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Chapter 396: The Arrival of Enemies!

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

In the early morning, a wave of news spread over the Gu Lan Planet like a hurricane!

 The He Lan, the planetary owner, and his entire clan were all exterminated!

 According to the news, in the planetary owner’s mansion, blood flowed like a stream; corpses piled up like a mountain!

 The powers of He Clan had their bones drawn out of their bodies with terrifying means. As a result, the ground of the planetary owner’s mansion was covered with dreadfully white bones!

 Everyone on the planet was attempting to guess the ident.i.ty of the murderer!

 However, n.o.body knew that the clan was exterminated by devils from h.e.l.l!

 In the suburbs of a city on the Gu Lan Planet, there was a house with a courtyard!

 When Gu Xiong and Gu Mei heard the news, they were both greatly shocked!

 Without knowing why, they both suddenly recalled a person——Ye Feng!

 Before Gu Mei’s shock faded away, she had hurriedly turned around and asked Gu Xiong, “Xiong! What time did Brother Ye come back last night?”


 Gu Xiong became stunned. He then knitted his brow and thought for a few seconds, “A bit later than 9 pm! What! You… think the attack was carried out by Brother Ye?”

 Gu Xiong instantly quivered with shock as he hurriedly shook his head in denial, “Impossible! I admit that Brother Ye is very mysterious; however, there are too many powerhouses in the planetary owner’s mansion. He Lan, the planetary owner is also a G.o.d-level suzerain. Even though Brother Ye is powerful, he could never accomplish such a task!”

 Of course, Gu Mei had also thought about Gu Xiong’s point, however, she still connected Ye Feng unconsciously!

 It was her intuition that Ye Feng was the only person on the Gu Lan Planet who could accomplish such a task!

 “Xiong! Mei! You’re indeed back!”

 While Gu Xiong and Gu Mei continued their conversation, they suddenly heard an ironical voice from outside. Their faces instantly filled with shock!

 However, the moment they stood up, they had been surrounded by 10 people!

 They were all G.o.d-level masters with very powerful qi!

 When they stood together, their terrifying qi caused Gu Xiong and Gu Mei to quiver with fear!

 “Gu Tian! You…”

 When Gu Xiong saw the youth approaching, his face instantly turned gloomy!

 The man was Gu Tian, Gu Xiong’s younger brother!

 Although they shared the same bloodline, they were not from the same group of people. Gu Tian was a mean time-server. He always wanted to have Gu Mei marry Gu Tuo; however, both Gu Xiong and Gu Mei refused him firmly!

 However, Gu Tian never gave up.

 He even drugged Gu Mei and put her in Gu Tuo’s bed; however, Gu Xiong finally saved her!

 From then on, Gu Xiong and Gu Mei had completely cut off all relations with Gu Tian!

 Unexpectedly, Gu Tian was still trying to talk with them!

 “Heh heh… Xiong! Mei! Long time no see!”

 Gu Tian greeted the two with a playful look, as if his elder brother and younger sister were not his family members, but a stepping stone for higher social position!

 “Gu Tian, what are you here for?” Gu Xiong asked aloud with great fury in his eyes.

 Gu Tian then replied with a grim look, “Xiong, don’t pretend to be innocent anymore! I’m here to ask you for the whereabouts of Gu Tuo, the second young master!”


 After hearing his words, Gu Xiong and Gu Mei’s faces filled with fear.

 Gu Xiong then created a lie, “You’re Gu Tuo’s lackey. You know clearly about his whereabouts! We have no idea!”

 “You have no idea?”

 Gu Tian continued as his smile turned grim and terrifying, “Well! Since you won’t tell me his whereabouts, I will make you open your mouths!”

 Moments after he spoke, Gu Tian forcefully entered the room!

 At that moment, they heard many footsteps as they saw a youth with a clear-cut face slowly approaching!

 When they saw this man, Gu Xiong and Gu Mei both became ashy!

 Gu Yang!

 Gu Tuo’s elder brother, also the No. 1 G.o.d-level master on the Gu Lan Planet!

 Gu Yang once killed a G.o.d-level general who was 4 stages higher than him.

 From then on, Gu Yang was known as the No. 1 freak G.o.d-level master on the Gu Lan Planet!

 Gu Xiong and Gu Mei never imagined that he would arrive so fast!

 Every step Gu Yang took appeared to smush Gu Xiong and Gu Mei right to the ground!

 When Gu Yang stopped, Gu Xiong and Gu Mei suddenly felt a huge weight being lifted off their bodies!


 In their eyes, Gu Yang was as terrifying as a demon!

 He could even heavily injure his foes with his footsteps. His strength was unimaginable!

 “Speak! Or die!”

 Gu Yang gazed at Gu Xiong and Gu Mei and asked with strong fierce qi, “Who killed my younger brother!”

 Gu Yang knew that his younger brother was protected by 7 G.o.d-level masters. Given the fact, Gu Xiong and Gu Mei couldn’t hurt Gu Tuo one bit!

 Therefore, it must have been someone else who killed Gu Tuo!

 After Gu Yang’s growl, Gu Xiong and Gu Mei’s faces both turned dreadfully pale!

 Watching the scene, Gu Tian then said with a widened fleer, “Xiong! Mei! Tell the truth!”

 “To be honest, I gave your universal coordinates to Gu Tuo! Therefore, Gu Tuo could catch you! But we found the second young master’s corpse in the universe!”

 Gu Tian continued as his eyes turned grim, “Someone saw you and a youth in black returning to the Gu Lan Planet! It must be the guy who killed Gu Tuo!”

 “Tell me who he is!”


 After Gu Tian’s words, Gu Xiong and Gu Mei’s faces turned ashy!

 They both stared at Gu Tian as their eyes turned ashy!

 “Gu Tian, how could you help an outsider hurt your family?”

 “B*stard! Gu Tian, you’re an ungrateful and vicious person!”

 Neither Gu Xiong nor Gu Mei imagined that the man whom they shared a bloodline with could act so vicious!

 He was lunatic!

 After hearing their curses, Gu Tian’s face turned gloomy!

 “Good! Very good!”

 After his final words, Gu Tian turned around and said to Gu Yang with full respect, “Young master! They are acting too stubborn. Would you like them to live or die?”

 After hearing Gu Tian’s words, Gu Yang nodded as he raised his foot and stamped onto Gu Xiong ferociously!


 Gu Xiong’s chest snapped at once!

 Gu Xiong was then sent flying 4-5 m into the air before he crashed to the ground. He then began spurting out blood!

 Gu Mei’s face immediately lit up with fear!

 When she tried to help Gu Xiong stand up, her neck was grabbed by Gu Yang. Moments later, Gu Yang picked her up!


 Gu Xiong was greatly shocked as he spewed out another mouthful of blood!

 Watching his response, Gu Yang said with a faint brutal look, “This is your last chance. Tell me the name of the youth in black who killed my younger brother. Where is he!”

 “If you tell me his name, your younger sister will live! If not, your younger sister must die!”


 Gu Xiong’s forehead began to ooze sweat profusely!

 Gu Xiong was in a dilemma!

 One person was his savior; the other was his younger sister!


 “Xiong… no… never choose that…”

 While Gu Xiong sat still hesitantly, Gu Mei shouted aloud with her full strength!

 Her deed completely infuriated Gu Yang!

 “d.a.m.n woman! You’re courting death!”

 After he spoke, Gu Yang intended to strangle Gu Mei!

 Right then, they heard another footstep as a foot strode through the door!

 After hearing the footstep, the onlookers in the room began to quiver immensely!


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