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The Men At Her Feet is a Webnovel produced by Hehe-Haha, Xi Xi Ha Ha, 嘻嘻哈哈.
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Chapter 27: The Starving Beast Wants A Hearty Meal.

After the horrible realization on how helpless she was to Fu SiNian, Princess QingLuan had not dared to struggle as he hugged her. Her tongue somewhat dried up from the intense heat coming from his body.

Fu SiNian, who was quickly aroused, started moving his hands across her skin irregularly, caressing her slim body.

Fu SiNian was the predator and she was the prey. The way he greedily caressed her made him look like a beast that was starved for far too long, and the beast is fully prepared to have a hearty meal.

Princess QingLuan was a grown woman who had tasted men, so she knew exactly what he wanted. “Minister Fu, this is a carriage!” She cried out in shock, her face paling at the thought of him bedding her in public.

“Then I guess you should control your moaning, my dear princess.” He chuckled as he leaned against her, preventing her from escaping, “We wouldn’t want any strangers to hear your alluring voice now do we?”

He leaned forward and took her mouth in his before she could retaliate further, silencing her words with his slick tongue, while his hands began stripping her before she could notice it.

Before long, she was already stark naked, he leaned backwards as he sized her alluring frame up.

Princess QingLuan bit down on her lips, her eyes still wide with shock as she glared at Fu SiNian with her huge tearful eyes. She forcefully calmed herself down as she covered her crucial parts with her arms.

Fu SiNian was charmed by her response, he loved how she would pretend to be calm even though deep inside she’s probably panicking and terrified.

He pulled her towards him and cupped her mountains in his palms, rubbing and squeezing roughly. He stared dreamily at her bosoms, which was bouncing around inconsistently, his hardness tightened against his thighs as he thought about how her bosoms would look like after he’s done with it.

He felt her beans hardening under his teasing and he took them in his fingers, pinching them roughly and pulling them around.

“En~ ah~” Princess QingLuan, unable to control her pleasure from the rough teasing, moaned softly in respond. But she quickly recovered and covered her mouth with her palms while eyeing Fu SiNian suspiciously.

“Minister Fu, get it done quickly,” She muttered softly, resigning to her fate.

Fu SiNian’s face darkened at her words, his temper rose quickly as he realized that she did not intend to enjoy this, instead, she just seemed to had given up hope and just wanted it to be over.

“Princess, are you yearning for me already?” Fu SiNian said loudly, hoping that someone outside his carriage would hear.

Princess QingLuan jumped at his words, horrified, as she covered his smirking mouth with her palms.

Fu SiNian grinned at her reaction as he stuck out his tongue and licked her palm teasingly. She squealed in shock as she retracted her hands from him.

Meanwhile, Fu SiNian’s hands did not rest. He caressed her b.u.t.tocks lovingly, squeezing it a few times before heading towards her secret oasis.

His fingers lingered near the damp entrance, teasing her endlessly. He easily found her aroused bud and started rubbing against it softly, causing her wetness to flowed uncontrollably.

Fu SiNian nodded slightly to himself, satisfied at her responsive body. He cruelly stuck his fingers into her one after another without giving her time to get used to it and started moving inside her.

He violently tortured her inner walls, intending to break her.

Princess QingLuan could only pant and gasp for air as she felt herself tightening, her sweet nectar flowed endlessly through her.

Translator’s Note:Here’s your daily dose of TMAHF (´▽`) IMO, even though Fu SiNian is very dominating and cruel and mean and evil and a b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I think deep inside he might actually wish that the princess would reciprocate his love (pls no)

Gu QingChen and Princess will always be the OTP in my heart ⁄(⁄ ⁄ ⁄ω⁄ ⁄ ⁄)⁄

PS: I’ll get the sponsored chapter done ASAP, please do expect at least two today (´▽`)

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