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Read The Lord Is Empire Chapter 285 – Mysterious Treasure Box

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Chapter 285 – Mysterious Treasure Box

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

This Bloodnight Leopard could be developed into a battle beast and be used as a mount, which was quite good. A Stage 3 Lord grade juvenile did indeed have great potential.

“Four million silver coins!”

This was the first time someone from a Sovereign room had made a bid. It was an elderly woman’s voice, and it caused the auction hall to fall silent. No one dared to make a bid – after all, not only was she a City Lord, but this person also outbid the reserve price by three million silver coins. This wasn’t something a normal person could contend against.

“City Lord Xu, this must be for your darling granddaughter, right?” a middle-aged man asked from another Sovereign room.

The person who had made the bid was City Lord Xu, and she laughed and confirmed this. None of the other City Lords made a bid, so City Lord Xu was able to purchase the Bloodnight Leopard for four million silver coins.

Afterward, more and more items were brought out, and they were sold for incredibly high prices, making everyone feel incredibly excited and envious.

The 41st item was a 30-centimeter long tooth. It was as white as jade and gave off traces of chilling qi, and after taking it out, the temperature in the auction hall fell by a few degrees.

“This is an Ice Elemental Beast’s tooth, and it is a Legendary grade material. It can be used to create Ice type equipment. The reserve price is five million silver coins.”

This was the first Legendary grade item that had been auctioned so far that wasn’t a reward from a system event. After the elderly man introduced this item, everyone stared at the tooth in shock.“Heavens! That’s a Legendary grade material! It’s the first time I’ve seen one, and it feels so powerful!”

“Hahaha, I got to see a Legendary material today. Looks like I didn’t come for nothing; I’ll be able to boast about it when I get back.”

“Ahh, it’d be great if I had that much money to buy it!”

The auction hall instantly became lively and noisy, and everyone excitedly spoke – the impact left on them by the Legendary grade material was simply too great.

“Six million silver coins!”

People from the Sovereign rooms started to make bids, and everyone else could only watch on. Whether it was power or wealth, they couldn’t compare to these people.

The 12 Sovereign rooms were all full, representing that there were at least 12 City Lords present. All of the grand figures from the surrounding regions were here, and the compet.i.tion among them was incredibly terrifying. Each bid would be at least one million silver coins higher than the last.

“12 million silver coins!”

“13 million silver coins!”

“15 million silver coins!”Very soon, the Ice Elemental Beast’s tooth reached 17 million silver coins. A normal Legendary grade material was worth around ten million silver coins, and a price of 17 million silver coins was already quite expensive. As such, there were fewer and fewer people bidding, and soon, only four remained.

“18 million silver coins!” someone said from one of the Sovereign rooms. It was difficult to tell if it was from a man or a woman.

Now that the price had reached such heights, the other three people started to hesitate and consider whether they wanted to continue.

“20 million silver coins!” someone calmly said from one of the unremarkable private rooms, causing everyone present to gasp and wonder which suicidal idiot had made the bid.

Of course, Zhao Fu lacked Legendary grade materials too, but he didn’t have the ability to forge them. However, he could store them for now and wait. After all, Rhode could already forge Gold grade equipment, and because Rhode would be able to forge Legendary grade equipment sooner or later, Zhao Fu wasn’t worried.

The voice from the private room surprised the people in the Sovereign rooms, but that genderless sounding person said in the same tone as before, which was neither calm nor angry, “21 million silver coins!”

“23 million silver coins!” Just as the genderless voice made a bid, the person in the private room once again made a bid in a calm voice.

When the genderless voice bid again, it contained a trace of anger. “25 million silver coins!”

Everyone else in the auction hall gulped – the wrath of a City Lord was terrifying, and the other three people who had been bidding watched on in amus.e.m.e.nt and stopped bidding.

After the genderless voice bid in anger, the person from the private room no longer made any bids – it seemed that he knew when to retreat, and this disappointed those who were hoping to watch a good show.

Within the private room, Zhao Fu wiped his mouth after sipping his tea. He wasn’t afraid of that City Lord; rather, the price was already quite expensive for an Ice Elemental Beast tooth. When he saw that the genderless-voiced person was determined to buy this item, Zhao Fu stopped making bids.

In the end, the Ice Elemental Beast tooth was sold to the genderless voice for 25 million silver coins.

The next item was slowly carried out – it was a box that was 30 centimeters long and seemed to be made out of wood. It was covered with intricate carvings and gave off a violet light, making it seem quite mysterious.

The elderly man smiled as he introduced it, saying, “This is a Mysterious Treasure Box that will give one a Legendary grade piece of equipment when it is opened. The reserve price is eight million silver coins.”

This box was quite dependent on luck – it could give a good Legendary grade piece of equipment or a fairly poor Legendary grade piece of equipment. However, since it was guaranteed to be a Legendary grade piece of equipment, it was bound to be sold for a lot.

“Ten million silver coins!” Right after the elderly man introduced it, someone made a bid. Everyone in the Sovereign rooms was interested, and those in the Sovereign rooms started to bid.

The price quickly surpa.s.sed that of the Ice Elemental Beast tooth, and it reached 26 million silver coins, at which point some people gave up.

“27 million silver coins!” A gloomy voice sounded out from a Sovereign room.

“28 million silver coins!” A woman’s voice sounded out from another Sovereign room.

“30 million silver coins!” A coa.r.s.e voice sounded out from another Sovereign room.

This price was already quite monstrous, and the ordinary people could only watch these last three people fight it out.

Everyone watched on nervously and excitedly as they continued to raise the price.

“32 million silver coins!” Suddenly, that calm voice from that unremarkable private room sounded out again, causing everyone to look towards that part of the auction hall.

“Fudge, that fellow dares to bid? Does he want to die?” some people muttered.

The people in the 12 Sovereign rooms looked at that private room in interest.

The MC of the auction also looked over at the private room in surprise and asked, “32 million silver coins, going once. Is there anyone else who would like to make a bid?”

The coa.r.s.e voice sounded out again. “33 million silver coins!”

“35 million silver coins!” That calm voice once again sounded out, shocking everyone. They had thought that he would just give up like last time, or perhaps he just wanted to attract attention. However, no one had thought that he would continue bidding.

At the same time, everyone felt quite curious – did that person really have that much money, or was he an idiot? Could he be some grand figure?


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