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The Man From Hell is a web novel made by Autumn Wind 123.
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Watching Ye Feng embracing the cold qi saber with open arms, the entire fighting club was in hubbubs!

‘He’s crazy!’

In everyone’s eyes, Ye Feng was crazy!

He had been heavily injured by one strike; he would definitely be killed by the second!

Ye Mengtang uttered with a deep fleer, “Go die! Little b*stard, you should have died long ago!”

Ye Mengtang was greatly thrilled as if Ye Feng was already a dead man in his eyes.

Zuo Hengshan also revealed a brutal but pleasant smile as if he had seen Ye Feng being split into two halves by the cold qi saber.

The Huaxia powerhouses’ hearts almost leaped out of their throats with great fear covering their faces!

“No, Ye Feng!”

The members in the Huaxia camp were almost frightened out of their wits by the cold qi saber!


In their eyes, the cold qi saber smashed into Ye Feng ferociously again and again!

Another grim wound appeared on Ye Feng’s chest, which began to spray even more scarlet blood into the air!

Meanwhile, Ye Feng was then sent flying once again!


When Ye Feng’s body hit the floor under the ring, the entire fighting club was in dead silence once again.

“Is he dead?”

Everyone gazed at Ye Feng who was lying on the ground.

They watched as streams of scarlet blood drained from Ye Feng’s body.

Ye Feng lost his qi completely!

5 seconds!

10 seconds!

20 seconds!

1 minute!

One minute later, Ye Feng was still lying on the ground lifelessly.

Not until then did all the members of Dark Kill heave a deep sigh of relief.

‘He’s dead!’

‘Ye Feng is already dead!’

Piao Taixin standing in the ring also let out a deep sigh.

When he realized that he didn’t kill Ye Feng after the first strike, he was indeed startled.

Ye Feng was the first person to survive his cold qi saber!

Thankfully, he was killed by the second cold qi saber!

“Little b*stard, you’re finally dead!”

Piao Taixin uttered with deep grief on his face.

At that same moment, he watched the corpses of his six disciples, shaking his head and sighing with emotion, “The murderer has been killed! You can finally rest in peace!”

Piao Taixin then turned around and watched the Huaxia powerhouses with cold flickering eyes before adding,

“Ye Feng is already dead! Huaxia powerhouses should also be exterminated!”

After hearing his words, all the Huaxia powerhouses’ faces turned dreadfully pale!


There battle G.o.d was dead!

He was killed by two cold qi sabers!

All the remaining Huaxia powerhouses were panic-stricken.

Ye Xiong and the other Ye clansmen who supported Ye Feng were grieved as their faces turned ashy.

“What should we do? Are Huaxia’s powerhouses really going to be exterminated today?”

The remaining Huaxia powerhouses looked extremely desperate as they felt helpless in front of Piao Taixin’s great battle force!

The semi-myth was unrivaled!

Watching their desperate faces, Piao Taixin said with a brilliant smile, “Are you desperate? You will not be desperate any more when you’re dead!”

After his final words, Piao Taixin took a step forward as he was ready to kill the remaining Huaxia powerhouses in the club!

However, soon after he began to move forward, he had heard a few heavy coughs, “Ahem, ahem, ahem…”

Everyone in the fight club was absolutely shocked by these coughs as though they were struck by a bolt of lightning!

They then fixated onto the source of the voice.

When they turned their heads, they quickly noticed a person slowly picked himself up from the ground while being covered completely in blood!

It was Ye Feng!

At the sight of Ye Feng, the entire fighting club was in hubbubs immediately!

‘He’s not dead?’

‘Ye Feng is not dead?’

n.o.body in the club could believe their eyes.

After being struck by two cold qi sabers, Ye Feng was still alive. What… a miracle!

At that moment, someone among the crowd shouted, “Look! Given Ye Feng’s qi, he’s… already in the middle stage of master!”


After hearing the shouts, everyone in the fight club became absolutely astonished. Not until then did they find that Ye Feng had made another breakthrough!

‘That’s… unbelievable!’

With footsteps, Ye Feng walked towards the ring step by step in the astonished eyes of all the others.

While dropping off scarlet blood all over the ground, he then said with great excitement in his eyes, “Come on! Let’s continue! I can still… stand it!”

After hearing Ye Feng’s words, the audience became filled with uproars at once.

‘This guy wants more slashes?’


They were absolutely petrified!

They had never seen anyone like Ye Feng!

‘He’s not comfortable if he doesn’t court death!’

Piao Taixin’s turbid eyes contained deep shock as his body quivered intensely.

“Impossible! How… how can you survive my strikes!”

He had never seen such a weird thing!

After being hit by his cold qi saber, Ye Feng was not dead; instead, he made a breakthrough. It was unbelievable!

“Good! What a little b*stard!”

Piao Taixin uttered as he released his qi to form the third cold qi saber above his head, “I don’t believe that you’re undying!”

With a wuthering wind, he slashed towards Ye Feng ferociously for the third time!


Ye Feng was sent flying out of the ring again!

Closely after the attack, Piao Taixin instantly formed the fourth cold qi saber and slashed it towards Ye Feng who was already lying on the ground!


Piao Zhongwan was frightened out of her wits as she wailed aloud.

All the Huaxia powerhouses in the club were desperate!


At that moment, the 4th cold qi saber hit Ye Feng!

Smoke and dust were aroused from the impact!

The place where Ye Feng sat was a huge pit.

He had just taken two fatal consecutive strikes!

At that moment, n.o.body could believe that Ye Feng could still pick himself up.

After being hit by a semi-myth consecutively, even a myth-level powerhouse would die!

The soil and stones in the huge pit turned red due to Ye Feng’s scarlet blood and the heat of the collision!

However, moments later, another shocking event occurred!

A b.l.o.o.d.y palm reached out of the huge pit, closely followed by a badly mutilated person!

It was Ye Feng again!

‘He… is still alive!’

The entire fight club became quiet as cold winds began to hover.

Astonis.h.i.+ngly, despite four grim wounds on his body, Ye Feng’s qi was in the late stage of master!

Feeling his power, the onlookers became petrified!


He made another breakthrough!

‘That’s… impossible!’

Piao Taixin carried great disbelief as though he had seen a ghost.

After being hit by the cold qi sabers, Ye Feng made multiple breakthroughs consecutively rather than dying. It was unimaginable!

“He… he absorbed my cold qi saber?”

When the whim occurred, Piao Taixin felt as if he was struck by a lightning bolt!

“No… impossible! How could he absorb my cold qi saber? That’s… impossible!”

Piao Taixin was driven mad!

In an instant, he had formed the 5th cold qi saber!

“Little b*stard, go die!”


The entire arena seemed to be smashed by this terrifyingly overwhelming cold qi saber!

It was definitely the most powerful strike that Piao Taixin had ever launched!

With a wuthering wind, the cold qi saber flew towards Ye Feng with a strong fierce qi!

At that moment, everyone began staring at Ye Feng.

However, Ye Feng directly made a ‘claw’ gesture and moved towards the fierce cold qi saber with a smirk!

He wanted to catch the cold qi saber with his hand!

Watching the scene, everyone in the fight club was shocked to death!

In their astounded eyes, Ye Feng caught the ferocious cold saber with his hand!

Moments later, with a crackle, Ye Feng broke off one piece of the cold qi saber and put it into his mouth!


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