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Read The Male Main’s Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me Chapter 56 – Star Quality

The Male Main’s Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me is a web novel created by Mu Kong.
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Chapter 56: Star Quality

As soon as she exited from the elevator, Su Yayan heard a melodious voice singing. She walked in the direction of the singing and saw a dozen young, beautiful girls in the practice room.

A female teacher in her early forties sat in front of the piano. Sometimes, she was playing an excerpt of a song, and other times she paused to talk to the girls. It looked like she was teaching these future young female artists singing techniques.

Although the female teacher was teaching them enigmatically, the reactions of her audience were different. Some were lazy, some were concentrating hard, some were energetic, and others were simply exhausted.

“What are the names of the two girls in yellow and blue over there?”

Xia Junsheng frowned slightly. He saw a staff member standing not far away and hurriedly raised his hand to summon the person over.

He pointed to the two people Su Yayan asked about and inquired, “Do you know those two girls?”

“I know them. The girl in yellow is called Zheng Qiuying, and the girl in blue is called Huang Zitong. Both of them are trainees that our company will debut soon.”

“The trainees will have their debut soon?” Su Yayan arched an eyebrow. “Have they partic.i.p.ated in any variety shows recently?”

The staff member glanced at Xia Junsheng instinctively when he heard her words and saw his deadpan face. He continued, “Yes, they are currently preparing for the recording of Tomorrow’s Superstar.”

A trace of recognition flashed in Su Yayan’s eyes. “Okay, thank you.”

Su Yayan took a last look at the two of them and departed silently. Xia Junsheng followed her and asked in a low voice, “Do you think there is something wrong with the two trainees?”

“Not at all. I just think they may possess star quality.”

“Star quality?” Xia Junsheng was intrigued and pressed on. “How can you tell? Do you think they look good?”

“Their appearance is one of the reasons, but in the entertainment industry, are we short of good-looking ones?”


“You have seen the scene just now. Even though there were so many people, not many of them were paying attention to the lecture.”

“It’s true that there were not many of them. However, there are also others who are more serious than them. Why do you single them out?”

“There are indeed a few other serious ones, but compared to those two, their spirits are better. This indicates that their daily training is not as intense as those two.

“They can stay alert under high-intensity training and take every cla.s.s seriously to learn skills that they may need in the future. That shows that they know what they want and have the energy and perseverance to pursue their goals. Opportunities are always only given to those who are prepared.”

Xia Junsheng smiled and agreed with her reasoning. “You are right.”

Su Yayan paused slightly and turned her head to looked at him. A meaningful look crossed her face. “So?”

“I will notify the Publicity Department and increase the publicity efforts of the two of them.”

“Thank you, Bro Junsheng. The two of them will be my first investment in East City. It is just as well to verify if I have the discerning ability in this respect.”

Although Xia Junsheng felt that it was a bit hasty to decide the future of the two girls in this way, East City Entertainment belonged to the Su family. Ultimately, the Su family members had absolute discretion over investment decisions.

Furthermore, what Su Yayan did was not harmful to the company, so she could do as she wished.

After visiting the female artists, Su Yayan was also heading over to see the situation on the male artist side.

Before she got too far, she ran into a familiar face.


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