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Read The Lord’s Empire Chapter 1614 – Rhinoceros Lake

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Chapter 1614 Rhinoceros Lake

A Rhinoceros person hurriedly replied in fear, “We come from the nearby Rhinoceros City and have been ordered by the City Lord to loot anyone pa.s.sing here.”

Zhao Fu nodded and continued to ask, “Is there anything special about your City? Or do you have any ancestral items or G.o.dly spirits? As long as you’re willing to tell me, I can spare you all.”

The Rhinoceros people quickly thought. They had seen Zhao Fu’s group’s power and were scared out of their wits. Hearing that they could live, they would be willing to do anything.

At that moment, another Rhinoceros person said, “Our City has a Rhinoceros Lake nearby. We often bathe there and it has slight benefits to our bodies. It is a treasured land of our City.

“Rumors say that an incredibly Rhinoceros person fell there, creating the Rhinoceros Lake. Maybe it will be of use to sir.”

Zhao Fu smiled and said, “Take me to that lake; I want to have a look. I’ll release you all after.”

Hearing this, the Rhinoceros people nodded in delight.

Zhao Fu had the others stay here while he took a few Rhinoceros people and flew into the air. An hour later, they arrived in front of a lake.

This lake was a few thousand meters wide and looked like a ma.s.sive crater. It contained a formless energy.

There were currently many Rhinoceros people swimming or bathing within the lake, and many Rhinoceros children played in the water. The sun s.h.i.+ned high in the sky and the lake reflected the light, creating a harmonious and blissful scene.

Just as Zhao Fu planned to go up and examine the lake’s power, a Rhinoceros woman holding a child’s hand looked at the Rhinoceros people behind Zhao Fu and said, “Why are you back so early? Where’s my husband?”

The Rhinoceros people looked at each other and did not know what to say. They could not directly say that he had been killed by the person in front of her, and they were also worried about Zhao Fu being displeased.

Zhao Fu ignored this Rhinoceros woman and came to the lake. He stretched his hand into it and sensed the lake’s power.

This power contained an intense Rhinoceros person aura but it felt somewhat weak. It would not be enough to awaken a Rhinoceros person totem, and Zhao Fu frowned and felt quite disappointed.

The Rhinoceros people hurried over to Zhao Fu and did not reply to the woman.

Seeing that the Rhinoceros people ignored her, the woman felt quite angry and came over to the lake as she said loudly, “Didn’t you hear me talking? Also, who is this cloaked person? Don’t you know you can’t bring outsiders here? I’m going to tell the City Lord later and see how he deals with you.”

Hearing the woman yell out, the Rhinoceros people felt quite startled and were worried that Zhao Fu would become angry.

After the woman finished speaking to the Rhinoceros people, she turned to Zhao Fu and said loudly, “Who are you? Don’t you know this is our Rhinoceros people’s territory?”

Zhao Fu turned to look at this crude and unruly woman and waved his hand, sending out a sword light.


The sword light was extremely fast and directly sliced the woman in half. Blood splashed everywhere as the woman’s corpse fell to the ground and her organs spilled out.

The Rhinoceros people were incredibly shocked and their hair stood on end as they looked at Zhao Fu in terror. What they were worried about had happened.

“I’ll kill you!” Seeing that his mother had been killed, the seven or eight year old child felt furious and looked at Zhao Fu hatefully as he raised his little fists and disregarded everything as he charged at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu was expressionless as he once again waved his hand. Another sword light shot out and chopped off the little boy’s head, and his headless fell to the ground while his head rolled into the lake, staining the water.

Seeing Zhao Fu ruthlessly kill the woman and child, the other Rhinoceros people by the lake furiously charged over.

Zhao Fu condescendingly looked at the incoming Rhinoceros people. He waved his hand and a ma.s.sive sword light slashed out, chopping the incoming Rhinoceros people into pieces, causing blood to flow into the comics on our

As the lake was dyed red, Zhao Fu felt the lake’s power increase by a tiny bit, making him feel quite delighted. Zhao Fu looked at the other Rhinoceros people around the lake and grabbed with his hand.

Clang, clang, clang…

Chains containing immense power shot out from within the water and ferociously shot towards the Rhinoceros people.

The chains brought with them great power as they pierced through the countless Rhinoceros people bathing, playing, or was.h.i.+ng in the lake, and cries sounded out as their corpses were dragged into the water.

After killing so many people, the power in the lake had greatly increased, but it was still not enough.

Zhao Fu looked at the terrified Rhinoceros people behind him and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. Go back and take your families and leave; don’t blame me if you take too long.”

The Rhinoceros people understood what Zhao Fu was going to do and thanked him in fear before hurrying off to the Rhinoceros City.

A while later, Zhao Fu entered the Rhinoceros City and started a ma.s.sive ma.s.sacre. He let out 50,000 Darkness Soldiers and slaughtered the 100,000 or so Rhinoceros people in the City, not sparing a single person.

After killing so many people, Zhao Fu collected their corpses and threw them into the lake.

Now that there were so many corpses within the lake, the pristine water had become blood-red and gave off a gory stench.

Zhao Fu entered the lake, went to the center, and exploded out with a ma.s.sive attractive force as he absorbed the blood-red water’s power.

The ma.s.sive amount of power continuously flowed into Zhao Fu’s body, and he quickly absorbed it. The energy also somewhat improved his const.i.tution as well.

In the end, all of the power was absorbed by Zhao Fu, and he felt a pain on his back as a blood-red Rhinoceros person totem appeared on his back.

Zhao Fu grinned as he came out of the lake. This lake had become a lake of death and did not have any life within it. Corpses floated within the water, looking quite terrifying; those corpses’ blood and flesh power had all been absorbed by Zhao Fu.


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