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“Ah, ah, ah…”

“Little b*stard, how dare you chop off my hand! I will chop you into pieces!”

Old Man Heavenly Destiny was driven mad.

After being unrivaled across Jiangnan City and Jiangbei City, he had never been severely injured, especially by a super first-cla.s.s power. He was completely driven mad by such a humiliation!

Old Man Earthly Ghost and Old Man Invisible both became berserk!

“Go die! Go die! Go die!”

The three old men continued hacking towards Ye Feng Ye rapidly.

As they released their strong battle qis, the trees, soil, and stones nearby began to fly in all directions.

Even Ye Feng became aware of their power as he tried retreating away from the old demons.

Later on, he stomped to the ground and revealed a grim look, “Chop me into pieces? I will meet your demand!”

After speaking, Ye Feng disappeared out of nowhere like a specter!

He then reappeared in front of the three old men!

Closely after, his sword light covered the three demons of the Leng Clan like snowflakes!

“Bone-Devouring Sword!”

Ye Feng’s grim voice echoed, closely followed by a shocking scene——in the sword light, the flesh of the three demons of the Leng Clan flew in all directions.

b.l.o.o.d.y slices of flesh spread over the ground like b.l.o.o.d.y snowflakes!

Each of the three’s eyes contained infinite fear!




Shrill cries were everywhere!

They became thinner and thinner as their b.l.o.o.d.y flesh was sliced off, one piece after another!

They were all badly mutilated!

In the end, they became b.l.o.o.d.y skeletons!

Everyone was grossly shocked by what they saw.

They had never seen such brutal means!

Watching the skeletons of the three demons, the leftover clan members s.h.i.+vered with fear as gooseb.u.mps appeared all over their scalps.

With a m.u.f.fled sound, when the last bit of sword light disappeared, Old Man Heavenly Destiny, Old Man Earthly Ghost, and Old Man Invisible all knelt down at the same time.



As scarlet blood flowed to the ground, the three heavily broken faces appeared extremely desperate!

“What… ferocious means!”

“Ye Feng, if you kill us, you will become the top target of the Leng Clan!”

“Our female owner will avenge us! 4th master will avenge us!”

“You would die! Everyone on your side will die!”

“4th master will kill all of you in the most brutal means! All of you!”

The three demons of the Leng Clan cursed Ye Feng viciously!

“Female owner? 4th master?”

After hearing their words, Ye Feng replied with a faint sneer,

“Pitifully, you cannot see it!”

Closely after his words, Ye Feng lightly waved his broken sword.




With three m.u.f.fled sounds, each of the three demons’ heads were sent flying away at a stroke!

They were all dead!

The three famous unrivaled demons of the Leng Clan were killed!

The remaining people of the 8 major clans stood still in fear.

The death of the three demons of Leng Clan started a domino effect!

The SSS-cla.s.s power who was fighting Lord b.l.o.o.d.y Eagle became shortly absent-minded; however, he was instantly chopped into two halves by Lord b.l.o.o.d.y Eagle.

The SSS-cla.s.s power who was fighting Lord Poisonous Dragon instantly turned around and intended to escape!

However, Lord Poisonous Dragon had long prepared. With a slash, he tore off his head!

The SSS-cla.s.s power who was fighting Lord Billhead Shark was most powerful fighter left.

After nearly 100 movements, his heart was finally penetrated through by Lord Billhead Shark!

Not until then were all the 8 SSS-cla.s.s powers killed!

Watching with terror, the remaining members of the 8 major clans became completely desperate!

With intense battle calls, the members of Night continued to hype up as they reaped the lives of the remaining members!

In half an hour, all the remaining powers a.s.signed by the 8 major clans were killed, 842 people in total!

They represented the top strongest group in Jiangbei City!

However, they were all killed at once in battle!

From then on, there was no major clans

At that same moment!

Jiangs.h.i.+ City!

After work, when Lin Lan arrive at her villa and opened her door, she was stopped by a member of Night.

“Wait a second, Miss Lin!”


Lin Lan was shortly stunned. Closely after that, she turned around and fixated onto her opponent with a puzzled expression.

There were 8 members of Night. They were responsible for protecting Lin Lan!

At that moment, they each carried solemn faces.

The man who stopped her then added, “Miss Lin, something abnormal happened! This door was previously opened by someone else!”

As he spoke, the man waved his hand!

In an instant, all the other 7 members of Night blocked in front of Lin Lan.

The team leader then put one ear on the door and began to listen carefully. His face instantly lit up in shock as he whispered,

“Someone is inside the door!”


Quickly after, the team leader waved his hand. The 8 members then intended to escort Lin Lan away!

Right then, a grim voice sounded from indoors!

“Heh heh… Lin Lan, now that you’re back, why not take a look inside! Your dad and other family members are all here to visit you!”


After hearing the voice, Lin Lan’s coquettish face turned pale at a stroke.

She had not imagined that someone would sneak inside her villa; especially…

“Dad? Family members?”

Lin Lan’s face turned black!


The door was slowly opened from inside. Peeking inside the villa, Lin Lan’s face turned dreadfully pale at once.

A row of people were kneeling down in the parlor of the villa, including an old man, two middle-aged men, a woman, and a kid…

They were each tightly bound with ashy looks, as if they had just experienced something terrifying.

Additionally, a youth was sitting on the sofa!

Legs crossed, he was holding a golden saber and cleaning his fingernails!

Furthermore, a memorial tablet was set down on a teapoy, marked with——The memorial tablet of Gong Yunfei!

Lin Lan’s coquettish face instantly darkened as she exclaimed, “Father! Dad! Uncle! Aunt! Nan…”

Watching her family members kneeling down on the ground, Lin Lan was absolutely petrified!

They were all her family members.

However, they were quivering with great shock and fear on their faces!

“Lan, watch out! He… he’s the 4th master of the Leng Clan!”


After hearing those words, each of the 8 members of Night became petrified.

‘Leng Si!’

‘It’s a demonic name!’

‘The most powerful under the master of the Leng Clan!’

‘He’s known as the leader of the young generation across Jiangnan City and Jiangbei City, and the most amazing, superb talent in the martial circle!’

3 years ago, he chased after 4 evil criminals for over 600 miles, making them them succ.u.mb to the Leng Clan by himself!

The 4 evil criminals were 4 demons from the Leng Clan!

Later on, he fought anyone who would challenge him, wherever he was, and led the Leng Clan to its heyday! As a result, the Leng Clan was known as the No. 1 aristocratic clan across Jiangnan City and Jiangbei City!

Additionally, he also won great admiration in the international mercenary circle!

He cleaned up the 4 top mercenary groups in America and killed 412 powerful mercenaries in total!

He was called the nightmare of mercenaries!

He was a deity!

“Miss Lin, hurry, run!”

All 8 members of Night became terrified as they instantly intended to escort Lin Lan away.

Right then, the same icy voice echoed, “Run? Don’t even dream about it!”

Leng Si quickly threw out his golden saber!

With a wuthering wind, the golden saber flashed through the door and appeared in front of the members of Night like a glimmer of light!


Spurts of blood covered the ground and surrounding area.

All the 8 members of Night became frozen in an instant!

At that same moment, a b.l.o.o.d.y hole appeared on each of their central foreheads!

Closely after, with another flash of golden light, the golden saber flashed back to the hand of Leng Si!

After shaking off the blood stains, Leng Si murmured with a faint smile, “Ants!”


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