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Chapter 70: As Expected Of Him.

The the bottom of the mountain, Fu SiNian, You HanGuang and Pei JingZhi were trapped in a mysterious array.

“Senior brothers, how is it going? Is it solvable?” You HanGuang asked worriedly.

“Yan Gui has his strengths, do allow me to think it through…” Fu SiNian said coldly, his brows furrowing.

“Don’t you two find it weird?” Pei JingZhi muttered softly, sighing at the other two men.

“What is it?” You HanGuang asked curiously.

“We haven’t seen Minister Gu ever since we reached this mountain…” Pei JingZhi answered nonchalantly.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the mountain, Gu QingChen rushed quickly towards the wedding room He YuXiang had prepared and entered immediately upon reaching the door.

The sweet scent of incense lingered in the candlelit red room and a soft moaning could be heard from the behind the bed canopy.

Gu QingChen rushed over swiftly, flipping open the curtains worriedly, only to stare agape at the view as his mind went blank.

She laid pitifully on the bed, her garments half-stripped and her hair messy. Her striking face was already tear-streaked, destroying her marriage makeup. She was a mess, but somehow it did not lessen her beauty, under the dim candlelit room, she looked like a fallen angel, full of elegance and at the same time, full of allure, enticing while clenching the heart of any man who would lay their eyes on her.

And that, was only the start, for her eyes were half-opened and her cheeks were flushed scarlet while her hands moved desperately. One of it cupping and squeezing her bulging bosom while the other was clasped tightly between her thighs as the huge red bedsheet soaked under her overflowing nectar.

Gu QingChen’s eyes simmer slightly as he froze in his steps, refusing to step forward but at the same time, could not bear to look away.

Princess QingLuan’s mind was in a mess while her body burned like lava, she whimpered in frustration at her useless hands as they could not relief her of the swelling on her chest and the itch between her quivering thighs. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she touched her own body, hoping to dispel the discomfort and endless sufferings.

She squinted towards the man standing in front of her with her tear-filled eyes, he looked somewhat like Brother Yan Gui, but perhaps he’s not, because Brother Yan Gui would’ve hugged and comforted her as he could not bear to see her suffer.

“Princess!” Finally, the man voiced out, his voice though deep, was clean and clear.

Princess QingLuan recognized the voice immediately, her fingers came to a halt as she crawled slowly towards his direction, “Minister Gu, please help me!” She begged softly as she pulled onto his sleeves weakly.

“How?” He asked gently as he knelt down beside her, wiping her overflowing tears off her beautiful face.

“With your hand…” She muttered softly -: she stared at him with her big tears eyes, her body squirming in shame while her thighs rubbed against each other impatiently.

“How can my hand help?” He asked gently, trying hard to contain and calm himself down.

Her face flushed scarlet at his question as guilt filled through her, it felt like she was corrupting the perfect and gentle Minister Gu, but she needed it now and there’s not much s.p.a.ce to think about irrelevant worries.

She leaned on her back slowly, spreading her legs apart while eagerly placing his strong palms on her softness, “Please help me…”

Gu QingChen stared silently at her as she spread her legs wide apart, revealing her swollen softness. Her pink petals were slightly apart, quivering in frustration as her sweet nectar leaked endlessly.

He took a deep breath, calming down his intense emotions before pressing down gently on her swollen bud.

“Ah!” She let out an unrestrained moan as a wave of comfort filled through her stressed body.

“Princess, is this correct?” He asked gently as calmed down his nervous heart.

“En… Yes…” Princess QingLuan could only shut her eyes in pleasure as he took only mere seconds to find the sensitive spots that she could not find after so long, As expected of our Prime Minister, it’s no wonder that everyone respects and admires him.

His fingers moved through her exposed softness skillfully, sometimes firm sometimes fleeting, causing her to tremble in bliss while lewd moans escaped her lush lips.

Princess QingLuan felt like she was floating on the clouds as her tensed up body slowly relaxed under his extreme care. She leaned her head against his reliable shoulders slowly, sighing with content.

Translator’s Note:I like how he respected her wishes and did not straight away force himself on her the moment he saw her in that state even though she would probably take all of him in while still under the effects of the aphrodisiac.

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