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Chapter 1535: Four Paths

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Even though Zhao Fu quite liked beautiful women, he was not an incapable ruler. He was not willing to sacrifice so many soldiers to help the Fishman World in exchange for a few women.

The gifts were far from enough to motivate Zhao Fu to act; after all, Great Qin was incredibly prosperous and Zhao Fu’s harem was filled with countless beautiful women.

The beautiful middle-aged woman had never expected Zhao Fu to refuse so resolutely. However, Great Qin was the only one in the surroundings who could help them. There was also the second Wind G.o.d Empire next to them, but with how inhumane the second Wind G.o.d Empire acted, if they went as amba.s.sadors they would most likely die.

Even though Great Qin could be cold-blooded and ruthless, it was benevolent to amba.s.sadors and those who surrendered. That was why they were willing to come to Great Qin.

Now that Great Qin had refused, there was no one who could help the Fishman World; this caused the beautiful middle-aged woman’s expression to become quite unsightly.

One of the women behind her with long blue hair and a dignified aura said, “With Great Qin’s might, it definitely has the power to help us. Please send people to defend our Fishman World. We will do our best to serve you.”

The two other women also pleaded, saying, “Please save the Fishman World, Your Majesty; we’ll serve you with everything we have.”

Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he said calmly, “There is simply too much risk. If you were close to Great Qin, things might be possible, but that is not the case. We cannot agree.

“With your position, with the Devil Horn Empire to the left and the second Wind G.o.d Empire below, and their ambition, they definitely will not spare your Fishman World. As such, your Fishman World will be destroyed sooner or later.

“As such, it’s better to submit to Great Qin earlier. Great Qin can help you all relocate into Great Qin; Great Qin has a water world of its own – you Fishman people probably do not like living on land, so that place will suit you.”

The beautiful middle-aged woman and the three others understood that Great Qin would not help them so easily. Their expressions were somewhat grim, but they were quite moved that Great Qin was willing to relocate them.

They understood that given that the Fishman World was between two large factions, it would not be able to survive for long. As such, right now they had four paths.

The first was to submit to the Devil Horn Empire, but the Devil Horn Empire was incredibly cruel and bloodthirsty. The second was the submit to the Wind G.o.d Empire. However, the Wind G.o.d Empire was also incredibly murderous and killed anyone they wanted to. The third was to submit to Great Qin, who treated people who submitted quite well.

The fourth path was to leave this place and go elsewhere to live. However, that might not be necessarily any better than the current situation. As such, having Great Qin, which was so terrifying, protecting them seemed quite attractive.

However, this matter related to an entire world, so they could not make the decision. Now that they knew that Great Qin would not just help them, they could only say that they would go back and consider it.

Zhao Fu did not keep them and continued to discuss the matter of attacking the Gla.s.s World with his subordinates.

The next day, Great Qin gathered an army, which gave off a grandiose and terrifying aura as they attacked the Gla.s.s World.

The Gla.s.s World had built a defensive wall and gathered eight billion soldiers to defend the world. All of their expressions were quite nervous, and the atmosphere became incredibly heavy.

The Devil Horn Empire also started to gather their army, wanting to attack Great Qin from the right. Of course, they were only gathering their forces – they were not so kindhearted as to defend the Gla.s.s World for nothing.

They wanted to wait until Great Qin attacked the Gla.s.s World before acting. That way, they would be able to reduce their losses from fighting, and they would be able to pincer Great Qin along with the Gla.s.s World. That situation would be quite advantageous for them.

If Great Qin dared to attack, they would deal a heavy blow to Great Qin and show Great Qin their might.

However, what was surprising was that Great Qin sent out two billion soldiers, which split into two armies. The first army invaded the Gla.s.s World while the second army defended against the Devil Horn Empire to the right.

Great Qin’s one billion soldiers would be able to deal with a new world with no problems. However, one billion soldiers against the Devil Horn Empire evidently would not be enough.

Great Qin and the Devil Horn Empire both left behind forces to defend against the second Wind G.o.d Empire. This time, the Devil Horn Empire had mobilized two billion soldiers to attack Great Qin, which was one billion more than Great Qin.

However, Great Qin did not show any fear. Zhao Fu personally led one army while Bai Qi led the other, and they gave off a ma.s.sive aura of killing and conquering as they split up.

The army that Zhao Fu led quickly faced off against the Devil Horn Empire. Both sides gave off world-shaking auras, and all of the soldiers had resolute expressions. One side was dressed in green armor while the other was dressed in black armor.

Zhao Fu had brought Gui Ji with him, and they stood in the air together, causing Yao Ming’s expression to become quite unsightly. Even with his Nation Armament, he did not dare to fight them, as he would have to face two people.

Yao Ming was quite familiar with Great Qin’s methods by now and had made various preparations. However, since Great Qin had dared to defend against him with just one billion soldiers, it had to mean that they were hiding something, so Yao Ming became wary.

Great Qin had finished getting into a defensive formation, and if he was too wary and did not attack, Great Qin would achieve its goal and would be able to easily destroy the Gla.s.s World.

After thinking about it, Yao Ming decided to use the long-furred Demon Race to first scout out the enemy.

Large people covered with black fur giving off dense demonic qi walked out from the army. Looking at Great Qin’s army, their expressions became serious as they roared towards the sky.

Ma.s.sive amounts of demonic qi flowed out of their bodies as they unleashed ma.s.sive auras, causing a wild gale to blow.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

The long-furred demons punched the ground, causing the ground to crack, and demonic qi flowed out, forming humanoid demons. They had single horns and black, steel-like fur, as well as claw-like hands and feet.

There were one billion or so of them, and they gave off dark demonic qi as they shot towards Great Qin’s army.

Facing the one billion incoming demons, Zhao Fu felt quite disdainful, and he raised his hand as eight golden and glittering crystals flew into the sky.

“Skree! Skree! Skree…” Ma.s.sive birds’ cries sounded throughout the sky as the eight ma.s.sive crystals turned into eight golden birds that burned with golden flames and gave off brilliant light. Eight searing auras exploded out and boundless light filled the world as if there were eight suns razing the world.


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