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Read The Lord Is Empire Chapter 481 – Splitting The Heavens

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Chapter 481 – Splitting the Heavens

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

At that moment, the Rock Giant had already appeared above Shi Jian’s head. It slammed down its palm with immense force, creating a gravitational field that covered everything within 1,000 meters.

Shi Jian couldn’t dodge, so he had to once again block with his saber.


The ma.s.sive force cause Shi Jian’s body to be blasted into the ground like a rubber ball. The sheer force of Shi Jian’s body hitting the ground caused the ground within 100 meters of him to collapse.

However, Shi Jian still used his body to protect Shi Wen. After suffering from the violent tremors and receiving some damage, Shi Wen, who had also breathed in the Dream Incense, gradually woke up.

Shi Wen opened his eyes and looked at his blood-covered father as he stared in surprise before quickly asking, “Dad, what happened?”

Shi Jian’s face was covered with blood, but he compa.s.sionately smiled, wanting to say something.


A ma.s.sive figure landed beside them, causing the ground to shake. Shi Wen looked up, a terrified expression on his face as he saw the Rock Giant ferociously staring at them.

The Rock Giant wouldn’t show any mercy to the two people in front of it. It lifted its ma.s.sive foot and stomped towards the two of them, wanting to turn them into meat paste.

Shi Jian pushed Shi Wen away with great difficulty and roared as he gripped his saber with both hands, exploding out with an intense azure light and blocking the Rock Giant’s foot before dodging away.


Suddenly, an extremely terrifying power exploded out from behind the Rock Giant. A pillar of demonic qi rushed up into the clouds, causing the sky to be covered with demonic qi. The sun seemed to be dyed black, making it seem like a demonic sun that gave off boundless demon’s might.

A gust of immense sword qi spread out, and it gave off an aura that seemed to be able to destroy everything. A black-cloaked figure appeared in the air, and the figure held a sword that gave off a soul-devouring black light, giving off an aura that seemed to be able to kill G.o.ds.


A shocking explosion sounded out, seeming to cause the world to tremble. A black sword light that was 10,000 meters long flew out, seeming to split the heavens and creating black cracks in s.p.a.ce.

The Rock Giant was incredibly startled, and it wanted to block. However, it was too late. It was. .h.i.t by the black sword light, which easily cut open its body. The Rock Giant roared from the pain, shaking the heavens.

A ma.s.sive amount of green blood flew everywhere, and there was a savage wound on the Rock Giant’s back that almost split it in two.


The Rock Giant powerlessly half-kneeled on the ground. Despite suffering such a severe injury, it still had some lifeforce – it could be seen just how st.u.r.dy the Rock Giant was.

Zhao Fu stopped attacking because the Rock Giant was no longer a threat. Just then, Zhao Fu had used his Clan Armament and City Lord Seal; otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to deal such a ma.s.sive amount of damage.

Now that he had taken down a few other Legatees, Great Qin had gathered an immense amount of Fate. As such, it was alright to occasionally use the Clan Armament. Moreover, if he killed the monster boss of a region, he would obtain a large amount of Fate anyway.

The Rock Giant had already received many injuries after fighting with Shi Jian for so long, and it had used up almost all of its strength. That was why Zhao Fu’s sudden attack had been able to have such great effects.

Zhao Fu’s original plan was to have the Rock Giant and Shi Jian fight and then deal a sudden attack to Shi Jian using the Death Dagger and Poison Dragon Liquid, which would be able to easily kill him.

However, because Zhao Fu had become so much stronger, he changed his plan and decided to kill both Shi Jian and the Rock Giant.

Now, it was no longer necessary for him to use the Death Dagger and Poison Dragon Liquid.

Zhao Fu stood in the air and looked at the dying Rock Giant with his blood-red eyes. There was a strange emotion within his heart, and he said, “If you choose to surrender, I can spare you!”

Even though Zhao Fu wanted to spare the Rock Giant, the Rock Giant weakly replied, “You humans can go die!”

After speaking, the Rock Giant raised its fists, preparing to attack.

It was a pity that there was barely any strength left in the Rock Giant’s dying body, so even raising its fists was incredibly slow.

Zhao Fu didn’t waste any words. He easily dodged the Rock giant’s attack and went to its head. He slashed out ten or so sword lights, chopping off the Rock Giant’s head, after which its ma.s.sive body crumbled into rocks.

A ray of light suddenly flashed and flew away, and Zhao Fu didn’t have time to see what the Rock Giant had dropped before he also turned into a black ray of light and blocked Shi Jian’s way.

“Did you really think that you could escape?” Zhao Fu asked as he coldly looked at Shi Jian, who was carrying Shi Wen.

Shi Jian’s expression was quite grim, and he said, “Sir, it’s best that you don’t act too ruthlessly; the three other City Lords won’t just watch on.”

When he heard him, Zhao Fu couldn’t help but laugh, “Really? Then why haven’t they come?”

Looking at how confident Zhao Fu seemed, Shi Jian felt a sinking feeling – something must have happened. Logically, the three of them should have arrived by now, but they still weren’t here yet.

“Dad, who is he? Why is he determined to kill us?” Shi Wen angrily looked at Zhao Fu. He still had no idea who Zhao Fu was.

Shi Jian sighed and said, “He’s the Dynasty Legatee you offended before.”

When he heard this, Shi Wen’s expression greatly changed, and he became quite panicked. However, he quickly calmed down and said, “What happened before was my fault, and it was the Qian family’s plan. I’ve already destroyed the Qian family, and if you’re willing to spare us, Heavenstone City is willing to provide you with compensation!”

Shi Jian looked at Shi Wen, and seeing that he had become much more mature, he rea.s.suredly smiled as he said, “That’s enough, Wen’Er. He won’t spare us. I’ll stall him, so you should run.”

“No! Dad, I’m going to stay here. I have Stage 2 strength, so I can at least help you.” Surprisingly, Shi Wen chose to stay – it was clear that he truly loved his father.

The love between a father and a son? Zhao Fu coldly looked at the scene before him and raised the Sky Demon Sword before slashing out, causing a ten-meter long black arc of light to fly towards them.

Shi Jian coldly harrumphed, and his body exploded out with azure light as he prepared to counterattack.

However, at that moment, Zhao Fu clenched his fist, and a few rays of azure light shot out from between his fingers. Shi Jian’s face became pale because the thing inside Zhao Fu’s clenched fist was the City Lord Seal shard, which Zhao Fu had obtained after their last battle.

Now, both sides gave off azure lights, but Shi Jian’s azure light gradually disappeared. This was because a City Lord Seal wouldn’t attack itself, and since Zhao Fu controlled the City Lord Seal shard, the City Lord Seal viewed him as its owner as well.

Now, the City Lord Seal automatically stopped releasing power – only if it was reunited with the shard would it once again give off power.

This was a battle for the position of City Lord – anyone who had a piece of the City Lord Seal could partic.i.p.ate, and the winner would obtain the position of City Lord. This was why Shi Jian’s face had gone pale.


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