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With loud rattling footsteps, 20-30 tough men in black clothes entered the playground.

All of them were in black pants and T-s.h.i.+rts.

With broad backs, thick waists, bulging veins, and muscular faces, they each looked like fierce tigers.

At the sight of the group walking towards the playground, each student of Cla.s.s 2, Grade 3 as startled.

Feeling such frightening qi, the students’ faces turned dreadfully pale.

‘Hmm? Iron Mountain is not here?’

The leader of the group frowned the moment he glanced over the cla.s.smates of Cla.s.s 2, Grade 3.

Then, he took a look at his watch anxiously, saying, “This brat only wants to bully students! Humph! Good for nothing! That big figure is going to show up after cla.s.s. If he misses this opportunity, he will feel greatly regretful about it!”

According to the plan, the man came to Jiangs.h.i.+ Senior Middle School to introduce Devil Coach to a big figure.

However, he had not imagined that he wouldn’t find Devil Coach anywhere across campus.

Right then, a tough man in black saw Devil Coach lying on the ground. The tough man’s face turned solemn at once, “Elder brother, Brother Mountain is lying there!”


The leader became shortly stunned as he looked at the direction that the tough man pointed at.

This time, his eyes turned scarlet at once!

“Iron Mountain!”

The leader was shocked as he flashed to the front of Devil Coach.

Watching his b.l.o.o.d.y younger brother lying on the ground whose bones had been broken as a whole except for his skull, leader’s eyes nearly popped out of the sockets!

“They’re all broken! All of your bones have been broken! What… what a vicious person!”

The leader was driven mad!

He had not imagined that someone dared hurt his younger brother in such a vicious way.

The leader slightly patted the chest of Devil Coach!

With a crack, his broken breastbone returned to its original place!

After coughing forcefully, Devil Coach finally uttered the words, “Elder… elder brother! I’ve been waiting for you so long…”

Devil Coach almost cried.

The devil in the eyes of his students met another devil who was even fiercer than him.

“Iron Mountain, who did that to you?” The leader asked with fierce intent in his eyes!

“He’s a student! That student… is powerful!”

Devil Coach’s voice turned extremely weak.

However, he still couldn’t hide his fear.

After hearing Devil Coach’s warning, the leader became shortly stunned as his face turned extremely gloomy, exclaiming, “A student? What! There is a student who dares to bully my younger brother! He’s courting death!”

After leaving these words, the leader fixated onto all the students of Cla.s.s 2, Grade 3 and shouted, “Who did that? You are dead!”

The terrifying coercive qi covered all the students of Cla.s.s 2, Grade 3 immediately and caused all of them to tremble once all over.

Meanwhile, all the students felt their blood froze, as if the atmosphere had frozen in an instant.

In their eyes, the man was like a hungry wolf who would kill anyone who dared to face him!

Then, all the students moved one step back as their faces turned dreadfully pale.

‘He… he’s that guy who’s sleeping on that tree!’

Right then, Yao Na spoke as she fearfully pointed at that willow beside the playground!

After hearing her words, everyone fixated onto the willow as they all saw a person sleeping well on the tree!

As the boy on the tree faced them with his back, they couldn’t see his face!

“Good! You’re something!”

The man revealed a fleer out of extreme anger with fierce intent in his eyes as he mumbled, “How dare you sleep after crippling my younger brother? You’re courting death!”

After saying that, the man waved his hand as he told those followers in black, “Go catch that brat! I want him to die!”

“Yes, sir!”

With strong fierce qi, those men in black quivered their palms once as machetes appeared in their hands. Closely after that, they all rushed towards the willow.

At the sight of this scene, all the students were greatly frightened as they knew Ye Feng was dead!

Given this man’s power, he was evidently a gang master in Jiangs.h.i.+ City. After offending him, Ye Feng would die for sure.

Each student stood in silent tribute towards Ye Feng as if they had seen the tragic outcome in the making.

“I… I see!”

Right then, they heard an ecstatic sound. When they turned around, they found it was Gong Wen.

Being still inlaid in the wall, Gong Wen was gazing at that man with ecstasy, “Oh, I see! No wonder Devil Coach fears nothing on the campus. It turns out that he’s protected by this mogul!”

“Brother Wen, do you know who he is?”

After hearing Gong Wen’s words, a follower instantly asked him out of curiosity.

“Of course I know!”

Gong Wen replied with excitement as if he had seen the tragic outcome facing Ye Feng, “He’s famous among all the illegal forces across Jiangs.h.i.+ City! He once swept over an entire district alone by force! Gangs such as Axe, Sevensabers, Hungrywolf as well as the other 4 forces were wiped out by him alone! He once swept over the entire Northern District of Jiangs.h.i.+ City and has great influence across the city! Only Six-Finger Snake and Berserk Lion on the side of my elder brother Gong Wu could defeat him!”

Gong Wen explained as his face became extremely excited, “Hahaha… I’ve not imagined that the Devil Coach is the younger brother of this mogul! That jerk is dead! He’s dead!”

After hearing Gong Wen’s words, his two followers became so excited.

After hearing his words, all the other students of Cla.s.s 2, Grade 3 started to quiver all over due to fear.

‘A fierce person who could sweep over the entire Northern District of Jiangs.h.i.+ City by punch alone!’

‘Ye Feng has offended such an influential powerhouse!’

‘His outcome…’

All the students then fixated onto the willow as they all shook their heads and sighed. Some of them even dared not to look at what would happen in the following.

With footsteps, the man cradled Devil Coach and slowly walked towards the willow.

Feeling the broken bones of his younger brother, the man became increasingly angrier.

When he arrived in front of the willow, his fierce intent almost became visible!

With a b.l.o.o.d.y, grim and vicious look, Devil Coach watched Ye Feng as he said, gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth, “Brat! Aren’t you something? Get down from there! My elder brother is here for taking your humble life away!”

Devil Coach hated Ye Feng to the extreme!

He wanted to peel off Ye Feng’s skin and cut him into pieces!

Even Gong Wen and his two followers started to yell towards Ye Feng, “Hahaha, b*stard, you’re going to die! Hurry and get down there. Someone is going to avenge our suffering!”

“Come down, b*stard! Why not continue to be presumptuous?”

In a split second, Devil Coach, Gong Wen, and his two followers, even Yao Na watched Ye Feng with disdainful and pleasant looks!

They knew Ye Feng was dead!

After hearing their provocative exclamations, Ye Feng slightly moved as he twitched his ears and turned over impatiently, complaining, “Keep quiet!”

Previously, they couldn’t see Ye Feng’s face!

Now, they all saw clearly his face!

At the sight of his face, the man and the other tough men shuddered with fear as their faces immediately turned dreadfully pale.

‘It’s… him!’

Without demur, the man instantly threw Devil Coach onto the ground. Closely after that, he and all the other tough men knelt down by one knee as they shouted, “Our respects to you, owner!”


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