipment is complete garbage, and all of their equipment is defective. Don’t be tricked, everyone!”

A few guards immediately rushed out, wanting to catch these people, but the troublemakers immediately turned tail and ran. The guards could only angrily curse, and the boss came out to explain to the crowd what was happening.

Of course, the people who were trying to interfere with Great Shun’s businesses were from Evil Fang. Great Shun did all it could to prevent these things, such as sacrificing some profits to only do business with indigenous residents. However, Evil Fang started recruiting thugs and hooligans from indigenous residents, and it used all sorts of despicable methods to hinder Great Shun’s development.

Great Shun wanted to retaliate by using similar despicable methods to deal with the faction behind Evil Fang, but they didn’t discover any of Evil Fang’s shops.

Zhao Fu had long since expected this, so he had made it almost impossible to discover any links between Evil Fang and his shops. He had even given up on some of his businesses in Green Apricot.

The other families didn’t actually provide much help, as they didn’t want to make great sacrifices by directly fighting against Great Shun. However, they were still able to somewhat restrict Great Shun.

They understood that they couldn’t allow Great Shun to develop too quickly, or they would be destroyed. At the same time, they had received some support in terms of items from Zhao Fu, so they had to help suppress Great Shun somewhat.

Today, Li Mu was finally able to buy out a few of Evil Fang’s people and discover their meeting location. He personally brought some people over and kicked open the door of the meeting place. Seeing the people inside and thinking about the things that they had done to Great Shun, Li Mu decided to release all of his pent-up rage.

“Kill all of them; spare no one!” Li Mu roared murderously with a savage expression.

There were roughly 500 to 600 Evil Fang members within the building, and their cultivations weren’t very high. They were only some thugs and hooligans, so they couldn’t have very high cultivations, while Li Mu had brought Great Shun’s elites, 1,000 soldiers who had roughly Stage 0-6 to Stage 0-7 cultivation.

When they heard Li Mu’s command, Great Shun’s soldiers charged in, while Evil Fang’s people became terrified and tried to flee.

After this ma.s.sacre concluded, all of Evil Fang’s people were killed, while only 30 or so people from Great Shun were injured. Great Shun suffered no casualties.

Seeing the corpses on the ground, Li Mu’s anger still wasn’t relieved. He gave the order for these corpses to be hung on trees outside the city and announced, “This is the result of anyone who dares to offend Great Shun!”

The soldiers obeyed and hung the 500 to 600 corpses within a forest outside the city.

The corpses were bound to trees with ropes and covered with wounds and blood. Adding on their tortured expressions from before they died and the crows and eagles that feasted on their corpses, most people didn’t dare to go near that terrifying place.

This incident shocked everyone in Green Apricot, and many families no longer dared to act against Great Shun any longer. All of the factions fell silent and didn’t dare to make a single sound.

After Li Mu’s display of might, no one dared to join Evil Fang anymore, and those who were lucky to escape that disaster all left Evil Fang and didn’t dare to act against Great Shun any longer. Just like that, Evil Fang fell apart.

Now, within Green Apricot, Great Shun’s prestige rocketed to a new point, and no one dared to oppose them. Anyone who ran into people from Great Shun would lower their heads, and with their 80,000 people, Great Shun had become the official number one faction in Green Apricot.

Li Mu quickly released another statement – those who were cooperating with that mysterious faction and had anything to do with that faction would be opposing Great Shun, and Great Shun would annihilate their entire families. Anyone who didn’t want to die should cease all cooperation with that faction.

Those murderous words caused all of the smaller factions working with Zhao Fu to cut off all relations with him in terror, and the large families all became incredibly uncertain. The large families decided to talk together.

“What do you all think? I think we shouldn’t cooperate with that person anymore. After all, he’s just using us to fight against Great Shun, and this isn’t good for us at all. We’ll just defend our main cities and cede Apricot City to Great Shun. If they have enmity between them, let them resolve it themselves,” one of the family leaders said earnestly to the others.

The other family leaders also felt that they couldn’t fight against Great Shun directly -this was extremely detrimental to them, and even if that mysterious person was Great Ming’s Legatee, their greatest problem right now was Great Shun. They could no longer do anything to Great Shun, much less directly oppose it, so the other family leaders all agreed.

When this news reached Great Qin, it caused Great Qin to erupt with anger!


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