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Chapter 340 – Siege

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

“Alright! No matter what you want us to do, we’ll do it,” the middle-aged Kobold said excitedly. This was their only opportunity to escape, and they definitely couldn’t miss it.

Doke smiled and replied, “It’s nothing much. If you can just open a city gate while His Majesty is attacking, you’ll have given us a lot of help. Of course, even if you don’t do anything, you can choose to run away while His Majesty is attacking.

“You can choose which course of action you want to take. If you choose to help us, you’ll immediately receive His Majesty’s protection and be able to live a better life. His Majesty treats Kobolds quite well. If you choose to run during the chaos, that’s fine too, but you won’t have anyone protecting you.”

The middle-aged Kobold was quite surprised – he had expected that they would want them to make a disturbance on the inside while they attacked, but he had never expected that they would be given the option to not do anything and escape. This showed the strength of their side, and adding on Doke’s Legendary grade spear, he truly understood how powerful this force was.

It definitely wouldn’t be easy to obtain the protection of such a powerful force, and seeing that Doke was doing quite well, the middle-aged Kobold decided to help Great Qin.

However, the middle-aged Kobold was only one of the leaders in the community, and there were ten or so other ones. The Orcs definitely wouldn’t allow a single leader to unite them all, as that would make it too easy to cause a revolt.

As such, the middle-aged Kobold immediately ordered his followers to secretly let the other leaders know about this.

At that moment, Doke sternly reminded him, “This matter is incredibly important, and it can’t be leaked no matter what. We need all of the leaders to agree, and if anyone tries to betray the others, make sure you immediately kill that person!”

The middle-aged Kobold understood how important this was, and he sincerely nodded. He first met with some of the more trustworthy leaders and talked with them before gathering the others.

Doke and Old Logue also stayed for a while to prevent anything unexpected from happening. Luckily, all of the Kobold leaders were excited to join Great Qin.

Afterward, Doke left some weapons with them, after which he and Old Logue went to the Goblins and did the same thing. They found a Goblin leader and convinced him before allying the other leaders as well.

They ran into some minor problems on the Goblin side – two of the Goblin leaders felt that the Orcs were too powerful and that Great Qin wouldn’t be able to defeat them, and they even showed signs of wanting to report this to the Orcs. As such, all of the other Goblin leaders immediately killed them.

After completing this, Doke and Old Logue went back to report to Zhao Fu. Upon hearing this, Zhao Fu grinned and gave the order to activate the isolation barriers, and a formless energy locked down the 100-kilometer radius area around Orc City.

This greatly surprised the Orcs who were about to use the teleportation channels. Before they could work out what was happening, Zhao Fu gave the order to attack, and they quickly conquered the Subsidiary Villages nearby.

The Subsidiary Villages only had a few hundred Orcs each, and a few waves of arrows killed them easily. Zhao Fu didn’t know if they had taken in any Hidden Evil, but using the white smoke was too slow because they needed to deal with them quickly.

Soon, Zhao Fu and his army had reached Orc City, as had Bai Qi, w.a.n.g Jian, and We Liao, and they surrounded it in four directions.

Each of them had 12,000 people, and wanting to take down a city with over 200,000 residents seemed impossible. This was even more so because their forces were scattered; if they were grouped together, they would be more effective, but Zhao Fu had other plans.

Zhao Fu ordered his soldiers to take out the ballistae, which could shoot very high and far, and they had bundles of Hidden Evil bound to the ballistae bolts.

When Orc City found that its Subsidiary Villages were being attacked, the Orcs had immediately closed the city gates, and Orc soldiers went to the city walls.

When Gunador heard of this, he immediately hurried to the city walls, and when he saw that familiar figure, he felt incredibly furious. He no longer hid anything and instead roared, “You despicable human, you dare to bring soldiers to attack our city? After I kill you, I’ll skin you and turn your skin into a carpet!”

When he saw Gunador’s terrifying appearance now, which was devoid of its courtesy and peacefulness, he laughed. They had completely burned all bridges, and there was nothing to worry about now.

Zhao Fu loudly laughed, “Old man, you’re far too confident!”

Gunador coldly smiled as he replied, “Foolish Human, you think you can take down our city with just this many people? Keep dreaming!”

“Really, now?” Zhao Fu smiled as his eyes glinted coldly as he ordered, “All soldiers, fire!”

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

The ballistae shot out powerful ballistae bolts, and they tore through the air and approached Orc City like a dense black cloud.

Gunador was greatly startled and immediately had his soldiers raise their s.h.i.+elds to defend. However, they soon found that they weren’t the targets of the bolts. Rather, these bolts flew high above them and into Orc City, and there was white smoke trailing behind them.

The white smoke spread throughout Orc City, and before Gunador could respond, another wave of bolts shot out that were once again aimed at the rest of the city. These bolts only streamed white smoke and didn’t burn, so it didn’t seem like they were trying to set fire to the city.

At first, Gunador only felt confused as to why Zhao Fu was having his soldiers shoot ballistae bolts with smoke. However, after seeing Orc soldiers breathe in the white smoke and collapse with looks of pain on their faces, he realized that their symptoms were just like the ‘plague.’

Immediately, Guandor realized something, and his face became incredibly savage as he murderously glared at Zhao Fu and roared, “Human, I’ll cut you into a thousand pieces and make you beg for death!”

Zhao Fu disdainfully laughed – Gunador was only making a few empty threats before he died. Zhao Fu then ordered his Archers to tie Hidden Evil branches to their arrows and start firing as well.

The white smoke started to become denser and denser, and Gunador raised his wooden staff, causing it to s.h.i.+ne with a green light.

Zhao Fu could tell that Gunador was trying to do something, so he drew the Great Spirit Roc Bow that he had long since prepared. He aimed at Gunador before releasing a violet streak of light. The arrow was incredibly fast, and it reached Gunador in the blink of an eye.

Gunador could only dodge to the side, and even though he had successfully dodged the arrow, it had stopped his casting. The white smoke continued to billow, and almost all of the Orc soldiers at the city walls had fallen, writhing on the ground in pain.


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