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Read The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 439 – Snake Concubine

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Chapter 439: Snake ConcubineTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The woman walked with an extremely weird motion, looking like a slithering snake. Then, the woman arrived beside the man.

“Come, let’s do something pleasurable,” the woman’s seductive voice rang out. Immediately, one of the injured men stood up like he had been possessed. One of his hands landed directly on the woman’s bountiful peaks while his other hand pressed the woman’s head towards his lower body.

“Is this a snake spirit?” Ye Mo recognized the woman with a single glance. He had once nearly fallen to the same trick during his time in the Freedom Valley.

And this snake spirit here was a late-stage Heaven’s Strength Realm snake spirit. When using charming techniques, regular Heaven’s Strength Realm experts would not be able to resist her.

Looking at the snake spirit who had her head lowered, Ye Mo wanted to attack. But his reason told him that charging forth now might not gain him any advantage. After all, there were still three late-stage Heaven’s Strength Realm demons waiting behind her.

But after only one minute, the snake spirit raised her head, blood trailing down her lips. As for the man, he was already lying lifeless on the ground. If one studied the man in detail, one would be able to see that the man had turned completely emaciated. Evidently, his blood essence had all been devoured.

“Your turn. Do you want to have some pleasure?” said the snake spirit while licking her lips. The sight of this caused the blood within Ye Mo to boil. If this snake spirit was put in the harem of some palace, the harem would fall into chaos. The other man was also in a complete daze. It was obvious he had also fallen for the charming technique. And shortly after, the other man also collapsed weakly onto the ground. Similarly, he had an expression of satisfaction imprinted on his face even in death.

“I should escape,” thought Ye Mo. He had no intention of facing these demons. There were no advantages to that. Without Ling’er’s help, Ye Mo had zero knowledge regarding these demons.

“There is still a human?” the snake spirit frowned. With a whoosh, she instantly darted towards Ye Mo.

“So it’s a pretty boy? Did you enjoy the show? Do you want to try something different with me?” said the snake spirit with a seductive smile. She immediately untied her undergarments, exposing the fair and bountiful peaks before Ye Mo’s eyes.

With his eyes opened wide, Ye Mo looked up and found that the snake spirit’s face had turned into the face of Xiao Yue.

“d.a.m.n it, no wonder those two had no way of resisting her.” Ye Mo clenched his teeth and stabbed forth with his Formation-Breaking Spear. Instantly, all the illusions were broken apart.

“d.a.m.nable snake spirit, working together with demons? Today, I shall slay you!” Ye Mo clenched his teeth and with the Bright Dragon Power within his body pushed into his five Mortal Gates before he stabbed his spear at the snake spirit’s head.


“Courting death!” When the snake spirit saw Ye Mo break free of her charming technique, a large snake tail appeared from beneath her dress and whipped towards Ye Mo.

Alarmed, Ye Mo rested the spear in front of his chest. The tail whipped on the spear, sending Ye Mo flying away before cras.h.i.+ng into a nearby cliff.

“You are able to escape my charming technique. That is a disgrace for me!” The snake spirit’s upper body was completely exposed but she did not seem to mind. Twisting her waist, she slithered towards Ye Mo.

“d.a.m.n it. This snake spirit is too powerful. A regular late-stage Heaven’s Strength Realm expert is not her match.” The one whip from the snake spirit had caused Ye Mo’s arms to go numb.

“So do you like women at all? Or are you simply a naive young boy?” The snake spirit was infuriated when she found that Ye Mo was not focusing on her body at all.

“P*ss off!” Ye Mo said coldly.

“Hmph. Boring brat. If it wasn’t for the fact that your blood essence is helpful for my cultivation, I would have killed you long ago. Since you are not tactful at all, I have no choice but to first capture you before devouring you,” said the snake spirit before punching out straight towards Ye Mo’s head.


The punch pierced through Ye Mo before landing on the cliff, creating numerous cracks on it.

In truth, Ye Mo had long escaped using his Technique of Interchangeability.

The snake spirit immediately commanded the three demons, “Kids, capture him and beat him unconscious!” As the three demons were all her underlings, they obeyed her command unconditionally.

All three slapped towards Ye Mo at the same time, creating a ma.s.sive black palm that shot forth in Ye Mo’s direction.

“Realm of Death!” Ye Mo’s face grew frosty. Clenching his teeth, he tightened his grip on the Sky Blood Spear before stabbing out.


A terrifying spear light pierced out and traversed the thin air in the same way the Milky Way traversed the starry sky. With a flicker, the attack landed on the ma.s.sive black palm. The entire Desolate Demon Valley shook from the might of this collision.

Accompanied by a loud rumble, the three demons were sent flying away.

“How is that possible? A True Energy Realm kid can push three late-stage Heaven’s Strength Realm demons back?” The snake spirit’s face was filled with disbelief. “However, the blood essence of a warrior like this will be beneficial for my cultivation.”

This time, the snake spirit personally attacked. She pushed forth at the empty air with her palm, sending a ma.s.sive energy python that twirled around Ye Mo’s body. And as she slowly clenched her palm, Ye Mo felt his entire body tightly constricted by the python.

“This snake spirit has probably reached peak-stage Heaven’s Strength Realm or even a pseudo-Energy Burst Realm.” Ye Mo was clear that with his present strength, he was not the match of this snake spirit. With energy materialization alone, she was able to stop him from moving. Naturally, this was suppression of strength. If Ye Mo utilized his Rising Dragon Pillar, he would be able to easily break out. However, he had to choose the right timing for that. The energy absorption ability of the Rising Dragon Pillar was his absolute trump card that n.o.body would see coming.

“Hmph. You are the one who invites this discomfort upon yourself. You think you can escape me?” said the snake spirit as she slithered towards Ye Mo while rolling her charming eyes.

Next, without a care for Ye Mo’s feeling, she started taking off Ye Mo’s pants.

“This d.a.m.nable spirit! Rising Dragon Pillar, devour!” Ye Mo secretly activated the Rising Dragon Pillar. Slowly, he started absorbing the energy of the python around him.

However, he was also starting to feel a warm sensation on his crotch. He was unclear what that was. He could no longer afford to drag this on. If this continued, his essence would be absorbed by his opponent. Thus, he erupted in strength abruptly and broke free of the python. Gripping on the Sky Blood Spear with both hands, he stabbed at the snake spirit.


“Ahhhh!” A miserable wail rang out. The snake spirit had never expected Ye Mo to break free of the python. Hence, all her attention was on absorbing Ye Mo’s essence. Taking that opportunity, the Sky Blood Spear was directly stabbed into her back.

“Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Die!” She raged and pushed Ye Mo away. A large hole was visible on the right of her chest.

“I’ll take your life while you’re down!” Ye Mo howled and unleashed the spirituality of the Sky Blood Spear for the second time. At the same time, the Realm of Death was activated. A ma.s.sive spear light traversed through the air and cleaved at the snake spirit.


Blood splattered everywhere. After the first stab from Ye Mo, the snake spirit had been greatly weakened. Thus, this second attack immediately cleaved her into two. Both parts of her body slowly collapsed onto the ground.

“He killed the Snake Concubine?” One of the demons wailed in horror. This was not a fear that had arisen due to Ye Mo killing She Ji. Rather, it was the fear of a consequence they would not be able to handle.


The sky darkened, while the clouds gathered to form a ma.s.sive projection.

“d.a.m.n it! Do you dare kill my beloved concubine? I will rip you apart!”

An Energy Burst Realm demon had appeared!


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