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Chapter 353 – Goblin King

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

“Goblin King?” This was the first time that Zhao Fu had encountered an intelligent creature with ‘King’ in its name. He had encountered animals with this t.i.tle before, such as ‘Gray Wolf King’ and ‘Black Forest Horse King,’ but not for intelligent creatures.

The aura that the Goblin gave off was very powerful, and what shocked Zhao Fu even more was that he really could sense a faint King’s Power from its body. No matter what sort of creature it was, anything that was related to ‘King’ would be quite powerful.

When he saw that the Goblin King would soon clash with his soldiers, Zhao Fu took out an Evil-Crus.h.i.+ng Spear and sent his King’s Power into it. The Evil-Crus.h.i.+ng Spear s.h.i.+ned with a bright silver light, and arcs of electricity appeared around it and gave off terrifying energy ripples. Zhao Fu loudly yelled before throwing the Evil-Crus.h.i.+ng Spear.


An explosion sounded out as the Evil-Crus.h.i.+ng Spear turned into a ma.s.sive ray of silver light, seeming to be able to pierce through everything as it shot towards the Goblin King.


The Goblin King swung his large machete, sending out a wave of light that hit the approaching ray of light. A ma.s.sive explosion sounded out, and the energy turned into a ma.s.sive gale that swept across the surrounding 1,000-meter radius area.

“Hurry up and leave!” Zhao Fu ordered. By now, Zhao Fu was certain that the Goblin King really did have King’s Power – could it be that this Goblin was a true King? It was the first time that Zhao Fu had met another King!

Just this Goblin King alone was enough to kill all 300 of his soldiers, and there were also another 2,000 Goblins.

Zhao Fu knew that they were doomed to lose and that they had to find another method to deal with these Goblins. Zhao Fu ordered his soldiers to start escaping towards a mountain valley – he completely hadn’t expected to encounter a King in this Silver grade village.

The Goblin King was incredibly fast and bloodthirsty, and everything that blocked his way was split into pieces by his large machete. If they didn’t restrict the Goblin King’s speed, he would definitely catch up with Zhao Fu’s party.

Zhao Fu suddenly thought of a summoning skill he had and said, “G.o.dly h.e.l.l’s Doors!”

Zhao Fu raised the Sky Demon Sword, and a black light shot into the sky. A faint rumble sounded out as a ten-meter wide black hole appeared as traces of demonic qi streamed out.

“Roar… Roar… Roar…”

Little demons who had wings and pitchforks roared as they rushed out of the black hole. These little demons’ strength was near Stage 1, and there were 100 or so of them. They flew in the air and evilly looked at the Goblin King before rus.h.i.+ng to attack him.

Facing these little demons, the Goblin King ferociously roared and brandished its machete, sending out ma.s.sive waves of light and splitting many little demons into demonic qi.

Facing the Goblin King, the little demons were unable to retaliate at all. However, they served their purpose as cannon fodder and successfully slowed down the Goblin King. Zhao Fu and his soldiers took this opportunity to rush towards the valley nearby.

The Goblin King slashed down, and a ma.s.sive wave of machete qi split apart the final three little demons, after which the Goblin King continued to lead the 2,000 Goblins to chase after Zhao Fu and his soldiers.

After reaching the valley, Zhao Fu felt more relaxed because the situation had now been largely resolved, and he immediately ordered his soldiers to start setting up.

Very soon, the Goblin King and the 2,000 Goblins arrived, and the Goblin King continued to charge towards them without a care in the world. After all, these Goblins were incredibly unintelligent, and they gave no thought to their actions.

Traces of ghostly qi rose up from the ground. Because this valley was quite narrow, the 2,000 Goblins were bunched together. Now, the Hundred Ghost Illusionists cast the Dark Ghost World, and they were able to cover all of the Goblins.

However, the Dark Ghost World was unable to stop the Goblin King at all. He instantly charged out of the ghost qi-filled region and gave off a ferocious air as he rushed at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu narrowed his eyes as he continued to run into the valley, leading the Goblin King away as the 300 soldiers dealt with the ordinary Goblins.

Because most of the Goblins were bunched together, the soldiers outside of the ghostly qi-filled region continuously rained down bolts with bows and ballistae, completely slaughtering the Goblins.

Within the inner regions of the valley, Zhao Fu stood in the air and looked at the Goblin King charging at him. He wasn’t afraid – even though the Goblin King had King’s Power, so did he. What’s more, he had his King Profession and the power of his City Lord Seal, so he started to attack.


Zhao Fu drew the Sky Demon Sword and turned into a ray of black light as he shot towards the Goblin King. His sword gave off a boundless sword light as he vigorously slashed downwards. The Goblin King quickly swung his machete, causing it to give off a sharp machete light.

A ma.s.sive sound rang out as the two energies collided, resulting in a shockwave that caused the ground to crack and for small rocks and gra.s.s to be sent flying.

Facing Zhao Fu’s full-strength attack, the Goblin King was forced to take a step back. His strength was clearly inferior to Zhao Fu’s, but at that moment, the Goblin King’s crown s.h.i.+ned with a faint golden light, and a majestic aura spread out.

Immediately, it was as if a powerful energy had entered the Goblin King’s body. His aura became even more powerful, and he swung his machete at Zhao Fu incredibly quickly. Zhao Fu immediately blocked, but he was still sent flying back dozens of meters before he stopped himself, a trace of blood leaking out of his mouth.

Zhao Fu’s gaze became serious as he found that the Goblin King’s strength mainly came from that crown. The feeling that the crown gave him was like that of a King Armament, but it seemed somewhat different than a King Armament.

If this really was a King Armament, Zhao Fu would have to consider using his Nation Armament. This was because King Armaments were simply too powerful – back then, the mysterious Skeleton in the underground region only had a King Armament Shard, but it had immense destructive power.

King Armaments were of varying quality and strength, and because that King Armament Shard contained Ancient King’s Power, that was why it had been so powerful.

The aura that this crown gave off was inferior to that shard, but it was still a complete King Armament – it might be hiding some sort of King’s Power.

Zhao Fu decided not to use his Nation Armament for now, and he decided to see just how powerful this King Armament was.

Zhao Fu once again raised his sword, and a black and gold seal that gave off a ma.s.sive aura appeared above Zhao Fu’s head. Traces of a black aura streamed out of it, entering Zhao Fu’s body.

Zhao Fu unleashed the Great Qin Seal’s full power, and he stood in the air, his black cloak fluttering despite there being no wind. The aura that he gave off became terrifying to the extreme as if it had become corporeal, and it weighed down on everything around him. Some of the more fragile rocks instantly shattered, while gra.s.s and plants around him were flattened to the ground.

“G.o.dly Demonic Thrust!” Zhao Fu held the Sky Demon Sword high as it gave off a demonic light. A ma.s.sive image of a sword appeared in the air, causing the wind and clouds to stir, and the sword descended.


A ma.s.sive explosion sounded out as the ma.s.sive sword image slashed at the Goblin King. The power it gave off seemed to be enough to split the entire valley in two, and it sent the Goblin King flying and created a 100-meter long sword gash on the ground.


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