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Read The Lord’s Empire Chapter 163 – Hobgoblins

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Read WebNovel The Lord’s Empire Chapter 163 – Hobgoblins

Chapter 163 – Hobgoblins

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

After recovering for three days, Zhao Fu’s external injuries had healed quite quickly because of the three Flower Spirits. However, it would take him quite a long time to recover from the internal injuries.

On this day, Zhao Fu took off his blood-stained clothes and put on a new cloak. He started to walk towards Ninesun City in the north, which was the closest to him. As for the three Fairy Spirits, they flew around him as they followed him, and when they were tired, they would rest on his shoulders.

Seeing how carefree and without worries they were, always in high spirits, Zhao Fu admired them quite a lot. Soon, he entered a jungle.

“Zhao, don’t go forwards; it’s dangerous ahead. It’s better if you go around,” Roserose, who was sitting on his shoulder, suddenly said.

Zhao Fu stopped and asked in surprise, “What’s ahead?”

Sitting on his other shoulder, Lilylily explained calmly, “There’s a historical remnant as well as many terrifying Goblins. We’ve been there before!”

“There are also Minotaurs!!”

Sitting beside Lilylily, Peachy cried out in fear. After speaking, she realized that she had spoken too loudly, and her face became bright red as she hid behind Lilylily.

“Historical remnants?” Zhao Fu became quite interested because there were usually great benefits to be gained at such places. Now that he had somewhat recovered, Zhao Fu wanted to have a look, so he said to them, “Hide in my cloak for now; I want to go and take a look!”

“Zhao, you have to be careful!” The three Flower Spirits dove into his cloak but poked their little heads out to see what Zhao Fu was going to do.

Following this, Zhao Fu used his profession skills and soundlessly entered the jungle. Soon, he arrived in an empty area.

There was a dilapidated structure in the middle of the empty area. Most of the structure was already gone, but because the historical remnant was still incredibly large, it stretched on for as far as the eye could see. At the front of the historical remnant were two words on a gigantic boulder. Of course, Zhao Fu could not read those two words, so Lilylily told him that they were ‘Ro’ and ‘Lan.’

There were many types of Goblins within the Rolan Historical Remnant that Zhao Fu had never seen before. They all looked incredibly ferocious, and their skin was a different color. Some were pale white while others were grey-black.

Some of them held clubs that was quite large on one end, making it look like a hammer. What’s more, the club’s material looked even tougher than iron, and it would be able to cause a lot of blunt damage.

There was another type with wicker baskets on their backs, which were filled with rocks. These rocks were for throwing, and because of how large they were, normal creatures would have their bones broken from being hit. They were most likely a ranged-type of Goblin.

The final type held a sharp sword. There were not many of these Goblins, but the auras they gave off were quite powerful. They seemed as powerful as 10 Goblins.

These three types of Goblins were listed as Goblins, Goblin Rock Throwers, and Hobgoblins.

These Goblins were not gathered together, and they were instead scattered in small groups. There weren’t any patrols, so it seemed that there wasn’t a Chief grade existence leading them.

Because there were practically no defenses, Zhao Fu became incredibly happy. He decided to have a look inside the historical remnant before leaving.

“I want to deal with the monsters here. Can you wait for me outside?” Zhao Fu lowered his head and spoke said to the three Flower Spirits. He was worried that they would become terrified of him if they saw him ma.s.sacre these Goblins because they were pure and kind creatures, so he wanted them to wait outside the jungle.

“Don’t worry, Zhao; we’ll stay with you and help you get rid of these scary monsters,” Roserose said as she looked up and smiled at Zhao Fu while the other two nodded.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu didn’t worry about this anymore and started to move.

Zhao Fu first went to a corner and planned to attract some Goblins over. With his current strength, he would not be able to ma.s.sacre all of them together – even in his strongest state, he wouldn’t be able to do such a thing. Moreover, this was only the outermost region of the historical remnant, and who knew what terrifying creatures there were within it. As such, it was best to keep a low profile for now.

Zhao Fu ducked behind a large tree and threw a pebble. The pebble hit a rock, immediately drawing the attention of a few Goblins.

Because Zhao Fu had many Goblin subjects, he was able to learn the Goblin language through the Language Stone Stele. As such, he was able to understand them.

“Eh, there’s something over there. Let’s go have a look,” an ordinary Goblin said.

Hearing this, another Goblin lying on the ground lazily replied, “So what if there is? Nothing to do with us as long as it doesn’t go in. What should we eat for lunch?”

“Let’s catch a few chickens. It’s been a long time,” one Goblin Rock Thrower said excitedly.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

When the others heard what the Goblin Rock Thrower said and thought of how delicious chickens were, they immediately nodded and agreed.

The Goblins started to talk about lunch, completely forgetting about the noise from before. Hiding behind a tree, Zhao Fu felt incredibly awkward. What was wrong with these Goblins?

Following this, Zhao Fu threw out another pebble, which thudded against a tree.

“Eh, there’s more noise. Are we really not going to have a look?” The Goblin who had first spoken once again suggested taking a look.

“Don’t bother; it’s so troublesome. Just ignore it,” another Goblin said as he frowned because he didn’t want to be inconvenienced.

The other Goblins all nodded, and the Goblin who had originally spoken once again forgot about this matter.

Zhao Fu started to feel more and more annoyed. The three Flower Spirits covered their mouths, trying not to laugh.

Zhao Fu picked up a few more pebbles and threw them directly at the Goblins.

The pebbles flew quickly through the air, hitting a few Goblins in the head. They instantly jumped up and roared, “G.o.ddamit, which b.a.s.t.a.r.d threw those?”

Following this, they furiously looked towards where Zhao Fu was and raised their weapons as they furiously walked over, vowing to destroy that b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

Seeing that he had finally drawn the Goblins over, Zhao Fu inwardly let out a breath of relief.


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