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Chapter 279 – Battle Cries Shaking the Heavens

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

“Gather our forces and head towards Whiteleaf City!” Hồ Ming said in an extremely cold voice, causing those around him to feel a quiver in their hearts. The soldiers obeyed and immediately went to gather their forces.

The surrounding Vietnamese players couldn’t help but feel excited, and they knew that something big was about to happen. Countless players also decided to go – with a City Lord leading the way, what did they have to be afraid of?


Over at Whiteleaf City, a scholarly-looking middle-aged man asked, “Were there any losses from the treasury?”

There were two men and one woman beside him, who were the three Great Generals of Whiteleaf City, and one of the male Generals replied, “Luckily, we discovered him in time and lost nothing.”

The scholarly-looking middle-aged man was Whiteleaf City’s City Lord, Bai Rusheng. He coldly harrumphed, “Those barbaric people dare to come to our City Hall to steal things? They don’t put Whiteleaf City in their eyes at all.”

“City Lord, we’ve already taught that person a lesson,” one of the Generals replied.

Suddenly, a soldier rushed in and loudly reported, “City Lord, things are looking bad! Flowing Water City has brought a large number of troops to attack us!”

“What?” The anger that Bai Rusheng had just quelled rushed up again. “They just tried to steal from our City Hall, and now they want to attack Whiteleaf City? Let’s see if Flowing Water City has the ability to do so.”

Hồ Ming led 80,000 soldiers to attack Whiteleaf City and left 20,000 to defend Flowing Water City. He knew the gravity of the situation, so he also put up quests and gathered one million players outside Whiteleaf City.

There seemed to be a sea of people outside Whiteleaf City, but the city gates were tightly shut. The soldiers stood seriously on the city walls, and the atmosphere was incredibly tense.

Bai Rusheng went to the city walls, and when he saw so many people, even he was shocked.

At that moment, Hồ Ming stood in front of his ma.s.sive army and yelled, “Hand over the person who killed my adoptive father, or I’ll raze Whiteleaf City!”

When he heard this, Bai Rusheng felt furious and replied, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but don’t push us too far. Raze Whiteleaf City? What a joke! Do you really think that we’re afraid of you?”

Hồ Ming laughed in his extreme anger and replied, “You’re trying to cover it up? Apart from Whiteleaf City’s people, who could kill my adoptive father? If you don’t hand over the person right now, I’m going to attack!”

Bai Rusheng also laughed and replied, “Do your best then!”

There were usually many conflicts between the two main cities, and each had its own grievances. The death of the elderly man was like the spark that lit the fuse, and neither of the two City Lords tried to take a step back or give in even slightly.

“You’re seeking death!” Hồ Ming stomped his foot, leaving a large crater in the ground. He rose into the air and shot over like a cannonball while Bai Rusheng coldly harrumphed and drew his sword to meet him.BOOM!!!

The two City Lords started a shocking battle as the soldiers below also started to attack. The 1.8 million people on the Vietnamese side flooded towards Whiteleaf City, giving off terrifying sounds like that of an ocean, and the surrounding ten-kilometer radius area was filled with noise.

Whiteleaf City started to put up emergency quests to gather players to help defend the city.

Swish, swish, swish…

Countless arrows flew out densely from Whiteleaf City, descending like a torrential rain. Countless people were hit by these arrows, and they died on the spot.

Normal players weren’t very strong, and because they had no chance of defending against Stage 1 soldiers’ arrows, they were usually instantly killed.

However, there were simply too many people, and the countless arrows were unable to stop the flood of people. Soon, waves of arrows started to shoot up at Whiteleaf City’s defenders from below.

It was impossible to see just how many arrows were shot up at them, and all of them gave off a sharp aura that made people’s hairs stand on end. The firepower from below was able to completely suppress Whiteleaf City’s defenders on the city walls.

Seeing this, the attackers below felt incredibly excited about breaking through the city and the rewards they would receive, and they started to yell in excitement, their battle cries shaking the heavens.

Whiteleaf City’s three Great Generals stood on three different sides of the city walls with serious expressions. They raised their weapons and used some sort of skill to cause Whiteleaf City’s city walls to give off a brilliant white light as white leaves shot out from the city walls.

These white leaves were shaped just like normal leaves. However, they were created from white light, and there were inscriptions on all of the leaves. They traveled incredibly quickly and were abnormally sharp.

The white leaves soon clashed with the approaching army, and the white leaves were like sharp blades that tore through countless people’s bodies, causing blood and flesh to fly everywhere. The battlefield became incredibly gory, and it caused the ma.s.sive army to finally slightly pause.

However, the Vietnamese side’s soldiers weren’t weak at all. A large number of Shieldbearers rushed up, raising their shields and connecting them, and the shields gave off a faint blue light and formed a wall of light. This wall of blue light looked quite weak, and it was as if touching it would destroy it. However, it was able to completely stop the white leaves, allowing the flood of people to continue approaching Whiteleaf City.

Ma.s.sive explosions sounded out from above. Bai Rusheng held a sharp sword while Hồ Ming wielded a spear as they continuously launched attacks at each other.

Bai Rusheng’s sword created a large wave of sword light and hacked towards Hồ Ming, creating a ma.s.sive gust of sword wind. Even the soldiers who were far away could feel how sharp that attack was.

In response, Hồ Ming roared, and the muscles on his arms bulged as he gripped his spear and slashed out with it. The air seemed to explode as a formless wave of energy swept towards Bai Rusheng.

BOOM!!!A ma.s.sive explosion resulted from the sword wind and energy wave colliding, and a wild gale blew in all directions that even slightly affected the battle beneath them.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two City Lords continuously clashed, and both had received quite a few injuries. Both of them had blood flowing from their lips – this was the true strength of experts with cultivations above Stage 4.

Their battle became more and more intense, and both started to use terrifying items.

Bai Rusheng raised his hand as he roared, his hair in disarray. The entire sky shook as a ma.s.sive amount of white light shot out, and a snow-white cube-shaped jade seal with a leaf engraved on it appeared.

Hồ Ming’s expression became savage, and he raised his hand and roared as the colossal sound of waves appeared. Countless streams of water vapor gathered towards Hồ Ming as a blue, cube-shaped iron seal with a water snake engraved on it appeared.

The appearance of the two City Lord Seals caused the sky to dim, and an even more terrifying battle erupted.

In the distance, Zhao Fu watched this scene in shock, and he felt that both sides were incredibly powerful. This battle lasted for seven or eight hours before Whiteleaf City emerged as the victor.

This was because Whiteleaf City possessed the advantage of battling within its own territory. They had many defenses prepared, which made it incredibly difficult to attack. Moreover, apart from their 100,000 Stage 1 soldiers, they had 300,000 or so indigenous residents and 1.5 million players.

Hồ Ming’s forces weren’t weaker than Bai Rusheng’s, but because he had to leave a portion of his forces at Flowing Water City to defend, it was impossible to defeat Whiteleaf City.


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